35 wacky timesheet memes to make you ROFL (2024)

by Time Doctor
Timesheet meme

Memes make every situation bearable, even if it’s waiting for employee timesheets. 

While we’re sure you have an enviable collection of memes, why not look through this article and see if we’ve chosen a timesheet meme that you’ve never seen before? 

Have a look at our top 35 timesheet memes, and let us know if you have any favorites. 

35 hilarious timesheet memes you need to see right now

To say that timesheets cause employees anxiety is an understatement. Maybe that’s why most people wait until the last minute to submit them. 

Whatever the reason, all you know for sure is that it means more Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications, reminder emails, and of course, funny memes. 

Every week your employees are greeted with fresh memes hot off the press! 

How do you get the time to create new ones every week? 

Clearly, you take a little bit of help from articles like ours!
Don’t worry. We won’t tell them; it’ll be our little secret. 

But for now, let’s take a look at 35 hilarious timesheet memes you can use for your next reminder email! 

game of timesheet

(Source: TimeandAnalyticsSoftware)

Let The Meme Games Begin! 

*cue dramatic music* 

1.  “Hi, yes we needed your timesheet, like, Yesterday”  

TimeSheet Reminder

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Sometimes it may seem like all you do is send reminder after reminder about filling in timesheets to your employees. After all, someone has to fill it, right? 

2. No one is exempt from timesheets 

No One is Exempt From Timesheets

(Source: Pinterest)

Even Darth Vader understands how important a timesheet is, and you don’t want to bring out his dark side! 

3. Don’t make us break out the classics *Sobs* 

Don’t Make Us Break Out The Classics Sobs

(Source: Aww Memes)

All she wanted was true love! And all you want is a filled-out timesheet without resorting to making custom memes on one website or another. 

It’s honestly not too much to ask for — for her or you. 

4. Seriously, don’t

Timesheet day

(Source: ImgFlip.com)

Or you can get right to the heart of the matter with Clark Gable’s iconic quote. 

Your employees are sure to submit their timesheets on time when you send them this meme! 

5. Speaking of classic memes, you can’t ignore Oprah 

Everyone needs to do the timesheet

(Source: Pinterest)

Every single team member needs to complete their timesheet. 

You’d think they would know this by now. But hey, maybe Oprah will get through to them. 

6. Not a RomCom fan? We got something for you musical peeps!  

Musical reminder

(Source: ImgFlip)

Rocky Horror Picture Show, anyone?

Get your employees to submit their timesheets in a timely manner by sending this meme. 

It’s sure to get them humming this infectious song all day long! 

And who knows, maybe they want to avoid Dr. Frank-N-Furter more than late salaries. 

We know we do! 

7. If your employees find it difficult to remember, gently remind them

Gentle Timesheet reminder

(Source: ImgFlip)

But some people may not find Frankenstein Place scary. 

For them, you can really stretch your creative muscles and think outside the box (pun intended!)

8. You can even enlist Carole Baskin for some extra help!

Dont forget to do the timesheet

(Source: MakeAMeme)

Speaking of tigers, why not get Carole Baskin to help you?

With her constant social media uploads and two seasons of Tiger King TV show, you’re bound to find tons of material for your timesheet reminder memes. 

You know they say a little bit of stress is good for the system! 

9. After all, you don’t want to wait forever

Waiting Forever for Timesheet

(Source: Pinterest)

We’re only looking out for you! 

We don’t want you spending all your precious time waiting for that late timesheet to come in so you can begin processing payroll. 

10. Waiting may remind you of the good Ol’ days 

Good old days

(Source: ActiTime)

You may start romanticizing the old days when punchcards were the norm, and you didn’t have to deal with tracking down each pesky time sheet. 

11. You might even start introspecting (we highly recommend!) 

Meme Timesheet

(Source: ImgFlip)

Or you may start looking deep within yourself and wonder what you could’ve done differently. 

Maybe you should’ve sent more funny timesheet memes? 

Perhaps just more reminders in general? 

After all, your full-time employees and freelancers are busy people too, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. 

12. Wait, is it really your fault? 

Timesheet pending in other tasks

(Source: ImgFlip)

As a manager, maybe you are at least partly to blame. 

Aren’t you always telling your employees to prioritize their work, meet deadlines, and optimize workflows? Is it any wonder that, without meaning to, you may have made them think their timesheets could take a backseat? 

13. Then you remember how much work you have pending 

Pending Work

(Source: TimeLogger)

But all that introspection vanishes when you realize that late timesheets equal working on weekends to double-check every detail and process multiple invoices. 

14. And you kinda feel like screaming 

Screaming Timesheet Reminder

(Source: ActiTime)

Do your employees think you like working on weekends? Because you don’t. 

And all of this can be avoided if they simply submitted their timesheets on time. 

15. But you don’t because HR might disapprove 


(Source: Pinterest)

Since screaming out loud in a workplace is typically frowned upon, you stick to emails for timecard reminders and funny memes. 

16. If only they knew some of the excuses you get…

Timesheet Excuses

(Source: TimeLogger)

A part of you wishes that your HR department knew what you truly have to deal with because they would totally take your side. 

After all, how can a dog eat an electronic timesheet?! 

17. And the consequences of late timesheets 

Outstanding Timesheets

(Source: FishBowlApp)

And if the higher-up project managers knew the true cost of late or inaccurate timesheets, well, let’s just say fake laughing at your (actually super funny) time card memes would be the least of your employees’ worries. 

