Teramind vs Veriato: the ultimate comparison

by Time Doctor
Teramind vs veriato

Looking for a comprehensive Teramind vs Veriato comparison?

Most businesses today have digitized almost all of their operations. Be it internal communication, filing, or even research — you can do everything on a computer.

And since all the required data is available online, you can even manage remote work with ease.

However, with an increasing number of employees or freelancers working from home, it becomes difficult to monitor their work. 

That’s where an employee monitoring software comes in! 

Also known as User Activity Monitoring (UAM) software, the software helps monitor what your employees do during their work hours.

In this article, we’ll compare the features of two popular monitoring tools available in the employee monitoring software market — Teramind and Veriato.

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Let’s get started.

What is Teramind?


Teramind is an employee monitoring solution that provides various features to monitor employee behavior and improve company security.

You can use the software to: 

  • Collect employee data, such as time spent on projects, work, non-work activities, etc. 
  • Analyze data to monitor productivity.
  • Identify suspicious activities.
  • Create risk management strategies. 

The tool gives alerts and warnings for any specified user activity. 

You can even choose to lock-out the users from the system if you find them uploading a sensitive file to a cloud drive, share confidential content, etc.

Teramind easily integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides on-site and cloud-based deployment solutions.

Their solutions include:

  • Teramind starter: Employee tracking software with features like insider threat detection and productivity analysis.
  • Teramind UAM: Singular platform that provides activity monitoring, user behavior analytics, productivity optimization, etc.
  • Teramind DLP: Effective solution for data loss prevention.

What is Veriato?


Founded in 1998, Veriato is one of the earliest internet monitoring software companies.

Veriato offers intelligent solutions that can help you understand your employees’ behavior. You can use these insights to enhance your company’s security and productivity.

Veriato offers a wide range of features, such as:

  • Remote employee monitoring
  • Insider threat detection
  • Data loss prevention

Their products are Cerebral (Veriato 360 + Veriato Recon), Vision, Investigator, and Ransomsafe

You can deploy their employee monitoring solution on-premise, on the cloud, or through an MSP (Managed Service Provider.)

Teramind Vs Veriato: Feature comparison

Teramind and Veriato are both widely used employee monitoring software. 

Here’s an in-depth look at their features and functionality:

1. Employee productivity analysis

Let’s see how these two tools provide insights about employee productivity:

A. Teramind

Teramind allows you to monitor employee activity right down to the minute. 

This way, you can understand how they spend their time during work hours to determine how you can improve their productivity.


Teramind gathers a large amount of employee data and generates detailed reports. 

Some of the advanced reports include:

  • Active vs. idle time analysis.
  • Unproductive activity monitoring and analysis.
  • Application monitoring, etc.

You can use the employee tracking data to streamline workflow and improve efficiency.

If required, you can customize the report with productivity indicators (increase in revenue, time spent on tasks, etc.) vital for your organization.

Teramind Emp Productivity Monitoring

B. Veriato

Veriato Vision enables you to track every individual, team, department, or remote worker. 

This way, you can track and record employee activity, giving you insights into how they spend time at work.

It uses this information to generate detailed statistics and reports. These reports include:

  • Anomaly alerts.
  • Call activity monitoring.
  • File transfers, etc.
Veriato Emp Productivity Monitoring

Quick recap

Teramind and Veriato both provide employee productivity insights. Veriato offers several features to analyze the productivity of a remote employee.

2. User behavior analytics

Here’s how Teramind and Veriato provide User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA):

A. Teramind

Teramind uses intelligent machine learning to provide detailed analytics about human behavior.

This data can help you identify all types of abnormal employee or client behavior (accessing confidential files, etc.) 

You can create a behavior baseline for different employees based on various attributes such as:

  • The number of times they access a file.
  • File type.
  • Time of the day, etc. 

Based on this baseline, the behavior engine can detect any deviations in behavior. 

Teramind User Behavior

B. Veriato

Veriato Cerebral offers the UEBA feature. 

Your employees generate several activity data (such as websites visited, emails sent and received, etc.) every day. This information is impossible to analyze manually.

