Top 14 Project Management Tools for Google Apps


More and more organizations are jumping into Google Apps for Work.

This suite of productivity software is starting to become the gold standard especially for those companies that collaborate and do their work online.

But, even with its speed and simplicity businesses still continue to use project management tools to help organize their day to day operations. These tools are way more powerful and comprehensive if backed up with different project methodologies.

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The good thing is project management tools are now integrating with Google Apps.

If you use and integrate both tools, it could mean a whole lot to increasing productivity.

How do project management apps typically ‘integrate’ with Google Apps?

  • User can create tasks from emails. A button inside of Gmail allows you to create a task.
  • Attach Google Docs to tasks, messages and projects. If you use Google Docs for documents and spreadsheets, it’s a more efficient way to integrate it with your project management software. Google Sheets are easy to use. You can easily convert csv to google sheets, which makes it faster to import project management data.
  • One click sign in with a Gmail account. This is pretty much a given for all apps that integrate with Google. Be sure you know how to change your default gmail account.
  • Exporting reports to Google Docs
  • Importing Google contacts into your project management app. A great way to expand your user base.
  • Integration with Google Calendar. This allows you to add milestones or due dates on tasks to the calendar.

Popular project management tools with Google Apps integration

Comindwork Comindwork is an extensive collaboration platform that aims to have everything you need to manage projects.

Deskaway Deskaway provides a central place for teams to organize, manage and track work.

Freshbooks google apps integration Freshbooks is the most popular invoicing tool. It lets you organize expenses and track time on the go.

Glasscubes Glasscubes focuses on simplicity and clarity in managing projects, people and information. It has a friendly and intuitive interface.

Harvest google apps integration Harvest focuses more on simple time tracking as well as managing invoices and tracking expenses.

JIRA project management JIRA is a tool for bug tracking and subversion control. It is used more for software development.

Mavenlink Mavenlink is a native cloud project management app with comprehensive features. It is one of the most installed project management apps in the Google Apps Marketplace.

ProofHub ProofHub gives better control over projects & team communication. It is an all-in-one place to reduce your project delivery time. You can easily plan, collaborate, and organize tasks.

Redbooth Redbooth is both a workplace collaboration and communication platform.

Smartsheet Smartsheet brings online project management in the familiar spreadsheet format.

Solve CRMSolve Client Manager manages both projects and clients. A very simple mobile app keeps staff on top of their priorities.

TeamworkTeamwork Projects is project management software that reduces the complexity of collaboration and lets you own the big picture.

Wrike Wrike is for real-time work management and team collaboration. It gives you full visibility and control over your tasks.

Zoho Projects Zoho Projects has multiple apps in the Google Apps Marketplace including CRM, Customer Support, Surveys, Expense Reporting and more.

The type of integration each service offers:

Comindwork Deskaway Freshbooks Glasscubes Harvest JIRA Mavenlink
Create tasks from a button on Gmail Yes No No No Yes No Yes
Attach Google Docs to tasks Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
One click sign in Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exporting to Google Docs Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes
Importing Google Contacts No No Yes No Yes No Yes
Google Calendar integration Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Cost for 5 users (per month) $10 $25 $65 $40 $60 $10 $19
ProofHub Redbooth Smartsheet Solve Teamwork Wrike Zoho
Create tasks from a button on Gmail Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attach Google Docs to tasks Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes
One click sign in No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exporting to Google Docs No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Importing Google Contacts No No Yes Yes No No Yes
Google Calendar integration Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Cost for 5 users (per month) $45 $25 $50 $125 $0 $50 $60

And there are also some other more unique integrations:

  • Smartsheet allows you to attach a Google doc within a row on your Smartsheet. This is an interesting approach to their spreadsheets considering that Google might be seen as their main competitor.
  • Jira which is primarily for software development also has some unique features. You can embed a Google Doc within a wiki on Jira. You can also access Google Talk within Jira as well as Gmail and Google Calendar.

So, which project management software offers the best Google Apps workflow?

It really depends on the way that you work and the type of tool you are looking for.

The best choice would have to be the platform that would make the use of Google Apps in your organization more efficient.

Feel free to use the tables above to compare. Then, start using the one that would have the most impact to your productivity.

For a more comprehensive list of project management software solutions, check our article here: The Best Project Management Software and Tools Compared

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  • Larni

    Google Apps provides a less expensive, Web-based alternative to traditional proprietary software. In addition to the standard Gmail, Calendar and Doc features, there are a wide variety of integrated mobile apps available that add functionality to Google Apps. These integrated apps also include single sign-on capability, thereby limiting the number of passwords users must remember.
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    Teamwork is simple and it is very important & easier to etting everyone to use it. I use Atlassian with some projects as it works better for more technical projects.Highly recommended.
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    Great comparison and many options to choose from. Though we use a software not listed here - Deskun. It's a simple task management solution within Gmail. We are please with it for now, as it comes at a low price. What I like most of it, is that there's a mail tracking feature, and when you create a task, you can know exactly when your employee has read it.
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    We have a small software company and work on different projects and different items everyday. After using few project management tools we moved to SPM Live. It is a smart and simple tool. The All Projects page and Timeline are the key feature of this software. Very nice resource management using TimeLog. Highly recommended.
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    With google apps workflow management is easy but on a very small scale. If u are working in a large team then it is not very helpful. Allison Logan
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    I just tried Manymoon and found taht they don't have even the simplest of project management functions: task dependencies. My jaw hit the floor to discover that people market "Project Management" software without even simple task dependancies. How can you estimate project completion dates without knowing what has to be done and in what order? Adding a column to your sheet that indicates the extent to which each solution handles task dependancies would seem of utmost importance.
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