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by Andy Nguyen
Customer support tools integration

In a webinar titled “Navigating the CS Jungle,” Time Doctor’s Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Liam Martin, hosted GQ Fu, the CEO of LTVplus. They discussed the powerful integration tools Time Doctor and Zendesk with LTVplus and their impact on customer support teams. Here are the key points from their discussion:

Enhancing time tracking and insights

Accurate time tracking

The integration of Time Doctor and Zendesk has revolutionized the way customer support tasks are tracked. By providing precise data on time spent on various tasks, it offers invaluable insights into the workflow of support agents. This level of accuracy helps managers identify bottlenecks and areas where efficiency can be improved.

Insightful analysis

Managers can now delve deeper into how agents are spending their time. This detailed analysis enables them to pinpoint areas for improvement, whether it’s in handling specific types of tickets or optimizing response times. The integration acts as a powerful coaching tool, fostering better communication and understanding between employers and employees.

A tool for continuous improvement

Coaching and guidance

The integration is not just about tracking time; it’s designed to be a coaching tool. Managers can identify agents who may not be performing up to par and provide them with the necessary guidance to improve. This approach ensures that agents receive targeted support to enhance their performance.

Learning curve for managers

While the integration is straightforward for agents, the real challenge lies with managers and analysts. Extracting and analyzing the data requires a learning curve, but the insights gained are well worth the effort. Proper training and familiarity with the tool can significantly enhance its effectiveness.

Identifying top performers with the Zendesk integration

Key metrics for top performers

Identifying top performers on a support team typically involves key metrics like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), first response time, and time spent on tickets. Time Doctor’s integration with Zendesk enhances this by offering a more comprehensive understanding of agent productivity.

Comprehensive productivity analysis

The integration allows for a detailed comparison of metrics, such as tickets per hour on Zendesk versus tickets per hour for the time worked. This helps in accurately identifying productive agents and understanding their workflow.

Tracking idle time

time doctor_idle time

Managers can track idle time and assess if agents are spending their time on productive sites. This holistic view helps in distinguishing between agents who need assistance and those who may not be fully engaged in their tasks.

Replicating success and reducing friction

Replicating top performance

With a clear understanding of what makes top performers successful, managers can replicate these practices across the team. The integration helps reduce friction between agents and tools, ensuring smoother workflows and improved efficiency.

Targeted coaching

Understanding the reasons behind performance differences is crucial. The integration helps in identifying whether agents are struggling due to lack of information or other challenges. This insight allows for targeted coaching, ultimately driving greater success for the entire team.


The integration of Time Doctor and Zendesk with LTVplus offers a powerful tool for customer support teams. It provides accurate tracking, insightful analysis, and a comprehensive view of agent productivity. By identifying top performers and understanding the nuances of agent performance, managers can foster a more efficient and effective support team. 

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