Veriato uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate user behavior analytics — by scrutinizing all user activity and behavior.

It then compares these behaviors with the baseline behavior of that user. This allows it to detect abnormalities quickly.

Cerebral can also detect when outsiders use stolen credentials to access your company data.

Veriato User Behavior Monitoring

Quick recap

Teramind and Veriato both provide similar behavior analytics features. Both tools use AI for monitoring user behavior. 

3. Email monitoring

Most of the employees perform actions that may compromise the company’s data security, like sending confidential emails to personal email addresses, etc.

Fortunately, Teramind and Veriato can assist with email monitoring and prevent these threats. Here’s how:

A. Teramind

Teramind provides insights regarding how employees use their emails daily.

The monitoring software records and lists all incoming and outgoing emails from Gmail, Outlook, etc. 

It detects insider threats, provides data protection and prevents a breach of sensitive information. It can even generate automatic alerts when users send emails to suspicious accounts.

Additionally, it identifies any time lag between receiving a crucial email and responding to it. This can help you increase productivity.

teramind employee monitoring

B. Veriato

Veriato provides the email monitoring solution in Cerebral, Vision, and Investigator.

The tool captures all communication on email clients such as Outlook, Mailbird, etc., as well as other popular webmail services such as Gmail, Zoho, etc.

It records all outgoing and incoming email activities and instantly reports suspicious activities. 

Veriato employee monitoring

Quick recap

Teramind and Veriato track all email activities on popular platforms and can prevent potential data loss. Teramind also helps to enhance workplace productivity by detecting email delays.

4. Website and app monitoring

Here’s how the two tools track website and app usage:

A. Teramind 

This employee monitoring software tracks all websites and even individual pages accessed by an employee. You can customize alerts for idle time, access to entertainment websites, etc., which can improve employee productivity. 

The tool also allows you to categorize certain websites as suspicious or off-limits and alerts you when any user tries to access these sites.

Teramind can also record the individual keystrokes, time spent on the app, content viewed, and much more.

teramind web app monitoring

B. Veriato

Veriato can record and maintain all information regarding web activity such as file uploads, webmail usage, etc. 

You can gain web and app usage insights, such as:

  • Sites or apps accessed by the user.
  • Time spent on each site or app.
Veriato web app monitoring

Quick recap

Teramind and Veriato provide similar web and app monitoring features.   

5. Document tracking

Let’s see how Teramind and Veriato track and monitor sensitive documents:

A. Teramind

Teramind records all print requests made by all users, including administrators. 

You can set alerts that’ll notify you of any attempts made to print sensitive data. 

Teramind also lets you view the content of the printed copies. You can even monitor file transfers to external storage devices, local drives, and cloud storage applications.

teramind document tracking

B. Veriato

Veriato lets you easily track the file activities on any local, removable, and cloud storage devices. 

The tracking features enable you to trace the files when they are created, renamed, or deleted. 


Quick recap

Both tools allow you to effectively track and monitor your documents, whether locally or on an external device.

6. Keystroke logging

Keylogging is a feature that allows you to protect your company’s sensitive data and ensure that your employees display professional behavior while communicating online. 

Here’s how these two tools log keystroke activities:

A. Teramind 

You can use Teramind’s keystroke monitoring software to capture all the keyboard activities, including individual keystrokes and copy/paste actions.

Use the data to gain information such as:

  • Unprofessional language usage
  • Frequent use of easy to guess passwords, and more.

Of course, you can set anti-logging rules that prevent the software from recording sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account details, etc.


B. Veriato

Veriato also allows you to record all keystrokes, including concealed characters and combinations. 

However, you can choose not to record sensitive information like user passwords.

Veriato Keylogging

Quick recap

Both tools provide advanced keystroke logging features and also offer an option to turn off this feature to protect sensitive data.

7. Optical character recognition (OCR)

Let’s take a look at the OCR functionalities of these two tools:

A. Teramind

Teramind allows you to monitor sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), etc.


