The top 11 offshore staffing agencies to consider

by Liam Martin
Offshore Staffing Agencies

Offshoring offers numerous benefits to businesses that aim to scale their operations without overspending. 

However, finding talented professionals for your offshore team could be a challenge in a foreign location. 

This is where offshore staffing agencies can be a life-saver. These agencies have a thorough understanding of the local job market and can help you navigate the employment laws in the country with ease.

In this article, we’ll share top offshore staffing agencies for popular offshore destinations (and five global staffing agencies). We’ll also explore why you need a staffing agency and a few practical tips to choose the best one for your needs.

Let’s get started.

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11 best offshore staffing agencies for top business destinations

Offshore staffing agencies can make your life easier when hiring a team overseas. These agencies provide a host of services based on the client’s workforce needs and objectives, including:

  • Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO): Handling offsite and onsite cross-border recruitment and other functions like managing mergers and acquisitions.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Workforce planning, talent analytics, talent mobility, etc.
  • Managed workforce solutions: Packaged solutions to manage hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and other functions.

So let’s check out some of the top staffing agencies in top offshore locations:

A. India

India is a leading offshore destination for companies worldwide, thanks to the availability of skilled human resources and low living costs. 

Major global brands take advantage of the country’s thriving BPO sector and a robust Information Technology (IT) ecosystem to delegate their business functions here.

Learn more about offshoring to India in this detailed guide.

The following agencies can help you set up high performing offshore staff in India:

1. TeamPlus India

TeamPlus India

TeamPlus India is an offshore staffing services company based in Pune, India. 

With 10+ years of experience, the firm can help you hire IT and non-IT talent in major Indian cities and international locations like the UK, USA, UAE, etc.

TeamPlus India offers a wide range of services based on your staffing needs, including:

  • Contract and permanent staffing services.
  • Remote staffing service.
  • Talent screening and assessment.
  • RPO services like consulting, strategizing, performance management, etc.

2. Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a leading staffing company that offers services in major cities in India and globally. Its Asia-pacific headquarters is located in Ahmedabad, India.

It offers recruitment solutions for diverse industries like IT, automotive, retail, logistics, aviation, etc. If you are looking for an external vendor to take over your IT operations, the firm also offers reliable ITO (information technology outsourcing) services.

Let’s take a look at some key services offered by the staffing firm:

  • Talent sourcing and screening.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services like document management, timesheet processing, etc.
  • Contractual and remote staffing.
  • Training services.
  • Virtual assistant services.
  • Virtual bookkeeping and accounting services.
  • Project-based hiring solutions.

Read our detailed guide on the average salary in India to set accurate budget estimates.

B. The Philippines

The Philippines is a popular offshoring destination and a global hub for the customer service sector. The southeast Asian country has one of the largest English-speaking populations globally and is culturally compatible with western countries.

Find out more about offshoring to the Philippines here.

You can reach out to the following Philippine employment agencies when setting up an offshore unit in the country:

3. MicroSourcing


Founded in 2006, MicroSourcing is one of the leading offshore staffing solutions in the Philippines. 

The company has seven local offices in the Philippines, with headquarters in Manila. It currently has 5000+ employees and 380+ active clients spanning North America, Europe, and Australia.

The recruitment company offers services to companies in diverse domains like IT, healthcare, e-commerce, engineering, and professional services.

Here are some benefits of choosing Microsourcing for your offshore staffing needs:

  • Talent acquisition to build and scale your offshore staff.
  • 24-hour/365 days dedicated IT support.
  • Fully maintained office space with internet connectivity, tech equipment, and maintenance to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Risk management and disaster recovery plan to keep your team safe and ensure business continuity.
  • Training and development programs for your offshore team members.
  • Professional performance management through KPI tracking.



KDCI is a prominent outsourcing firm based in Pasig City, Philippines. It specializes in cost-effective offshore staffing and back-office support to overseas companies. 

The company was established in 2011 by a group of executives with 20+ years of experience in business development. It boasts clientele from varied industries like e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, and digital marketing.

