14 top KPO companies in 2024

by Liam Martin
Kpo companies

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) companies offer knowledge-specific services like market research and data processing. They enable businesses to access a talented workforce and cutting edge technology for niche services.

But you can only make the most out of knowledge process outsourcing if you choose the right KPO firm. For that, you need to study their services and the industries they specialize in.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 14 KPO companies in detail. We’ll also cover the four advantages and disadvantages of hiring a KPO company.

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Let’s get started.

Knowledge process outsourcing is the hiring of a third-party service provider to manage information-related business activities.

The KPO industry is a subset of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), the outsourcing of back-office services and non-core tasks to a third-party vendor. Typically, BPO services include data entry, customer support, timesheet management, etc. But unlike BPO services, a KPO service is domain-specific and requires the expertise of a professional.

Some typical types of KPO services include:

  • Reporting management: Involves in-depth reporting on a particular set of employee data to help oversee their performance. Based on the report, KPO companies can develop business plans and strategies.
  • Insights and data analytics: Collecting data from a particular field and giving actionable insights after detailed data analysis. 
  • Research: Thorough, in-depth research on any field or requirement that the client is looking to learn about. For example, market or competitor research.
  • Data management: Includes data integration, storage, and retrieval for business reporting and analytics.

The type of knowledge process service a company provides will depend on its business requirements, availability of talents and resources, etc. After you identify the knowledge process service to outsource, you can find a KPO firm offering them.

Here are the popular 14 knowledge process outsourcing companies that you can consider:

1. WNS


WNS is an Indian KPO company focusing on healthcare, banking and financial services, life sciences, etc. 

It’s headquartered in Mumbai, India, and specializes in analytics, finance, risk and compliance management, etc.

Key services

  • Processes new legal claims, evaluates medical evidence, and sets and closes claims.
  • Offers corporate legal services like contract management, legal research, and litigation support.
  • Uses regression, neural networks, etc., for employee attrition analytics.
  • Analyzes your client’s journey with AI (Artificial Intelligence) based solutions to improve customer care quality.

2. e-Support KPO


e-Support KPO is an Indian KPO services company specializing in LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) and human resource management. 

It’s also headquartered in Mumbai, India, and concentrates on finance, accounts, IT (Information Technology), and other tasks.

Key services

  • Drafts recruitment policies, circulars, and manuals for rules, strategies, etc.
  • Helps with tax and payroll management, annual tax planning, and similar services.
  • Offers consulting services, including business planning, project management, and more.
  • Helps with software development, IT environment creation, and support implementation.

3. Boston Analytics


Boston Analytics is a US-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company with expertise in financial, technology, and consulting services. It’s located in Boston and focuses on digital transformation, investment strategy, and market entry and growth.

Key services

  • Offers services focusing on investment banks, sovereign funds, and private equity firms.
  • Provides investment research features like finding and tracking obstacles and identifying investment-worthy opportunities.
  • Helps transform existing businesses using a digital strategy like growth marketing, partnership with influencers, etc.
  • Evaluates your business’s digital opportunities and threats to develop your digital transformation roadmap.

4. Eminenture


Eminenture is an Indian business process management and outsourcing solution specializing in business research, technical customer service support, business process automation, etc.

This Delhi-based company has expertise in e-commerce, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and other fields. 

Key services

  • Provides data analysis to identify innovative ways to improve CX (Customer Experience) and engagement.
  • Offers AI machine learning, data intelligence, and web scraping services.
  • Data analysis for figures from web research, e-commerce mining, etc., and helps build scalable business models.
  • Examines competitor’s strategies, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), and more.

5. Magellan Solutions


Magellan Solutions is a Philippines based knowledge process outsourcing company helping small, medium, and large companies boost their customer experience. 

This company is located in Metro Manila and provides knowledge support services for recruitment, healthcare, telecom, and many other industries.

Key services

  • Provides insurance accounting for finance companies.
  • Offers data quality management services like data mining, data processing, etc.
  • Supplies legal transcription, legal research, and more.
  • Carries out corporate training programs to help KPO employees deliver high-quality results.

6. Corpshore Solutions


Corpshore Solutions is a Canada-based knowledge process outsourcing company specializing in RPA (Robotic Process Automation), RPO (Research Process Automation), digital transformation, and more. 

It’s located in Toronto and also provides contact center solutions.

Key services

  • Offers market analysis, feasibility studies, intellectual property management, and other KPO services.
  • Provides R&D (Research and Development) services for pharmaceuticals, investment banking, intellectual property, and several other fields. 
  • Application development to operate machinery, review requirements, and estimate deadlines.
  • Carries out complex tasks, like mathematical calculations, structural classifications, algorithmic and other machine learning based tasks.

7. Conectys


Conectys is a Poland-based KPO company that can act as a digital transformation, consultative, content moderation, and customer experience partner.

The firm has teams in different regions of the world and also offers call center services. 

Key services

  • Customer Experience (CX) research, customer journey mapping, ongoing CX measurement, etc.
  • Offers legal and compliance assurance, brand protection audit, etc., for legal management.
  • Social media reputation & risk management, content relevance and tagging, etc., for social media management.
  • Offers chatbots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI solutions, and CRM services. 

8. BeetSoft


BeetSoft is a Vietnam-based KPO provider specializing in outsourcing to healthcare, banking, insurance, and other industries using AI.

It’s located in Hanoi and offers knowledge process outsourcing services for the finance and accounting and HR (Human Resources), and administration sectors.

Key services

  • Creates professional and customized UI/UX design websites and mobile apps.
  • End-to-end software development services from project conceptualization to final delivery.
  • Provides customized data processing services.
  • Gives character design, game architecture, coding, etc., for game development.

