A comprehensive comparison of time tracking software

by Rob Rawson
Time tracking software comparison table

Time is equally important as money in business.

That is why you need to track where time is spent in your organization.

If you are not really convinced in doing so yet, think about this: wasted time in the workplace is costing businesses millions (if not billions) in lost productivity each year.

This is why more and more companies are investing in a time tracking software.

Here at Time Doctor, we value productivity. And, we also want to share our knowledge on which tools would help you and your business become more productive.

Below is a comprehensive time tracking software comparison table. We listed and compared 35 tools that companies, freelancers and individuals use.

If you are considering investing in one, this list should help you.

Also, if we missed any tool in the list please let us know in the comments below.

The Complete Time Tracking Software Comparison Table

Tool Description Platforms Supported Pricing
5pm 5pm has a desktop widget for time tracking that works on all platforms. It complements its robust project management system. Mac, Linux, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Web-based and Desktop $18/month (1 user), $88/month (Unlimited users)
Active Collab Active Collab has an intuitive time tracking software that lets you list all your tasks in one place. You just press play and start tracking time. Web based, Desktop, Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android $25/month (5 users), $49/month(15 users), $99/month(30 users), $199/month(60 users), $299/month(more than 60 users)
ATracker ATracker is a time tracking software that is very easy-to-use and requires minimal setup. It is feature-rich and allows you to actively manage and monitor your tasks on your phone. iOS, Compatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later), iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required Free (Lite Version), $4.99 (Full Version)
ChronoMate ChronoMate is a great Mac OSX time tracking app especially created for Freshbooks. It keeps track of the time you spend on different projects and simplifies your day to day workflow while also accurately billing your clients. Intel Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. $19.99 (Full Version)
ClickTime ClickTime provides time tracking, expense tracking, offline and online tracking, multiple billing rates, vacation/leave tracking and a lot more. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Web-based and Desktop $10/month (1 user), depends on how many users (Unlimited users)
Clockodo Clockodo is a time tracking solution for users who want to track their work time quickly, simply and reliably. Its reports contain details that can quickly show how time is spent, whether profitably, efficiently, or not. Web-based, iOS, Android 14 days free trial, $8 (basic rate/1 user), $5 (additional employee)
Clockspot Clockspot is a cloud-based time tracking app that helps freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses track employees’ work hours from any device. It creates timesheets and payroll without the hassle. Cloud based, Android, iPhone, Apple devices, Smartphones Standard ($5/user, +$10 base free), Premium ($8/user, +$20 base free)
Dovico Dovico provides a simple way of entering time against a project and submit them for reporting, billing and approval by managers. Win, iPhone, Android, Smartphone $12/month/user
Everhour Everhour provides time management inside of your favorite project management tool. It embeds directly into it and it gives you detailed reports. Win, Mac $7 per month (1 user), $19 per month (2-5 users), $39 per month (6-15 users), $119 per month (16-30 users), $249 per month (31-50 users), $399 per month (51-100 users)
Fanurio Fanurio is a time tracking software application designed to help freelancers manage their work and be paid for it. It is perfect for small and medium sized businesses who are looking to track time and productivity without any hassle. Desktop, Win, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry $59 New customers (includes single user license with annual maintenance plan), $19 Existing Customers/Extension plan, $29 Existing customers/Update plan
Freckle Easy time tracking. No setup required. No need to configure anything to generate an invoice. Designed for freelancers, contractors and small teams. Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac $19/month (Solo), $49/month (Team plan), $199 (Organization plan)
Freshbooks Time Tracker Time tracking with Freshbooks helps you keep track of your time accurately and prevents from being under billed. You can log work hours from anywhere and allow your team members to track the progress with handy timesheet reports. Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Blackberry, Android, Web-based Free (1 user), $39.95/month (Unlimited users)
Harvest Harvest makes time tracking easy and fun, users can track time spent on projects from anywhere. It can also send automated payment reminders from the software in case clients haven’t paid an invoice on time. Win, Mac, iPhone, Android, Web-based and Desktop $12/month (1 user), user X $10/month (Unlimited user)
Hours Hours is the best time tracking app for iPhone. It can track projects and tasks on the web without going through a lot of steps. Web based, iOS Basic (Free), Pro ($8/month)
ManicTime ManicTime is a silent monitoring software that tracks your work day. It records which programs are open and what files you are accessing. The software uses personalized “time tags” to display how you use your time and how efficient you really are. Web-based, Desktop, Win, Mac, iPhone, Android Free for 15 days, PRO – $67.00+ VAT (EU)
Mite Mite provides a simple way to track time. You have the option to enter hours manually or use the timer. It generates clear reports and has the option to export them to third party programs. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Web-based $5/month (1 user), users X $5/month (Unlimited users)
