Clockify review: A detailed look at its pros & cons

by Time Doctor
Clockify Review

Note: This post is an advertisement by Time Doctor for the purchase of its software product, TIME DOCTOR®. Clockify® is a product of COING Inc.

Time tracking tools have become indispensable for businesses that often walk the tightrope between managing employees and using the company’s time profitably. 

One such time tracking software is Clockify, which can help you manage employees and prevent any dip in their productivity levels. 

But will Clockify perfectly align with your business requirements?

In this Clockify review, we’ll explore the tool, and highlight its key features and pricing plans.  

As a bonus, we’ll also suggest a powerful alternative to Clockify.

This Clockify review contains:

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Let’s get started!

What is Clockify?


Clockify is a time tracking software solution that helps you keep track of your employee work hours across different tasks and projects. It comes with a built-in Pomodoro timer for better focus and time management.

The Clockify app offers digital solutions for maintaining accurate timesheets and reducing your dependency on Excel spreadsheets or paperwork. Employees can enter their predefined tasks and work activities for a given week in these timesheets. 

Using this SaaS application, you can generate, share, and export the time tracking data in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats. It comes in handy for managers during appraisals or to send the exact billable hours to clients.

Now, the tool comes with three kinds of user access levels:

  • Admins: People who can see and edit everything.
  • Managers: People who can oversee ongoing tasks and approve timesheets.
  • Regular users: People who can track the time of their tasks.

This feature helps you improve employee accountability within your workspace. 

What kind of companies can use this software?

Clockify can be suitable for small businesses, freelancers, nonprofit organizations, and digital startups looking to manage employee timesheet reports and track billable hours. This tool is ideal for a team of 15-50 employees. 

Next in this app review, we’ll take a closer look at the top Clockify features that can help business owners. 

Clockify review: 8 key features of Clockify

Here are the best Clockify features that can improve time management:

1. Time tracking

Clockify is a time tracking app that lets you track time from anywhere via the desktop app (Mac, Windows, and Linux) or the mobile app (Android and iOS).

Here are two ways in which you can track time on Clockify:

a. Automatic time tracker

You can automatically track individual task durations using the start and stop button. First, you need to enter the task name and provide details like the project and/or client name. 

You can also add a few tags (optional) to help you search and filter specific tasks. After this, you can start recording your time for that task. 

Clockify Time Tracker

b. Manual timesheets

You can manually enter the hours dedicated to each task across multiple projects using timesheets. This timesheet app feature is helpful for employees who need to mail workday reports to their managers at the end of each day. 

Additionally, managers can add time entries for team members using this timesheet app. They can do this by clicking on the Teammates button on the upper right side of the screen and selecting the employee’s name. 

Clockify adding manual time entries

However, this specific option of adding time entries for teammates is available only for those who subscribe to the tool’s paid plans

2. Project management

With Clockify, you can analyze the time spent on different projects and track the project progress in percentage. 

It helps you understand the status of ongoing tasks within a given project. Moreover, you can monitor your employees’ work progress every step of the way. As a result, managing remote employees can become easier with this timesheet app. 

Clockify Project Management

Moreover, Clockify lets you create custom hourly rates for projects or notify teams about overshooting the budget with automated alerts. 

However, you can’t access these advanced project tracking features in their free plan. 

Additionally, Team leaders or admins can also create two types of projects: 

  • Private: Accessible to specific team members and employees who are part of that particular project.
  • Public: Accessible to all workspace employees.

3. Invoice generation

You can use this time tracking software to generate invoices based on your billable hours, both automatically and manually. 

You need to choose the relevant projects applicable for each client in your workspace, and based on the time tracking data for those projects, you can send the billing details to your client. This bill will include the working hours and the fee you’re charging per hour. 

Additionally, the time tracking tool helps you draft professional invoices where you can include the time or date range of your billable services. 

Clockify Invoicing

For ease of use and sharing, you can download these invoices as PDF documents. Then, further organize them by marking them as Sent, Unsent, Void, and Paid. The tool even lets you edit and reshare invoices that haven’t been paid yet. 

The catch here is that this invoicing feature is only available in Clockify’s Standard plan

4. Team management

Managers and team leaders can invite or add team members to track their time and work on Clockify. This feature is accessible on both the mobile app and the desktop app. 

Clockify team management

The tool also offers dashboards with real-time insights about employees’ tasks and their billable vs. non-billable hours. Additionally, it helps you compile the data on their last work activity and all the weekly tasks.

Such a task tracking feature lets you assess every team member’s contribution to a project. It even provides clarity about the workload distribution and prevents employee burnout

You can also add the hourly rates of each staff member with this feature and keep all the relevant information in one place. 

5. Reports

Managers can use the Summary report to view time entries and group them by project, client, user, date, and much more. 

With Detailed reports, managers can view, delete or modify time entries to ensure that the time tracking data is accurate. You can even export this task tracking report in CSV or Excel file and customize the details. 

The Weekly report is also useful to assess what’s on everyone’s plate and the total billable amount for all the tasks in progress. 

Clockify Reports

The reporting functionality can help you establish the time and budget estimates for any project. Such customizable reports enable you to compare the cost of your resources against the client’s fees and analyze your profit margin.

However, this feature is covered under their Pro plan, which costs $9.99. 

