How to Send Money to Poland with Minimum Fees

Old town in Warsaw, Poland. The Royal Castle and Sigismund's Column called Kolumna Zygmunta

The European country of Poland offers great opportunities for business development and if you already work with locals, you know that making international fund transfers is an essential.

Chances are that you use a money transfer service or a bank to send money to Poland, but there are more options that you can choose among.

The following tables include information about the most popular money transfer services and their charges if you send money from the US, Australia, Canada and Western Europe to Poland. If you want to keep charges down to a minimum and avoid hidden conversion costs, use the Time Doctor tables.

Table 1: Sending $1000 from the US to Poland
Transfer methodFees to send $1000 USDHidden currency conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
OFX (previously USForex)*$0$7.5$7.51-2 days
TransferWise$10$0$101-2 days
WorldRemit$4$8$121-3 days
XE Trade$0$17$173-5 days
Ria Money Transfer (slow)$5$19$243-5 days
MoneyGram (slow)$5$21$264-6 days
Xoom (slow)$5$21$262 days
Payoneer$3$28$313-5 days
MoneyGram (fast)$10$21$311 day
Ria Money Transfer (fast)$15$19$34Minutes
Wire Transfer$25-40$10-20$35-603-5 days
Xoom (fast)$17$21$38Minutes
Paysera$4$35$391-3 days
Western Union (slow)$5$34$394-6 days
1st Contact Forex$20$26$461-3 days
Skrill$15$33$483-5 days
Western Union (fast)$40$34$741 day
Travelex$0$124$1243-5 days
Xpress Money$25$275$3003-5 days


  • Worldremit allows to send a money transfer to selected countries from the following states: Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
  • Minimum transfer of $500 for OFX (previously USForex).
Table 2: Sending £1000 from the UK to Poland
Transfer methodFees to send £1000 GBPHidden currency conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
TransferWise£5£0£51-2 days
CurrencyFair£3£4£71-3 days
First Remit£5£2£72  days
OFX*£0£7.5£7.51-2 days
OrbitRemit£0£8£82-5 days
Small World FS£3£8£111-3 days
TransferGo£1£11£121 day
WorldRemit£3£9£121-3 days
Azimo£3£11£141-3 days
Western Union£5£10£153-5 days
Przekazypieniezne£3£13£162-4 days
XE Trade£0£18£183-5 days
1st Contact Forex£1£19£201-3 days
FairFx£0£22£223-5 days
MoneyGram£5£19£241 day
Wire transfer£15-25£10-30£25-553-5 days
Paysera£1£32£331 day
Easy Exchange£6£27£331-4 days
Exchange4free£0£35£351-2 days
Skrill£9£34£433-5 days
Travelex£0£69£693-5 days
Now Transfer£5£148£1531 day
Xpress Money£5£277£2823-5 days


  • Minimum transfer of £500 for OFX.
Table 3: Sending $1000 from the Canada to Poland
Transfer methodFees to send $1000 CADHidden currency conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
OFX*$0$7.5$7.51-2 days
CurrencyFair$4$4$83-5 days
WorldRemit$4$7$111-3 days
TransferWise$12$0$121-2 days
XE Trade$0$20$203-5 days
Xendpay$26$1$271-2 days
Paysera$5$26$311-3 days
1st Contact Forex$10$26$361-3 days
Wire transfer$25-40$20-30$45-753-5 days
Exchange4free$0$45$453-5 days
Skrill$14$34$483-5 days
Western Union$25$37$621 day
Travelex$0$118$1183-5 days
Xpress Money$16$280$2963-5 days


  • Worldremit can only send 995 CAD from Canada to Poland.
  • Minimum transfer of $500 for OFX.
Table 4: Sending €1000 from Western Europe to the Poland
Transfer methodFees to send €1000 EURHidden currency conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
TransferWise€5€0€51-2 days
CurrencyFair€3€2€51-3 days
OFX*€0€7.5€7.51-2 days
First Remit€5€4€92 days
TransferGo€1€10€111 day
Przekazypieniezne€3€8€112-4 days
WorldRemit€4€11€151-3 days
Azimo€3€13€161 day
XE Trade€0€18€183-5 days
Paysera€0€21€211-3 days
Small World FS€0€23€233-5 days
Exchange4free€0€25€253-5 days
1st Contact Forex€1€25€261-3 days
Western Union€5€32€373-5 days
Wire transfer€20-35€20-40€40-753-5 days
Skrill€13€34€473-5 days
Travelex€0€88€883-5 days
Xpress Money€30€278€3083-5 days


  • Minimum transfer of €500 for OFX.
Table 5: Sending $1000 from the Australia to Poland
Transfer methodFees to send $1000 AUDHidden currency conversion costTotal feesTime for the transfer to arrive
TransferWise$7$0$71-2 days
OFX (previously OzForex)*$0$7.5$7.51-2 days
CurrencyFair$4$5$92-4 days
OrbitRemit$0$14$142-5 days
WorldRemit$4$12$161-3 days
XE Trade$0$17$173-5 days
Xendpay$26$1$271-2 days
1st Contact Forex$5$26$311-3 days
Exchange4free$0$35$353-5 days
Paysera$5$39$441-3 days
Western Union$10$44$54Minutes
Wire transfer$25-35$30-60$55-953-5 days
Skrill$15$46$613-5 days
Travelex$0$105$1053-5 days
Xpress money$40$286$3263-5 days


  • OFX (previously OzForex) is a good option for sending larger amounts of money and their exchange rate fee goes down for larger amounts. OFX is only for transfers of $500 and above.
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  • chandra

    to send money abroad I use TransferWise. It’s the most convenient and cheaper way that I found. It’s the only company that gives you the same xe rate with 0,5% fee( no hidden charges likes banks do) . I was using bank to bank before always less, not the rates they display.
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  • Ampol

    Would be interesting to see a chart for 100,000 USD, for example, to compare cost of small vs large transfers.
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  • Rob

    This is fantastic. Thanks for putting this together. We will easily save $40 a transfer.Thank you
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  • Qrchack

    How about Bitcoin? :P
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    • Rob Rawson

      The problem with Bitcoin is the following: a) the sender has to convert to Bitcoin b) You have some risk of fluctuation in the price of the Bitcoin after it sent potentially c) The receiver has to convert to their local currency (as it's hard to spend Bitcoin)So these fees add up to more than other transfer methods, but I think it has potential for the future. It is great now for people that want to receive Bitcoin, but most people need the money to live
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