Still #1 for employee monitoring and top 20 in time tracking: How we fared in G2’s fall reports

by Amy Owens
G2 awards Oct 2022

We were delighted (and grateful) to learn Time Doctor has kept its number one spot as the best ‘Employee Monitoring’ software on review site G2.

The popular technology marketplace’s quarterly reports for Fall 2022 dropped recently: and not only did Time Doctor top the Employee Monitoring category (a position we’ve held since March 2021), we continued to climb in the category of Time Tracking — rising to #18 out of 125 competitors in this space.

Based on unpaid reviews from users, this kind of recognition from third-party software comparison site G2 is an incredibly useful measure of our impact. G2 requires reviewers to login with a business email or LinkedIn account, doesn’t allow reviews by company employees, encourages people to provide screenshots to verify they’ve got access to the software, and also ensures reviews are checked by impartial humans. We can’t influence our status on independent sites like G2—it’s based on ‘warts and all’ feedback from people who’ve tried our product (and overwhelmingly loved it!).   

Real users value features that make Time Doctor easy to adopt

It’s clear from G2’s Fall reporting that users appreciate how Time Doctor can be practically applied to quickly deliver value, and a return on investment. Time Doctor users are extremely happy with how easy the software is to use, set-up and administer in the back-end. They find Time Doctor a great partner that’s easy to do business with and provides high-quality support. 

Here’s some more rankings that showcase how our product is more easily embedded into existing business systems and workflows:

  • For Time Tracking, we ranked #1 for Business Tool Integration and Internationalization for the Enterprise segment. Large, global organizations value our product above all others when it comes to connecting time tracking within their complex IT ecosystems and ensuring their diverse workforces with multiple language/currency needs can use the product effectively. API integration features also ranked highly (#8). 
  • Enterprise users also rank Time Doctor highly for Time Tracking features that save organizations significant time and manual effort, such as the ability to use tracked time as a guide for accurately billing clients and paying workers. Key rankings include: #4 for Automated Reminders; #5 for Invoice Creation and Delivery; #5 for Electronic Payments; #8 for Workflow and #10 for Reporting.

Why users love Time Doctor for employee monitoring

What is employee monitoring software? G2 says, “Employee monitoring software provides businesses with the ability to record employees’ interactions with customers to ensure the quality of service is up to par and ensure employees are using time productively.” This is an especially important application of our software when it comes to large business process outsourcing companies who use Time Doctor to maximize the energy and problem-solving skills of its outsourced staff in order to cost-effectively scale, meet its clients’ needs, and grow profit margins. 

Satisfaction ratings from users that earned us #1 in employee monitoring:

  • 90% – Quality of support
  • 92% – Ease of use
  • 91% – Ease of admin
  • 92% – Ease of doing business with
  • 91% – Ease of Set up

Our highest rated features for employee monitoring included:

  • Reports (92%): Our wide range of Workday Insight reports giving employees and managers instant insights into overall productivity and performance, work-life balance, as well as project timelines and schedule adherence.
  • Screenshots (92%): Time Doctor provides screenshots and blurred screenshot options for employees to use as proof of work but they can also help identify process knowledge gaps for training purposes.
  • Web usage (91%): Our popular Web & App Usage report tracks all applications and websites visited by employees so you can clearly see what tasks and activities are productive for different job roles and functions. 

Why users love Time Doctor for time tracking

What is time tracking software? G2 says, “Time tracking software enables workers to either passively or manually track the time spent on projects, tasks, and other deliverables.” Time Doctor is the most employee-friendly time tracking product available — being non-intrusive and empowering employees with dashboards that let them see how to better manage their own time. It also provides detailed analytics for managers and company leaders, highlighting where time is spent — including a break-down by each project, client or task — and enabling managers to increase productivity and results.

Satisfaction ratings from users that earned us #18 in time tracking:

  • 90% – Quality of support
  • 91% – Ease of use
  • 91% – Ease of admin
  • 93% – Ease of doing business with
  • 91% – Ease of Set up

Our highest rated features for employee monitoring included:

  • Tracking time to a project or task (93%): Time Doctor makes it simple to track and analyze the time spent on each project, client, or task so you can accurately track time down to the second to bill clients and pay employees correctly.
  • Time tracking (92%): Users can create tasks and start tracking time with the click of a button and it works on computers, tablets, and mobiles to track time both online and off, including the option to manually edit time.
  • Ease of completing timesheets (92%): Time Doctor lets you automate timesheets and upload them for batch payments and bulk billing, manually approve timesheets or set them for automatic approval, and integrates with programs like PayPal and Payoneer.

Highly trusted, and we’ve got the badges to prove it

Time Doctor was included in the rankings for 39 different reports issued by G2, which is an important source of research for businesses looking to discover, evaluate and compare software used to make work better. Non-paid reviews from real people are an important deciding factor for many leaders, so we’re humbled to have Time Doctor’s excellence in the market confirmed.

Additionally, we earned 17 G2 Trust Badges in Fall 2022. To be eligible for G2’s badges a product must receive at least 50 authentic peer reviews for the evaluation period. 

New badges earned by Time Doctor in Fall include:

Employee monitoring leaderLeader for Employee Monitoringg2 fall time tracking leaderLeader for Time Tracking
g2 fall employee monitoring momentum leaderMomentum Leader for Employee Monitoringg2 fall time tracking momentum leaderMomentum Leader for Time Tracking
g2 fall time tracking leader mid marketMid-Market Leader for Time Trackingg2 fall employee monitoring small business leaderSmall Business Leader for Employee Monitoring
g2 fall time tracking leader small businessSmall Business Leader for Time Trackingg2 fall time tracking leader asiaAsia Leader for Time Tracking
g2 fall time tracking leader asia pacificAsia Pacific Leader for Time Trackingg2 fall time tracking leader middle east africaMiddle East & Africa Leader for Time Tracking
g2 fall time tracking leader latin americaLatin America Leader for Time Trackingg2 fall time tracking leader indiaIndia Leader for Time Tracking
g2 fall time tracking leader europeEurope Leader for Time Trackingg2 fall time tracking leader mid market asia pacificMid-Market, Asia Pacific Leader for Time Tracking
G2 fall time tracking leader small business asia pacificSmall Business, Asia Pacific Leader for Time Trackingg2 fall time tracking high performer southeast asiaHigh Performer Southeast Asia for Time Tracking

Getting better all the time

Most reviewers on G2 love Time Doctor. Of course, we’ll still cringe if we read a negative review but we value every piece of genuine feedback. Why?

Problems need to be examined in order to be addressed. Positive feedback has a similar galvanizing effect: it lets us recognise our strengths, learn about why our product works, and gives us confidence to keep innovating.  

We’re proud of our product, but we always want to be working towards making Time Doctor the best possible solution for helping organizations of any size to empower their workforce and drive increased productivity, accountability, engagement, and wellbeing.

Are you ready to see for yourself why we’re a market-leader in employee monitoring and time tracking?

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