My Hours MyHours is a free and easy-to-use web based time tracking tool which helps you keep track of the time you spend while working on various projects. It lets you create projects, tasks and generate reports in no time. Win, Mac, iOS, Android Free (Solo plan), $2 (Team plan)
Paydirt Paydirt lets you track time with one click without navigating around on your screen. It scans the pages you visit and prompts you to start a timer when it sees a matching keyword for client. There’s no code to install or integrations to set up. Web based, iOS, Android Starter ($8), Hustler($16), Coop ($29), Small Team ($49), Large Team ($79), Agency ($149)
Paymo Paymo is a great platform for companies that need time tracking and project management in one solution, as well as invoicing clients without any hassle. Web based, Desktop, Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 15-Day Unlimited Free Trial, $4.95/user, Addons ($9.95/month for Invoicing)
Replicon’s Web TimeSheet Replicon captures time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing and good insight into workforce productivity. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Web-based and Desktop $9/month (1 user)
RescueTime Time tracking with RescueTime is hassle free as it runs silently in the background. It displays beautiful reports of your activities that allow you to quickly evaluate your productivity. The software is a great measure of engagement and workload. Win, Mac, Linux, Android, Web-based and Desktop $9/month (1 user), $15/month (Unlimited user)
Saus Saus has a dashboard that lets you quickly add new time registrations for a client or a project. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Web-based €3/user/month
Screenshot Monitor Screenshot Monitor is a time tracking/screenshot monitoring solution used by freelancers and remote employees to get a clear picture of where time is spent. Reports can be generated to analyze specific employees, date ranges and more. Win, Web-based and Desktop Free (1 user). $5/per user/month (Unlimited users)
Slife Labs Slife’s time tracking solution monitors the applications used and interactions made on the Mac. It lets you categorize your activities as well. Web-based, Mac OS X 10.4 or later and 512 MB RAM, Windows XP, Vista $5/month
SlimTimer SlimTimer allows you to quickly create, track, and even share tasks with your coworkers. It can run reports of not only your time but also that of your coworkers. Web-based and Desktop Free
Tick Tick time tracking helps you keep track of how you are meeting your goals. It integrates with Basecamp, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and others to bring time tracking and budget feedback into your project management workflow. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Web-based and Desktop Free (1 user), All plans offer unlimited users
Time Doctor Time Doctor provides useful reports that let you know where and how you spent your workday. Its integration with different project management tools helps you get the most out of your productivity. Its time tracking is perfect for businesses who are looking to manage time accurately. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Web-based and Desktop $7-$20/month (1 user)
TimeCamp TimeCamp is an online time tracking and invoicing software. It records every minute spent on the specific assignment and allows employees to track their own productivity especially the amount of time they lose to various distractions. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Web-based and Desktop Free (1 user). $6/per user/month (Unlimited users)
timeEdition timeEdition tracks your time in a simple yet attractive interface. It simplifies your tasks by entering your time data, while at the same time making sure that everything is correct. It works perfectly with Apple’s Calendar app, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Win, Mac, iPhone, Android $3.99/month
Timely Timely allows you to plan ahead and then log how much time you spent working. It uses hashtags which makes it more fascinating and exciting. Web based, iOS Free ($0), Regular ($14/month)
Timeneye Timeneye is a simple yet intuitive time tracking and reporting software for freelancers and remote teams. You can record the time you spend on different projects, generate reports, and analyze your team’s efforts through its web app. Cloud-based, Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Free (1 user), Paid (number of users X $49/month)
Toggl Track Toggl allows you to track time right from your browser, computer or a smartphone. Its interface and reports are neat and it also integrates with other tools that are valuable for business. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Web-based and Desktop $10/month (1 user), user x $10/month (Unlimited users)
WeWorked WeWorked is an easy-to-use time tracking software for project-focused organizations. It can track employee leave balances and run detailed reports. You can also create invoices and collect payments over the web. Win, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Web-based and Desktop Free (1 user). $49+/month (Unlimited users)
Yast Yast lets you track your time using 1-click timers. You can track your time online, track multiple projects, view reports and easily share with others, and a lot more. The software is known for its simplicity. Win, Mac, iPhone, Android, Web-based and Desktop Free (1 user), €9/user/month (Unlimited users)
yaTimer yaTimer allows you to have multiple timers running at the same time. It can also print a wide range of reports and timesheets. Windows XP, vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bits) $5.99 (Small Business – Desktop only), $9.99 (Small business – Desktop + Cloud), $99.99 (Enterprise – Desktop + Cloud), $59 (Small Business – One time payment)

If you are still undecided up to this point, we’d love for you to try out Time Doctor.

Our accurate time tracking software will show you exactly where time is spent. This comes with useful and comprehensive reports that will let you evaluate how productive your workday is.

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