How to Increase Productivity in a Workplace

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All successful businesses understand how important productivity is in a work environment. An employee’s productivity can help the company in utilizing the capacity of their available workforce. Most enterprises that focus productivity has usually employees that are both healthy and happy, which also makes them a successful business.

Employees spending hours talking, standing and doing anything not connected to their job like roam around the office is not uncommon to workplaces nowadays anymore. But how much of the workday an employee spent productively is a different matter.

As what people say it’s not the hours that an employee spent into work but the work that an employee put in those hours. It’s not already practical for an organization to depend on their productivity on numbers or on the number of human resources that they have.

Human has a unique way of coping up with different situations, and same goes to their acceptance and approaches to each situation thrown at them. So it is necessary for the admin and management of the office to understand each employee’s coping mechanism and working habits.

Trying to approach every employee with the same approach will most likely to fail because one might not easily understand everything. Knowing the method, you can use to each employee would offer a better solution and can create a happy and healthy environment for both employee and company. And it would be easier for employees to achieve their goals.

So how can you increase the productivity in the workplace? Do you want to improve your workplace productivity but you don’t know how, where to start and what to do? If your answer to the two questions above is yes, then you are reading the right article. Here are some recommendations that you may follow to improve productivity in your office.

Always inject it into your employees’ minds that they are accountable for their actions and decisions.

In giving orders to your employees, always be precise. Never give general orders. Properly designate the task to each assigned individuals and ensure that they fully understand that they are the ones responsible for the duties assigned to them.

Always make sure that they fully know that they will be held accountable to whatever is the outcome of the task given to them.

delegation of tasks

By letting your workers understand the accountability that they have for the tasks or for the goals and decisions that they make encourages them to put an extra effort, and they are more cautious and meticulous to the tasked assigned to them.

Moreover, having them feel that they are held accountable would also strengthen their sense of ownership to the kind of work handed to them, so with this sort of mindset, they tend to achieve it as best as they could.

With this type of process, it is also another way to ensure that less mistake is committed.

Motivate your employees to be better than they are today and use the gamification process.

take it easy

Motivation is an essential factor to ensure productivity in the workplace. Employees lacking motivation get easily bored especially those employees that do the routine every single day.

The same problem the unmotivated employees are facing is that they don’t have any joy in finishing any tasks handed to them. One effective way to raise an employee’s motivation is through gamification.

As the word gamification suggests, make something enjoyable out of the task handed to them.

Like RPG (role playing games) use boosts, rewards, life powers, top player, rankings, obstacles, level up, point system or anything that is repetitive but gives them motivation of achieving something, like being the top week’s leader or the highest collector of life points.

Tasks like weekly reports or idea boosting for future projects and KPIs can be turned into a game to make the work more appealing, enjoyable and exciting.

This one is the kind of motivation that would also motivate and give the employees with tedious tasks a way to see it as a challenge. This kind of “game” environment boost up the motivation level of each employee.

With this type of process, employees are motivated to work hard and work more efficiently because they can earn something from it.

This thing is a standard error that employers fail to do – many companies usually forgets to give recognition to an employee’s job well done or even say thanking the employees for working hard, which can result in negative impact and the employees will feel unmotivated.

Employees might think that their efforts aren’t’ recognized that they stick on doing mediocre work which leads them to boredom. Word of encouragement, simple thank you, and little rewards for working hard will show how much the management and the company value their jobs.

It may also be possible to convert rewards, points, and rankings to monetary bonuses. But always remember that it can come in many forms or mandatory leave or time off from work can be real rewards as well. Also, this will keep them motivated because they are both recognized and valued by doing their best for the company.

Never forget to ask real-time updates and ASAP feedbacks to every task handed to your employee.


Workers are motivated when they know what they need to expect to achieve anything. This one is the main reason why companies have their mission, vision, and goal even core values to give guidance to each employee. Setting tasks that need progress in a short period is an effective way to manage the employees time management.

However, always be mindful on how you delegate your duties, do not forget to follow up each employee about the task entrusted to them.

Ask for the status on how far have they achieved from the task given to them – this way you will ensure that there are progress and productivity from your employees and in their work as well. It is also important that when they give their update, there is also feedback from your side.