18. Maybe they might join you in some creative problem-solving! 

Late Timesheets

(Source: Memes Monkey)

You may even spend a lot of time daydreaming about the different ways employees might get called out for late timesheets. 

Then ding! You get an email notification, and, poof, your daydream’s gone. 

19. Just when you’ve lost all hope… 

finally timesheet submitted

(Source: BuzzFeed)

Wait, could it be? It is! 

It’s a completed timesheet, and it only took two reminders! 

You knew all those employee time management courses would be useful. 

20. You feel like saluting your employees 

employees doing timesheet on time

(Source: ImgFlip)

You’ve officially decided this particular employee is a hero in your eyes! 

Maybe you could speak to HR about giving this employee some sort of reward for this incredible feat.

Why didn’t you think of this before?
It’s the easiest way to encourage employees to submit their timesheets. 

21. Nothing can stop you anymore!  

employees taking friendly timesheet reminder seriously

(Source: TimeLogger)

The sun is shining, and the birds are singing again! 

You and your employee are on your way to greatness, and it’s all because they took your friendly reminder about timesheet day seriously. 

22. Of course, it was too good to be true 

Checking Timesheet Status

(Source: MakeAMeme)

But then it all comes crashing down when you notice a glaring error. 

Honestly, how difficult is it to add an electronic signature to a timesheet? 

Oh, you know the answer to that: it’s not! 

23. And you know exactly what happened 

Last Minute Rush

(Source: TimeandAnalyticsSoftware)

You’re not clueless; you know if you keep the deadline at midnight, you’ll only get timesheets a few minutes before. 

That’s why you keep the deadline during the workday so employees can easily consult their schedule and submit accurate timesheets. Yet, here you are. 

24. Especially when timesheets were due on Friday 

Timesheets Due On Friday

(Source: Pinterest)

But maybe you should rethink keeping the deadline on a Friday? 

You could try keeping it on Thursday, so employees have at least 24 hours to submit their timesheets. 

25. A part of you wonders if you can distribute these T-shirts to everyone 

Reminder forTimesheet

(Source: Pinterest)

Or you could simply implement Casual Friday and wear this specific t-shirt every Friday. 

That’s definitely one option, and who knows, it might actually work better than your best timesheet meme.

26. You know how to handle them on Monday  

You Know How To Handle Them On Monday for Timesheet

(Source: ImgFlip)

At least you can give them the patented Morgan Freeman stare on Mondays. That always cheers you up a little. 

You take your joys where you get them. 

27. Plus, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve 

what rides on their timesheets their paycheck

(Source: Pinterest)

If nothing else works, you can always kindly remind them what rides on their timesheets: their paycheck. 

Once you make this announcement, we’re sure you’ll get fully completed, accurate timesheets within the hour! 

28. Don’t they know how long payroll processing takes?! 

payroll processing takes a long time

(Source: Pinterest)

After all, it’s you and your payroll department that has to put in extra hours to convert each timesheet

As this payroll meme says, it can be hard to remember that you’re an actual human, not just a calculator poring over numbers. 

29. It’s not a pretty sight… 

Work Done

(Source: Meme Generator)

Frodo probably looks better than you do after you’re done with all those timesheets. 

Not to mention, working these extra hours seriously impacts your productivity throughout the week. 

30. And then you get a mind-boggling thought 

people love timesheet reminders

(Source: Aww Memes)

But while your world gets reduced to numbers and hours, you get a scary thought: what if your employees purposefully delay handing in their timesheets because they genuinely look forward to your memes & gifs? 

Does this mean you shouldn’t keep making new ones? Or put in less effort? 

*cue existential crisis* 

31. At least they’re done! 

Timesheet Done

(Source: Pinterest)

That’s a problem for ‘future you’ because ‘current you’ is done processing all these timesheets. Time for celebration!! 

32. But you remember your timesheet is pending 

timesheet pending after a lot of work

(Source: MemeGenerator.net)

Then you remember… oh, you also have to turn in your timesheet. 

A whole new level of exhaustion washes over you, and you suddenly sympathize so much more with your employees. 

33. Until it’s that time again

the quest for timesheet completion

(Source: Pinterest)

And as soon as you’re done with one week, it’s time to put on your meme maker cap and create more engaging visual content for your employees. 

34. And you have to search for a topical timesheet meme, again 

Timesheet collection of meme

(Source: Pinterest)

You go rifling around your collection of timesheet memes to find one you haven’t used recently. 

It’s tough, we understand; that’s why we created this awesome resource. 

35. If only there was a better way 

automate timesheet reminders

(Source: me.me)

But what if we told you there’s a better way to go about all this? 

What if you can send automatic reminders instead and not worry about explaining why a meme creator tool is a business expense? 

An easy way to manage timesheets 

With so much technology around you, why rely on outdated spreadsheets and templates to track employee time? 

Use Time Doctor, a powerful time tracking and productivity management tool that’s trusted by large as well as small businesses alike. 

It can:

Read more about Time Doctor’s many features here! 

Timesheet system

(Source: Aww Memes)

Not only will Time Doctor simplify the entire timesheet process for you and your payroll department, but it will also create automated timesheets, helping your employees relax and focus on their work. 

Truly a useful tool for the entire organization! 

Wrap up 

Timesheets no longer have to be a complicated phenomenon where you chase down every employee and try to check their schedule to see if they’ve fudged some data. 

While the memes are definitely priceless, it’s not worth your sanity! 
Instead, use a time tracking tool like Time Doctor that automatically creates timesheets and even streamlines payroll processing so you can focus on fewer niche memes (or more! We don’t judge).

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