9. Pure Moderation


Pure Moderation is a Vietnam-based outsourcing service provider focusing on content moderation, customer care, and other BPO services. 

It’s located in Hanoi and specializes in AI training, content moderation, manual data labeling, and game quality assurance and testing.

Key services

  • Uses AI to identify and merge raw data to generate meaningful insights.
  • Helps you understand customer sentiment by analyzing their comments, reviews, or feedback.
  • Identifies and deals with hackers and duplicate accounts with game moderation services.
  • Offers technical support for IT and hardware issues during installation and operation. 

10. Process Solutions


Process Solutions is a Hungary-based KPO firm specializing in the financial and accounting sector. It’s located in Budapest and employs skilled workers expert in accounting and tax, payroll, and other financial services.

Key services

  • Offers process mapping for companies that are relocating their internal administrative processing.
  • Ensures finance accounts are compliant with local subsidiaries and statements.
  • Files taxes in compliance with local timings and documentation requirements.
  • Supports start-ups in the establishment of a legal entity.

11. EXL


EXL is a US-based KPO provider with expertise in healthcare, logistics, banking, and finances. This New York-based company focuses on data strategy, architecture, analytics, and more.

Key services

  • Provides data governance rules, data visualization, and other reporting services for better data management.
  • Uses machine learning and network analytics to drive smarter outcomes.
  • Develops direct marketing solutions to help you create personalized and contextualized customer interactions.
  • Offers advanced, market, and customer analytics services.

12. Mango5


Mango5 is a South African KPO company offering services to local and international clients. It’s located in Cape Town and has expertise in predictive analysis, customer acquisition, etc.

Key services

  • Optimizes business outcomes from recorded data using predictive analysis.
  • Extracts and categories customers’ behavioral data to identify patterns.
  • Conducts surveys and carries out quality control for the finance sector.
  • Offers specialized recruitment features for the medical field.

13. ARC


ARC is a South African KPO and BPO call center specializing in customer analysis and technical support. It’s located in Cape Town and also focuses on accounting, virtual services, etc.

Key service

  • Offers technical support ranging from Level 1 to Level 3 for electronics, mobile devices, computers, SaaS products, and custom software.
  • Creates content like product introduction, installations, and warranty in multiple languages.
  • Offers debt collection services, including tracking overdue payments.
  • Carries out web and systems development for clients.

14. Accenture


Accenture is an Irish BPO company specializing in strategy development, consulting, and IT services. This knowledge process outsourcing company is located in Dublin and focuses on data analytics, automation, finance consulting, etc.

Key services

  • Suggests quantifiable business outcomes by analyzing data.
  • Uses advanced technology like AI, IoT (Internet of Things), and cognitive search to improve knowledge management.
  • Customizes log analytics applications to improve operational performance.
  • Acquires and organizes unstructured data, providing search context and analytics.

All these knowledge process outsourcing companies specialize in their respective fields. So you can choose the one that best fits your business requirements.  

Now, let’s look at the pros of hiring knowledge process outsourcing companies.

5 key advantages of hiring a KPO company

Here are the four main advantages of hiring a KPO company:

  • Saves time: Research services, software development, etc., are time-consuming knowledge process tasks. Outsourcing them can free up an employee’s valuable time, letting them concentrate on other core competencies, like product designing and scaling the business.
  • Cost-effective: Employing an in-house team can be costly due to high labor wages, yearly bonuses, and other incentives. Luckily, KPO services are economical in countries like India, the Philippines, etc., due to low labor, real estate, and operations costs. 
  • Access to skilled professionals: KPO employees have specialized knowledge as well as deal with companies from different sectors. So they’re usually more experienced in handling a variety of different clients and tasks.
  • Better resource utilization: Resources like real estate and electricity are expensive in some counties like the US and Canada. By outsourcing knowledge processes, they can save resources and use it for other core processes like R&D and manufacturing.
  • Uses latest tools: A KPO company is more likely to have advanced tools for specific tasks, like customer relationships. As a result, by hiring a KPO company you can access these cutting-edge tools without any extra cost.

Now, let’s look at the main disadvantages of hiring a knowledge process outsourcing company.

4 main disadvantages of hiring a KPO company

Although hiring a KPO company has several advantages, it comes with its share of drawbacks.

Here are the four major disadvantages of outsourcing knowledge processes:

  • Privacy concerns: Since KPO involves sharing core tasks and sensitive information, your company’s intellectual property could be compromised. To avoid this, you need to develop an agreement clearly restricting the third-party company’s right to disclose or use your information or product.
  • Lack of transparency: Outsourcing a knowledge process can leave you in the dark about the task’s progress. However, you can request your partner to use KPO solutions that let them check the status of their project online at any time for transparency.
  • Difficult to communicate: Your in-house team may not effectively communicate with the KPO team because of language barriers and time zone differences. To overcome this, the teams can choose a common language and set meetings to discuss business services and project progress.
  • Absence of productivity insights: Since your knowledge process outsourcing employees work from different locations, you may not know if they’re productive when they work. This means that you could be paying for the hours the KPO employee didn’t work.

Thankfully, your KPO productivity concerns are easily solved by a top-notch time tracking software – Time Doctor!

You can use it to track the time an employee spends on a particular project or task using the silent or interactive timer.

It can also track their inactive times with its idle time tracker and exclude them from the time tracked data. Based on this time tracked data, the tool generates timesheets that can be used for billing. 

Additionally, the tool also generates insightful productivity reports for each KPO employee.

Know more about Time Doctor’s powerful features from here.

Wrapping up

KPO companies help businesses save time and money, and optimize core processes by providing specialized talents. They can also help manage resource utilization and give access to the latest technologies.

Go through the list of popular KPO companies in the article and choose one that suits your business requirements.

This way, you can ensure a successful knowledge process outsourcing and expand your business smoothly.

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