What’s the Cheapest Method to Send Money to Thailand?

What’s the Cheapest Method to Send Money to Thailand

What will happen if you wire $1000 USD from San Francisco to a relative in Thailand? How much will you get charged?

  1. If you use Travelex, you will lose $123 due to massive hidden conversion rates, the biggest loss despite having 0 upfront charge.
  2. Using banks will generally cost around $25 to $40, with $10 to $20 hidden exchange rates, which is still not good.
  3. While TransferWise has an upfront cost, it doesn’t have a hidden conversion rate –which makes it the cheapest option!

These numbers speak for themselves. So take note, always check the hidden conversion rates and not the upfront fee. Some banks and online money transfer service entice people by offering zero service charge, yet they more than make up the cost by using ridiculous hidden exchange rates.

Below are tables that contain the most popular options for sending money to Thailand, their upfront rates and their hidden exchange rates. Also, this our 28th post on sending money to other countries. If you want to check out the rest of the post, here are the links: Philippines, Brazil, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, Macedonia, Poland, Egypt, Romania, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Bolivia, Serbia, Pakistan, Colombia, Morocco, Chile and Turkey.

Table 1: Sending $1000 from the US to Thailand

Transfer methodFees to send $1000 USDHidden conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
OFX (previously USForex)*$0$7.5$7.51-2 days
TransferWise$15$0$151-2 days
Ria Money Transfer (slow)$5$23$283-5 days
1st Contact Forex$10$19$291-3 days
WorldRemit$5$25$301-3 days
Xpress Money$17$20$373-5 days
Ria Money Transfer (fast)$15$23$38Minutes
Skrill$10$40$503-5 days
MoneyGram (slow)$5$51$561-3 days
Western Union (slow)$5$53$581-3 days
Wire transfer$25-40$10-20$35-603-5 days
Western Union (fast)$10$53$63Minutes
MoneyGram (fast)$20$51$71Minutes
Travelex$0$123$1233-5 days


  • Minimum transfer of $500 for OFX (previously USForex).

Table 2: Sending £1000 from the UK to Thailand

Transfer methodFees to send £1000 GBPHidden conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
OFX*£0£7.5£7.51-2 days
TransferWise£15£0£151-2 days
Azimo£1£20£211-3 days
WorldRemit£4£23£271-3 days
Western Union£15£16£31Minutes
1st Contact Forex£15£17£321-3 days
Exchange4free£0£37£373-5 days
Skrill£8£40£483-5 days
Xpress Money£30£23£533-5 days
Wire transfer£15-25£10-30£25-553-5 days
Travelex£0£61£613-5 days


  • Minimum transfer of £500 for OFX.

Table 3: Sending $1000 from the Canada to Thailand

Transfer methodFees to send $1000 CADHidden conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
OFX*$0$7.5$7.51-2 days
TransferWise$15$0$151-2 days
WorldRemit*$5$27$321-3 days
Xpress Money$16$21$373-5 days
1st Contact Forex15$23$381-3 days
Exchange4free$0$40$403-5 days
Skrill$29$40$693-5 days
Western Union$30$42$72Minutes
Wire transfer$25-40$20-30$45-753-5 days
Travelex$0$127$1273-5 days


  • Worldremit can only send 995 CAD from Canada to Thailand.
  • Minimum transfer of $500 for OFX.

Table 4: Sending €1000 from the Western Europe (Euro currency countries such as Germany, France, Italy) to the Thailand

Transfer methodFees to send $1000 CADHidden conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
OFX*€0€7.5€7.51-2 days
TransferWise€15€0€151-2 days
1st Contact Forex€5€19€241-3 days
WorldRemit€5€24€291-3 days
Azimo€3€31€341-3 days
Western Union€5€30€351-2 days
Exchange4free€0€40€403-5 days
Skrill€10€40€503-5 days
Xpress Money€28€25€533-5 days
Wire transfer€20-35€20-40€40-753-5 days
Travelex€0€101€1013-5 days


  • Minimum transfer of €500 for OFX.

Table 5: Sending $1000 from the Australia to Thailand

Transfer methodFees to send $1000 AUDHidden conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
OFX (previously OzForex)*$0$7.5$7.51-2 days
TransferWise$15$0$151-2 days
WorldRemit$5$24$291-3 days
1st Contact Forex$15$18$331-3 days
Exchange4free$0$40$403-5 days
Western Union (slow)$10$39$494 days
Skrill$10$40$503-5 days
Fast Remit$10$59$692-3 days
Travelex$0$80$803-5 days
Xpress Money$60$32$923-5 days
Wire transfer$25-35$30-60$55-953-5 days
Western Union (fast)$70$44$114Minutes


  • Minimum transfer of $500 for OFX (previously OzForex).
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  • Timothy Marshall

    It cost me $9.99 to transfer $1,000 from Houston Texas to anywhere in Thailand using Western Union. I've been sending money to my wife and daughter in Thailand for the last 4 years the first two years it was $50
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    • Timothy Marshall

      And the money is there in minutes
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  • Valter Fernandes

    Hello,Your values work well if its only 1,000 USD. I want to transfer 10,000 EURO and the value become much more expensive then transfering by bank (even counting hidden fees).
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  • David

    You missed the most obvious most talked about most popular option out there today. Bitcoin or any of the cryptocurrencies are FAAAAR more cost-efficient than any 'Bankster' product out there.
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  • Mark

    I have always used Western Union using my bank or credit day and takes 4 days. Cost 2.90 GBP and todays exchange rate is 42.55 THB UKForex exchange rate today is 43.78 (so based on sending 100GBP then 123 Baht difference), Unless you need money to happen instantly (WU is 12.90 GBP) found this a reasonalble way of sending money to family and friends. Table above looks to be out of touch with todays rates.
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  • Jennifer

    We have had success using a prepaid credit card to get the best value. CaxtonFX is the one we've been using as it has no atm fee and good exchange rates.
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  • Rien

    Check out XendpayYou can choose the amount of the fees you are willing to pay and the exchange rate is pretty close to mid-market rate.
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