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It seems like everyone has their own take when it comes to improving productivity. 

Then, how do you find the genuine nuggets of information to become a productivity ninja? 


You go for the trusted bloggers and experts who have a long history of writing blogs on productivity, not just related to work but also life in general. 

In this article, we’ll highlight 25 of the best productivity blogs, what makes them stand out among the crowd, and even give you a recommended post/podcast to get you started today. 

Our list of the best productivity blogs 

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Let’s dive in. 

25 helpful blogs on productivity you need to bookmark 

There are many blogs on productivity that give you unique insight into the minds of successful people and their behaviors. And a great blog explains all of this in a way that broadens your horizons. 

So, we’ve listed 25 of these amazing productivity blogs below. 

Bookmarking them can help improve your overall productivity and motivate you to introduce good habits that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

1. The Time Doctor Blog

the time doctor blog

Time Doctor is a powerful time tracking and productivity management tool used by companies all over the globe. 

As a result, the Time Doctor team has gained a unique perspective into what works and what doesn’t in the world of productivity.  

From articles on measuring productivity to surefire ways of improving it, the Time Doctor blog is a treasure trove of well-researched and well-articulated posts on productivity.

Recommended blog posts 

2. A Life of Productivity 

a life of productivity

Chris Bailey is a business-school graduate who started sifting through peer-reviewed research articles and applying all those principles to himself. He wrote down his findings in the book, A Year of Productivity.

Today, his blog is all about practical guidance on how you can focus your attention on the things that matter the most and lead a fulfilling life. 

Recommended blog posts 

3. Adobe 99U 

adobe 99u

Adobe’s 99U is based on Thomas Edison’s quote that success is 99% you and 1% genius. 

This blog is geared towards creatives with non-traditional work setups and those looking to become more productive and successful in their lives.  

Recommended blog posts 

4. Asian Efficiency Blog 

asian efficiency blog

A group of Asian friends got together and created a blog filled with practical advice and research into established productivity systems. The result is the Asian Efficiency Blog

Their podcast episodes also help listeners systematically go through to-do lists and tick off things of most value. 

Recommended blog posts 

5. Barking Up The Wrong Tree 

barking up the wrong tree

If you want a blog with witty comments galore, you should check out Barking Up the Wrong Tree

It takes different angles at the productivity mega topic and breaks it down to easily-digestible, reader-friendly blog posts. The neuroscientific insights in most posts are a cherry on top of the cake. 

Recommended blog posts 

6. Dumb Little Man 

dumb little man

Founded by Jay White as a place to rant, Dumb Little Man has become a place for Jay to talk about his own life experiences and share his anecdotes with the world. 

This productivity space also covers topics such as conquering your fear and learning a foreign language. 

Recommended blog posts 

7. Entrepreneurs On Fire (EOF)

entrepreneurs on fire

Primarily a podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire helps entrepreneurs of all sizes — from startups to established organizations. 

The people behind EOF provide tricks of the trade, business insights, and financial advice to help you achieve the success you want. 

Recommended blog post and podcast 

8. GTD (Getting Things Done) Blog 

getting things done blog

Creator David Allen is considered one of the leading authorities regarding personal and organizational productivity improvement. 

His blog and podcast, Getting Things Done, remains an entrepreneurship bible with its simple 5-step process of capturing, clarifying, organizing, reflecting, and engaging. 

Recommended blog posts 

9. Ian’s Messy Desk 

ian's messy desk

As the name suggests, Ian’s Messy Desk is all about personal development and time management. 

With loads of self-help tips and positivity blog posts that help you navigate the complexities of life, you’ll never have a messy desk again (metaphorically and literally). 

Recommended blog posts 

10. James Clear 

james clear blog

James Clear explores the behavioral psychology behind habit formation and its link to productivity by interviewing many successful people. 

This interlinking of science-based information with real-world applications makes his blog a definite read! Plus, he gives lists of recommended books to help you delve deeper into your topics of interest. 

Recommended blog posts 

11. LifeDev 


This simple productivity blog is made with creative people in mind. 

LifeDev produces high-quality content regarding four main topics: productivity, remote work, goals, and creativity. 

Recommended blog posts 

12. Lifehack 


Creator Leon Ho set out to build a blog that offers practical tips and tricks to hack nearly every aspect of life – from lifestyle to work. 

The result is Lifehack.org, a trusted blog used by professionals, business owners, and students alike.  

Recommended blog posts 

13. Lifehacker 


A popular online productivity space, Lifehacker gives its readers various life hacks for lifestyle, work, communication, and technology issues. Their blogs provide valuable productivity insights into your own self and the world at large. 