Feedback are one way to ensure that the employees aren’t stuck with whatever ideas they have, you can give them suggestions on how to improve or make it work faster.

Employees like to hear feedback from their employers, in this way they will know what parts of the task need tweaking or what are lacking or other things that could alternate if something the same comes up again.

Seeing from their updates, you’ll see that there is a particular movement to their tasks. The supervisor or manager can be the one doing this, and you can directly ask them about the changes and progress of each employee.

Acknowledging the accomplishment but also addressing the error and faults that they made, have a constructive criticism to their performance.

A good organization knows how to balance well the things between their performances and the task assigned, in this way the company can maintain its employee’s productivity. Which leads us back to the gamification process, where it can also be a good way of giving feedback to employees, for them to finish their assigned task.

Keep in mind that your employees are humans, not machines – NEVER MICROMANAGE.

xbox controller

It might be difficult to determine the difference of micro-managing and managing. However,  always keep in mind that with micromanaging, you’re teaching your employees to become dependent on you or their supervisors and making their decisions are hard. Employees need directions and should have initiative while doing their jobs.

Spoonfeeding every detail of their job is micromanaging, and it will never be helpful to the employee’s growth. The leaders should give their specific tasks and roles in the organization, and the things that they need to achieve but on how they perform their work on day to day basis is the employee’s job already.

To avoid micromanaging, always encourage employees to work on their styles and to whatever they are comfortable. As unique individuals, each employee has their ways of working and achieving their desired goals, and they use different methods which they prefer to get a good result.

After all, you just need to trust them to do a good job, and never doubt their capabilities because you hired them because they possess the potentials that you needed. Giving the employees the freedom to use whatever method and ways they want to use also encourage them to learn and work and to think independently to benefit the company.

And if there are some faults and mistakes to his/her tasks, always speak to him or her first before jumping to any conclusions, and to avoid them from committing the same mistakes. Remember that you must always provide a great working environment for your employees, to improve the productivity in the workplace.

Make sure that the tasks are realistic and attainable.

Pushing your employees to limit their ability is fine but DO NOT OVERDO IT. Employees are humans, and humans get tired. Some employees may feel completely overloaded from the queuing task on his or her to-do list.

Overloaded with tasks may be a reason that employees are procrastinating that leads to delays and unproductiveness. Overloaded with tasks may be results of functions that is unrealistic and overwhelming.

Employers need to have achievable goals to pull out some thorns and the so the employees will feel motivated that they could accomplish the tasks given to them. Do not burn them out with a crazy job and unachievable deadlines, this will help them avoid being unproductive.

Having goals and targets for your employees will both increase their effectiveness, awareness, and also their role in the organization. Encourage employees to have breaks and other recreation activities.

Be strict with breaks.


Same as humans, our brain can also get tired, it can only do a certain amount before continuing being productive. Stress from overworking can lead to a lot of things; it can be that the employee will feel less motivated, and will procrastinate that will soon result to not being productive.

Like studying taking breaks from work can give a reset to your employee’s tired brains, but breaks are opportunities to have a better opportunity. 15 to 20-minute breaks are the most suggested time to have our brain be reset and be refreshed to start a new task or continue on the on-going task.

Always impose at least 15 minutes breaks in between 2 hours and encourage them to use the 15 minutes to leave and stay away from their desks. Giving them this kind of breaks will prevent them from having headaches and sore back that can trigger in slowing up their productivity.

Going out for walks or maybe some fresh air would help them resolve the stress that is piling up inside their minds. Avoid them from working during lunch breaks, at least let them have this time to relax or maybe take a nap.

Introduce them to recreational activities or physical fitness.


Your employee’s health should be your top priority; your business can’t be successful when your workforce is easily getting sick and are often absent from their posts. There can be a health risk from sitting down all day long, including sitting in front of the computer can also give them tired eyes.

Some ideas that can prevent employees from being ill or stressed is to have standing desks, or maybe giving them free time to work from home to decrease the stress in commuting to work, or maybe having a once a week yoga / Zumba/ aerobics session after office hours.