6. Leave management

Apart from task tracking, Clockify lets you track and approve leave requests submitted by your employees. This online time clock app helps you create paid time off policies and holiday calendars for your employees. 

Clockify Leave Management

With this time tracker app, you can check the number of leaves already availed by your staff and see how many vacation days they have left under Balance

This way, you get to access details like your employee’s working hours, working days, time off, and paid leaves, all on one portal. And since everything is done digitally, there is less scope for miscalculation or manual errors.  

7. Calendars

The Calendar view displays every team member’s tasks across multiple projects as visual charts. 

This feature can help you check:

  • Your daily task list and understand the work progress.
  • For days when you forgot to log your working hours.
  • Any overlapping time entries that need to be deleted.

Managers can track and view every team member’s calendar to understand if they’re working or away. This way, you’ll know an employee’s availability in advance and can assign work accordingly. 

Clockify calendar

8. Integrations

Clockify integrates with many web apps, including accounting, issue tracking, and project management software (Jira, Trello, and more).  

Clockify can track the time for your tasks on any app or project management software that it integrates with. All you’ve to do is install the Clockify Chrome browser extension and log into your account. The Clockify timer button will automatically appear inside that app or project management software, via which you can start tracking the time. 

Additionally, with Clockify’s API, you can send and receive data to and from Clockify and integrate it with other systems.

Clockify Integrations

Clockify pricing plans

Clockify has a free plan that comes with limited features. 

You get features like unlimited reports, basic time tracking, API, and webhooks in the free version. 

To unlock more advanced features and better customer support for unlimited users, you’ll have to subscribe to their paid plans. 

Here are the pricing plans offered by Clockify:

1. Basic

This plan is great for administration purposes. It costs $4.99/user per month

You get features like:

  • Add time for others
  • Unlimited users
  • Import employee timesheets
  • Project templates
  • Hide time and pages
  • And more

2. Standard

You can choose this plan for timesheet and billing purposes. This paid plan costs $6.99/user per month

Here are some of its key features:

  • Lock employee timesheets
  • Task rates
  • Invoicing
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Manager role
  • And more

3. Pro

Managers can choose this plan for managing productivity and profit across unlimited projects. The plan costs $9.99/user per month

It offers features like:

  • Custom fields
  • Screenshots
  • GPS tracking
  • Labor cost and profit
  • Scheduled work hours report
  • And more

4. Enterprise

This plan offers advanced control and security. It costs $14.99/user per month

Here are some of its key features:

  • All the features offered under all plans
  • Control accounts
  • Custom subdomain
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

Clockify lacks some of the most basic functionalities that you’d expect from a time tracking app despite having expensive pricing plans. This time tracking software cannot help you with screen capture or web usage tracking. 

Even the automatic time tracker feature is not that convenient. The timer keeps running even after you exit the browser or shut down the system. 

Having second thoughts about this app?

Here’s one of the most feasible Clockify alternatives that may be the answer you’re looking for. 

The best Clockify alternative: Time Doctor

If you need basic features like employee timesheets, billable hours, and project tracking, a time tracking tool like Clockify can help you. 

But on top of these time tracking solutions, if you also require more extensive reporting and scheduling capabilities, you should ideally check out some Clockify alternatives

And Time Doctor is undoubtedly one of the best Clockify alternatives out there. 

What is Time Doctor?

time doctor Time Tracking

Time Doctor is a robust performance management tool that does a lot more than just time tracking. Used by large enterprises like Verizon, as well as by small businesses, like Thrive Market, Time Doctor is the perfect employee productivity app for any business. 

Here are the best features of Time Doctor that can help improve work efficiency:

The tool’s time tracking data is accurate to the second, so you can see exactly where employees are spending their time. 

Moreover, Time Doctor offers more dynamic features than Clockify, making it more worthy of your choice. 

For instance, managers can easily supervise their remote employees by taking screencasts (optional) of the employee’s screen. This feature lets you blur and omit any sensitive information that the screenshot may contain to prevent privacy, data security, and compliance issues.

It notifies employees with automatic alerts if their systems have been idle for too long. This idle time tracking feature can help you determine which employees are most productive and which employees need to improve their efficiency. 

Unlike Clockify, Time Doctor also has the silent time tracking feature. While it has little to no impact on employees’ daily work schedules, it lets companies analyze their productivity and collect behavior data that can be used to improve individual performance.

You can also use Time Doctor to send distraction alerts to employees whenever they spend too much time on social media or other time-consuming apps. Such a sophisticated feature helps you minimize procrastination and maximize productivity. 

It also offers the productivity ratings feature by which you can mark websites as productive or unproductive. It’ll encourage your employees to steer clear of unproductive websites and sharpen their focus. 

The best part?

You get access to these powerful features and more with pricing plans starting at just $7/user per month! Time Doctor also offers a 14-day free trial (where no credit card information is required).

Read more about Time Doctor’s features or go through their free time tracking tutorials for further support.

Wrapping up

Clockify can be a suitable software solution if you’re looking for basic features like time tracking, project tracking, and invoicing. 

However, if you want to excel at task tracking, project management, and payroll management  — while improving your team’s productivity, you need more than what Clockify has to offer. 

You need Time Doctor. 

With functionalities that go beyond basic time tracking and productivity management, Time Doctor can help skyrocket your team’s performance with ease.  

Don’t believe us?

Sign up for Time Doctor’s free trial today to experience the tool’s powers! 

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