New Chrome integrations, guest access feature and more

by Rajat H
New Chrome integrations, guest access feature and more

Check out the latest Time Doctor 2 updates!

New Chrome extension integrations

Time Doctor Integrations

We have released 21 new integrations. You can track the time spent on tasks from these and other applications by using the Time Doctor 2 Chrome extension.

Two-way Jira integration using the Chrome extension

Now, the time tracked on Jira issues is automatically sent back to Jira to keep your Jira work log up to date. You can read more about how it works at the end of this article.

The guest access feature

You can keep your clients up to date on their projects by inviting them as guests to Time Doctor 2 to view screenshots and the “Projects & Tasks” report for free. They will only be able to see data about the work that you have done for them. You can add a guest on the “Invite” page by selecting the “Guest” access level and specifying which projects and/or user groups you want to allow them to see.

Improvements to the “Manage Users” page

Manage Users

We have improved the “Manage Users” page by adding access levels and group filters to make bulk editing easier.

Option to remove URL query parameters

It is now possible to remove query parameters (anything after the “?” in a URL) from URLs that are stored and appear in reports. This option can be enabled under “Company Settings”.

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