Encourage employees to have a physical fitness schedule in their daily activities; it could be stretching, little workout or maybe some home done aerobics exercise. This kind of activities will not only keep them fit and healthy, but it helps the employees to have a clearer mind especially when working.

Proven that employees who are physically fit and mentally active will perform a better job and has a positive attitude towards work and its workplace.

Changing of roles

Having an employee focus on a particular task can be good because it can perfect the employee’s abilities but having her perform the same function for about 40 hours, a can become exhausting and tedious, and might affect his or her productivity performance.

To break this dull job routine, try rotating the responsibilities and introduce some new roles to different employees but you should also consider the capabilities and field expertise.

By doing this, it will help you and your staff to expand their abilities and can give them an overview of the type of roles his co-workers has and even how the company works.

Let technology be your best friend.


  • Install and Use an Instant Messenger.

Install an instant messaging software app to your employee’s stations, this may sound a bad idea for having a productivity improved in a workplace, but this method is the complete opposite.

Doing this can be helpful especially on operations team or a large team, group messenger app where you can quickly give instructions or answer questions and maybe to give feedbacks as well.

For workers who are working in the field, or at home, this will be a convenient way of keeping in touch until they are back in the office. Dissemination of information and instructions helps in improving the productivity for companies with a larger workforce.

  • Know the new applications in the store.

There is new app sold in the market or even downloaded for free each day. These are apps that you think are impossible for a human to create. Apps like language tutorials, to-do lists application, even apps where you can check and jot down your expenses are available.

With the various types of apps in the market, do some research and find an app that fits your business. After that, try to suggest it to your employees.

You can also look for browser extensions designed to help boost productivity, like this list of productivity-boosting chrome extensions.

  • Every device can be a friend.

As we live in a Digital Era, it is undeniable that the leverage of the use of technology is the best thing that company could do. There are a lot of newly discovered techniques that will help in an organization’s productivity.

Providing the needed technology to your employees can help them save time and also improve productivity, this will also assist in the increase in the level of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers mean positive cash flow and sales for the company.

With this, it is going to be a huge advantage for businesses to use technology and to improve the speed and accuracy of the employees.

When talking about technology, do not limit it to computers and internet connections only but also utilize the uses and functions of hardware and software – both that can help improve the productivity of an employee in your workplace.

Mobile phones and smartphones are great tools because it offers access to communication and everyone can use stuff that is work related like sending documents and passing information.

However, it is important that you remind your employees that there is a fine line between work and personal life and this as well they need to balance to achieve a productive work life.

Always set the bar high.

Different organizations have their standards, and this is essential if the company is aiming for success. Let your employees know what kind of rules your business is imposing and what are the things that you are expecting from them.

Letting them have clear explanations on what to expect will be easier for them to accept their failure especially on targets and quotas set by the company.

Also, always remind your employees that there is a ladder that they need to climb to achieve higher positions. Developing new skills or acquiring new knowledge will provide them opportunities to get promotions.

Every day in work should be a challenge to each employee so that they will not stay complacent and would just stick on a lesser opportunity that would also downgrade their value as an employee and the productivity of the company.

Let them realize that trust, opportunities, and respect is something that everyone should earn.

Provide training.


Just like how we update our technologies, your employees needs an upgrade as well – this will help them be productive. Learning is a continuous process and providing your employees with seminars and training course will improve not only their skills but also refresh their minds.

Letting them learn innovations that will help them while working will also motivate them. Motivated employees are happy employees who also means productive employees.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a considerable amount of money just to give them the training that you want them to have, there is always an option that you can hire a speaker or trainer that would like to teach or motivate your employees.

Adding to their piled up experience will help them strive to be better. With our competitive world right now, your staff needs to learn the new things to be able to level up their abilities.


Improvement in workplace productivity can be a hard task but trying to implement the tips above can help you and your business in a little way.

Thinking about your employee and knowing where you are lacking and what actions are needed are all part of your responsibilities. Investing in a company would always that you are getting paid by the amount of time, effort and trust that you give.

Hiring employees can be easier than making the employees comfortable in working that could also allow them to have productive actions towards work.

A healthy and happy environment will boost the productivity. Keep in mind that the productivity of the workplace can give your company positive results both in customer satisfaction and in the sales department as well.

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