It uses machine learning and advanced pattern recognition algorithms to record and analyze on-screen text on a user’s desktop.

Essentially, you can read what the employees are typing in real-time.

You can even search for text inside images and videos using Teramind’s OCR. 

OCR Teramind

B. Veriato

Veriato doesn’t support this feature.

Quick recap

Unlike Veriato, Teramind allows you to monitor on-screen text and images.

8. Social media monitoring 

Let’s see how the tools help you with monitoring social media:

A. Teramind

You can use Teramind to monitor your employees’ social media activities such as new posts, comments, edited posts, etc.

The tool allows you to record the time spent by the employee on social media, the content viewed, messages exchanged, etc.

You can also keep track of your corporate social media pages and receive notifications and updates.

Teramind Social Media Monitoring

B. Veriato

Veriato Vision also offers a social media monitoring solution.

You can monitor the social media sites that any employee accessed and get insights regarding the amount of time spent there during their work hours.

Veriato social media monitoring

Quick recap

While Veriato and Teramind both allow you to track employee social media usage, Teramind lets you monitor your company’s social media pages as well.

9. Screenshot recording

Screenshot recording allows you to see if you’re employees are actually working. 

Here’s how the tools compare in the screenshot recording feature:

A. Teramind

Teramind doesn’t have a screenshot recording feature.

B. Veriato

Veriato provides screenshot recording similar to Workpuls

These recordings can be exported as images or video files and timestamped. 

The tool generates three types of screenshots:

  • Alert word screenshots.
  • Continuous screenshots.
  • Smart camera screenshots.

You can use these as crucial evidence in disciplinary actions or legal proceedings.

Veriato Screenshots

Quick recap

Only Veriato provides powerful screenshot features.

10. Platforms

Let’s take a look at which platforms these tools are compatible with:

A. Teramind

Windows, Citrix, VMWare, Mac OS devices.

B. Veriato 

Windows, Mac OS devices.

Quick recap

Teramind is available on more platforms than Veriato.

11. Pricing

Want to know if these tools will fit into your budget?

Here’s how much they cost:

A. Teramind 

Cloud pricing plans start at $10 per user per month. Meanwhile, the on-premise tool’s paid plans start at $5 per endpoint per month.

B. Veriato

Veriato Vision’s pricing plans start at $150/year for 3-9 licenses.

Quick recap

Teramind is a lot more affordable than Veriato.

The best user-friendly alternative to Teramind and Veriato

We’ve compared both Teramind and Veriato on User Behavior Analytics, Email Monitoring, Website, App Monitoring, and many other essential features.

But there’s another tool that you should also be considering… 

It’s called Time Doctor, and it does a lot more than just basic time tracking.

What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a comprehensive employee time tracking and productivity management tool used by various large enterprises, like RE/MAX and BBB (Better Business Bureau), and small businesses, like Thrive Market, to monitor employee productivity.

It allows you to:

Unlike Teramind and Veriato, Time Doctor doesn’t feature keyboard activity tracking, OCR, or social media monitoring, since it can lead to a breach of privacy. 

Time Doctor respects its user’s privacy.

While it can capture screenshots, Time Doctor follows strict data security practices to ensure that sensitive information isn’t captured.

This makes Time Doctor a very safe tool for improving your employees’ productivity

That’s not all.

Time Doctor allows your employees to track their work hours at any time with the manual tracker — giving them full control over the monitoring process.

But is it expensive?

Nope. Time Doctor’s basic plan starts at just $7 per user, per month!

Considering its ease of use and affordability, Time Doctor can undoubtedly be a valuable productivity tool for your business.

Teramind vs Veriato: Final verdict

Teramind and Veriato are both advanced SaaS tools in the software market.

While they seem similar in functionality, their price range is the most important differentiating factor.

Depending on your company’s needs and priorities, you should decide whether to invest in a highly-priced product or not.

And if you want an affordable and secure tool, we recommend Time Doctor. It’s the best employee-friendly productivity tool in the market. 

So why not sign up for Time Doctor’s free trial and boost your company’s growth today?

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