Here’s how KDCI’s offshore recruiting team can help you if you are looking to offshore to the Philippines:

  • Build a customized offshore strategy for your business needs.
  • Shortlist potential candidates for the position you’re looking to fill.
  • Provide ongoing support for smooth onboarding and transitioning.
  • Oversee daily operations to ensure your offshore workforce operates smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s everything you need to know about the average salary in the Philippines.

C. Brazil

Brazil spearheads the offshoring and outsourcing market in South America. 

Robust infrastructure, skilled labor, and lower cost of living than many developed countries are some factors that drive companies to offshore or outsource to Brazil. 

The country ranked fifth (out of 60 countries) on 2021 AT Kearney’s Global Services Location Index.

Let’s take a look at two popular staffing agencies to hire Brazilian talent:

5. ShoreWise


ShoreWise is a global talent solutions company headquartered in Michigan, USA. It provides offshore recruitment and support services to clients through its office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Besides recruitment, the company’s offshore functions include IT and software development, business process outsourcing, and helpdesk management.

When offshoring to Brazil, ShoreWise can help you:

  • Hire qualified candidates through a time-tested recruitment process.
  • Tailored recruitment packages as per your business goals and market demand.
  • Specialized training services like career acceleration programs for staff augmentation and faster growth.
  • Project management services such as agile transformation for accelerated business growth.

6. Recruitment Services Group (RSG)

6. Recruitment Services Group (RSG)

RSG is a staffing solution company based in Sao Paulo and boasts a vast network of clients.

The company serves diverse industries, such as:

  • Food and beverages.
  • Agriculture.
  • Banking and fintech (financial technology).
  • Education.
  • Technology.

A thorough and efficient hiring process enables RSG to close 90% of their projects with just the first list of candidates they present to the clients.

They use evaluation techniques like written tests, face-to-face or Skype interviews, reference checks, etc., to achieve this efficiency rate.

Check out this detailed post on the average salary in Brazil to set an accurate offshore budget.

D. Poland

Eastern Europe is a fast emerging nearshoring hub for western European firms, and Poland is one of its biggest success stories.

Thanks to its impeccable tech talent pool, the country has become a prominent IT outsourcing and offshoring destination.

Check out the staffing agencies below to build a team of Polish developers:

7. Manpower Poland

Manpower Poland

Manpower Poland is a recruitment and workforce solutions company headquartered in Warsaw and has multiple offices across the country. 

It’s a subsidiary company of the Manpower Group, which has a client base in 110+ countries globally.

Established in 1982, the company offers its services to industry sectors like:

  • Oil and gas.
  • IT and BPO.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Healthcare.
  • Aviation.

Here are a few standard services offered by Manpower Poland:

  • Full-time and part-time remote, contract, and direct hire services.
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) services like payroll, employee benefits, expenses, and other HR functions. 
  • Employer-of-Record (EOR) services for managing aspects like sponsorship, compliance, etc., for an offshore employee. 
  • Executive recruitment services to hire and manage top-level executives.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, such as bookkeeping, telemarketing, and data analysis.

8. Next Technology

Next Technology

Next Technology is an IT recruitment and outsourcing company with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.

The company also has offices in western Europe (UK, Germany, etc.) and North America (USA, Canada).

If you plan on hiring a team of Polish IT specialists, Next Technology has a rigorous recruitment strategy that involves:

  • Analyzing client requirements and setting up terms of cooperation.
  • Preparing a communication plan with candidates.
  • Searching for a suitable candidate through offline and online channels.
  • Verifying technical proficiency and soft skills.
  • Coordinating with the client’s HR team and the candidate.
  • Finalizing terms of cooperation to get the candidate on board.
  • Ongoing support post-hiring to ensure a smooth experience for both the candidate and the client.

Next Technology has an impressive track record where 95% of candidates stay with the clients for at least 12 months.

Read this comprehensive article on the average salary in Poland to figure your expenditure on employee salaries.

E. Global staffing agencies

If case you are offshoring to a country not mentioned above or planning to offshore to multiple locations, here are three global staffing agencies that you can consider:

9. Adecco


Founded in 1996, Adecco is a leading workforce solutions company headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland.

The Adecco Group has an extensive global presence (60+ countries) and can help you hire a team in major offshore destinations like India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, etc.

