Introducing activity summary report and payroll functionality

by Rajat H
Time Doctor product update

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Activity summary report

To help you compare how different users work and spot any potential problems, we’ve added a new report that provides a range of data such as the percentage of manual, idle, mobile, and unproductive time for each user.
Time Doctor activity summary

Payroll functionality

Once this feature is enabled, you can generate payroll by selecting any users and any time period, and export it as a CSV document. We support PayPal, Wise, formerly Transferwise, and manual payments. This feature can be enabled from the “Company Settings” page, but only by the company owner. This feature is not available for companies using silent tracking.
Time Doctor payroll

Four new Chrome extension integrations

Time Doctor 2 now also works with the following apps through the Chrome extension.

      1. 1. O
      ffice 365: Track time spent on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents as well as the time spent in Outlook and on Microsoft Planner tasks.
    1. 2. Flow: Track time spent on Flow projects and tasks.
      1. 3. Gmail: Track time spent reading and responding to emails in Gmail.
    1. 4.


    : Track time spent on Plutio projects and tasks.

Blur screenshots for individual users

Up to now, blurred screenshots were an all or none option. Now you can opt to blur screenshots for selected people only. This option is available on the “Company Settings” page. After activating it, a “Blur Screenshots” column will appear on the “Manage Users” page.

Other changes

A redesigned “Timeline” report
A new “Integrations” page, making it easier to see the available integrations

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