Recommended blog posts 

14. Marc and Angel Hack Life 

marc and angel hack life

Marc and Angel Chernoff are New York Times’ bestselling authors and personal wellness coaches. 

Their blog is filled with topical advice regarding emotional intelligence, stress management, time management, relationships, health, productivity, and success. 

Recommended blog posts 

15. Marie Forleo 

marie forleo

Life coach and motivational speaker Marie Forleo regularly releases podcast episodes and blog posts aimed at helping people with their self-improvement journey. 

She believes that many common productivity and time management strategies you use for work can be easily applied to your personal life. 

Recommended podcast episodes 

16. Michael Hyatt 

michael hyatt blog

Michael Hyatt is a former publishing executive who intimately understands the pressure leaders face, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

His personal experience reflects in his blogs and podcast episodes as he offers managers and entrepreneurs practical advice on leadership, productivity, and goal setting. 

Recommended blog posts 

17. Productivityist 


The brainchild of Mike Vardy, a self-professed productivity specialist, Productivityist features a weekly written blog post and podcast episode. 

Mike’s blogs will help you seize the day and make the most of each minute available to you in the day. He also offers a wide variety of resources to help you adopt new habits sustainably, leading to a more fulfilling life. 

Recommended blog posts 

18. Running Remote 

running remote blog

Running Remote is a yearly conference that teaches employers, managers, and supervisors tips, tricks, and tactics to succeed at remote working. 

Their blog covers topics like improving remote employee productivity, online collaboration, and communication. They also focus on the importance of outsourcing to improve your company’s productivity. 

Recommended blog posts 

19. Scott H. Young 

scott young blog

If you’re looking for inspiration that kicks you into extreme productivity mode, you can check out Scott Young’s blog

As someone who completed MIT’s Baccalaureate Computer Science degree in one year (typically a four-year course), Scott may be able to help you realize your dreams are always within reach. 

His self-titled blog focuses on career productivity, goal setting, habit formation, and disciplining your thoughts. 

Recommended blog posts 

20. Steve Pavlina 

steve pavlina blog

Steve Pavlina’s blog is all about personal development, focusing on finding ways to disengage for a healthier work-life balance. 

He covers everything from habit formation, health, and spirituality to reducing your social media consumption. 

Steve ensures his blogs are easy to read and based on personal experiences and that there’s something for everyone.  

Recommended blog posts 

21. The Digital Project Manager 

The digital project manager

Founded in 2011, The Digital Project Manager focuses on making the most of your available time. 

It does so by disregarding conventional wisdom for practical advice geared towards a digital population.  

Whether it’s a productivity hack for employees and managers or helping teams improve their overall project management, this popular blog is sure to start many conversations in the office!

Recommended blog posts 

22. The Muse

the muse

The Muse is primarily a career development and job search platform. As such, it offers career-based productivity tips, like how to be productive during a pandemic. 

It also includes blog posts on acing job interviews, changing careers, and much more. 

This career and productivity blog intends to help employees throughout their career path and is perfect for anyone looking for practical tips rather than theoretical advice. 

Recommended blog posts 

23. The Tim Ferriss Show 

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the New York Times bestselling author of the Four-Hour Workweek

The book talks about how you can change your life by working in short bursts and outsourcing virtual assistant tasks

His productivity podcast includes interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs, and other industry leaders. He covers a range of topics, like trauma therapy, cryptocurrency, and everything in between. 

Recommended podcast episodes (also available on Tim’s YouTube channel)

24. Time Management Ninja 

time management ninja

If your primary concern is time management, Craig Jarrow and his blog, Time Management Ninja, is the one for you. 

Craig believes that anyone can learn to manage their time by adopting specific habits and offers companies and individuals actionable advice on the same. 

In this blog, Craig covers topics related to time management, goal setting, and productivity while also giving his opinions on any tested productivity apps or tools. 

Recommended blog posts 

25. Zen Habits 

zen habits

Are you looking to incorporate tranquility and mindfulness to improve your focus and productivity? 

Then you should take a look at the Zen Habits Blog by Leo Babauta!

Instead of focusing purely on productivity advice, Leo talks about developing good habits so you can become an overall better person. 

The blog also emphasizes the need for a work life balance that works for you and covers a wide range of topics, including health, nutrition, self-development, parenting, and more. 

Recommended blog posts 

Wrapping up 

Productivity is not a separate variable; it’s intertwined with your health, stress levels, and community. 

We hope these blogs above have helped you understand the best way to improve your productivity – in the workplace and outside of it. 

Follow these and the Time Doctor blog to stay updated with changing trends and new practices!

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