The group has many subsidiary companies like LHH Recruitment Solutions,, General Assembly, etc., 

The company’s offshore recruiting team provides temporary, direct hire, and remote staff services for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Information technology (IT).
  • Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), and fintech.
  • Industrial and manufacturing.
  • Engineering and technology.
  • Call center and customer service.
  • Pharma and life sciences, etc.

Their diverse range of services includes:

  • Staff planning and recruitment (general and professional).
  • Managed Service Program (MSP) to take up all HR and related functions.
  • Payroll and reimbursement processing.
  • Talent development, reskilling, and career progression services.
  • Global talent mobilization, repatriation, and international engagement services.
  • Outsourced services like merchandising, auditing, brand promotion, etc.
  • Back office, clerical, and administrative.

Please visit Adecco’s country-specific websites for a precise list of services and industries.

10. Brunel


Brunel is a global recruitment and workforce services company that specializes in industry sectors like oil and gas, energy, infrastructure, mining, etc. 

It’s headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in over 40 countries, including major offshoring hubs like India, Malaysia, and Poland.

Besides offshore recruitment, Brunel also offers outsourced logistics and technical services to its clients. 

Some key services offered by Brunel include:

  • Talent sourcing and screening for permanent and contract hire.
  • Domain-specific training.
  • Compliant startup services for relocation.
  • Global workforce mobility services.
  • Compliance adherence and training related to health, safety, and environment.
  • Project management services.
  • Visas, work permits, and relocation support.

11. Airswift


Airswift is an international recruitment firm and workforce solutions provider headquartered in Houston, USA. The company has over 7000 employees working across 70+ offices worldwide, including Dubai, Malaysia, and Brazil.

Airswift has over 40 years of experience providing workforce solutions to STEM industries and has, such as:

  • Oil and gas.
  • Mining and Construction. 
  • Power and renewable energy.

Airswift’s recruitment team can help you:

  • Source direct and contract hires for your specific needs.
  • Interview applicants and evaluate their skills. 
  • Simplify offshore hiring through its Employee of Record (EOR) services
  • Stay compliant during talent mobilization and immigration.
  • Ensure human capital due diligence during mergers and acquisitions.

Next, let’s check out some benefits of engaging a staffing agency for offshore hiring.

3 ways an offshore staffing agency can help you hire better

Here are three advantages of engaging an offshore staffing service:

1. Saves time

Recruitment can be time-consuming, especially when bulk-hiring in a foreign location. 

Agencies have a database of local talent, access to a vast network, and a specialized team of recruiters to quickly source potential candidates. Agencies will also help you navigate the local employment laws and complete the required paperwork quickly.

Efficient hiring through an agency will ensure that you get your offshore processes up and running in no time.

2. Access to high-quality talent

Most agencies have dedicated recruiters for specific industries. It helps them understand the client’s needs and hire the right-fit candidates.

Agencies also have a thorough understanding of the local job market, helping them source the best talent.

Quality hiring can boost your output and improve long-term profitability due to a reduced turnover rate.

3. Additional services

Staffing agencies typically offer additional outsourcing/offshoring services to ensure a smooth transition.

These additional services may include:

  • Candidate background checks.
  • Onboarding assistance.
  • Staff training and skill development.
  • Payroll and other HR functions.

It minimizes the need for additional hiring to perform these functions and reduces overall expenditure. 

Best practices when engaging an offshore staffing agency

Businesses can ensure a smooth and efficient offshore recruitment by following these simple best practices:

  • Carefully assess your staffing needs and budget before engaging an offshore staffing agency.
  • Conduct thorough research on potential agencies before you shortlist one. Check client reviews and previous track records to make an informed decision.
  • Ensure that you stay updated on regional laws related to employment, taxes, data, and IP protection.
  • Before forming an offshore partnership, engage an expert to make legal provisions to safeguard your business interests. For example, you can have your offshore recruiter sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect sensitive business data.

Final thoughts

Offshoring is a lucrative option for businesses looking to expand rapidly without overshooting their budget. 

But hiring an overseas team could be tricky without an expert offshore staffing solution to guide you.

Go through the detailed guide to learn how an agency can boost your offshore recruitment, and choose the best one for your staffing requirement from the list. Also, check out some best practices before collaborating with an offshore staffing agency.

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