What is the average salary in Egypt?

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average salary in egypt

The average salary in Egypt is 9,200 EGP (Egyptian Pound) per month or 110,000 EGP per annum. This amounts to roughly 303 US Dollars per month, according to the exchange rates in May 2023.

This is significantly lower than other countries like the United Kingdom (USD 8,030 per month) and China (USD 4,534 per month) – making it a popular outsourcing destination.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the average salary in Egypt, including a detailed salary comparison across various aspects. We’ll then highlight the top 4 reasons you should outsource to Egypt along with their most popular outsourced services. 

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Let’s get started.

What is the average salary in Egypt?

According to Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary in Egypt is 9,200 EGP (Egyptian Pound) – the local currency of Egypt. This is equal to USD 303 (United States Dollars) per month based on the exchange rate in May 2023.

Typically, a country’s average or mean salary is the sum of the wages of a select group of employees divided by the total number of employees.

However, the average salary can differ across cities and governorates. 

For instance, governorates (administrative divisions) and cities like Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm el-Sheikh offer higher wages.

It can also depend on other factors like experience level, education, profession, and public or private sector.

Let’s now look at the different aspects of the average salary in Egypt:

1. Salary range

The average salary in Egypt ranges from 2,330 EGP per month (USD 77) to 41,100 EGP (USD 1,355) per month — with 2,330 EGP being the lowest average salary and 41,100 EGP being the maximum salary (actual maximum salary is higher).

2. Median salary in Egypt

The median salary in Egypt is 7,840 EGP per month (USD 258).

What’s the median salary?
Median salary represents the middle salary value. 

In simpler words, half of the Egyptian population is earning less than the median salary (USD 258), and the remaining half is making more than USD 258 per month.

3. Minimum wage

A minimum salary or wage is the lowest remuneration (based on a fixed hourly rate) that a worker must be paid by their employer. 

According to Wage Indicator, Egypt’s legal monthly minimum wage is 2,700 EGP (112 EGP per hour) or USD 89 per month.

4. Average salary in major Egyptian cities

Some of the major business centers in Egypt include Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm el-Sheikh. 

Here’s the data on the average income in major Egyptian cities. Both outsourcing businesses and expats should carefully consider these values before moving to a region.

CityAverage Monthly Salary
Alexandria8,890 EGP
Cairo9,780 EGP
Sharm el-Sheikh8,390 EGP
Aswan7,070 EGP
Luxor7,290 EGP
Hurghada7,250 EGP
Giza7,210 EGP

Source: salaryexplorer.com

5. Average annual increments

Employees in Egypt are likely to receive a salary increase of approximately 9% every 17 months. This is significantly higher than the world average of 3% every 16 months.

Here’s a detailed look at the annual salary increment rates according to industry and professional experience:

A. Average annual increment by industry

Let’s see the average salary increment rate across different working industries in Egypt:

IndustryAverage Annual Increment
Information Technology3%

Source: salaryexplorer.com

B. Average annual increment by experience

Here’s the average annual Egyptian increment range based on the experience level:

Experience Level Average Annual Increment
Junior Level3-5%
Mid Level6-9%
Senior Level10-15%
Top Management15-20%

Source: salaryexplorer.com

Note: The figures mentioned above are averages of numbers and should only be referred to as general guidelines. Increments and salaries will vary from person to person and depend on many factors.

Let’s dive into how the average base salary varies across experience levels, education, and profession.

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Salary comparison in Egypt

We’ll now look at how the average wage varies based on the following factors:

1. Experience

As with most other countries, Egyptian employees with more experience usually get higher salaries.

Here’s a salary comparison table by experience level:

Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary Increment 
Less than 2Starting salary

Source: salaryexplorer.com

Note: The figures provided above are presented as guidelines only. For a more accurate salary report, you should look at one job title at a time.

2. Education

  • An employee with a certificate or diploma earns 17% more than an individual who only graduated high school.
  • Moving to employees with a Bachelor’s Degree, they earn 24% more than a certificate or diploma holder.
  • On the flip side, an employee with a Master’s Degree makes 29% more than a Bachelor’s Degree holder.
  • Finally, employees with Ph.D. make 23% more than professionals with a Master’s Degree.

Note: The change in salary varies from one location to another and depends on the job type and job description too. 

3. Profession

Professionals such as dentists, business analysts, and civil engineers earn some of Egypt’s highest-paying job titles. 

Here’s a list of average salaries for some popular professions in 2022:

ProfessionAverage Annual Salary
Administrative Assistant55,700 EGP 
Project Manager123,000 EGP
Civil Engineer102,000 EGP
Bookkeeper85,671 EGP
Software Engineer99,200 EGP
Mechanical Engineer103,000 EGP
Graphic Designer126,360 EGP
Marketing Director193,000 EGP
Chief Executive Officer614,451 EGP
Human Resource Manager164,000 EGP

Source: salaryexplorer.com and salaryexpert.com

Sure, these figures can help you give an in-depth understanding of the average salaries across industries in Egypt and how much you should pay your outsourced team. 

But why should you outsource to Egypt in the first place? 

Let’s find out!

4 reasons you should outsource to Egypt

Here are four crucial reasons why you should outsource your business to Egypt:

1. Low operating costs

Aside from its favorable, central geographic positioning, Egypt is also one of the most cost-effective countries in the world.

For instance, according to the 2019 Egypt Outsourcing Destination Guide, the direct annual operating cost per employee in a multilingual contact center averages USD 9000-10,000 in Cairo, compared to USD 21,00042,000 in Central and Eastern European capitals.

Moreover, the office rental rates of a typical space for an outsourcing company are as low as USD 180/meter square per year.

2. Diverse talent pool

Egypt is home to 50+ universities and 100+ academic institutions – yielding a large and diverse pool of graduates every year. 

The highly skilled graduates come from information technology and science, making them well-suited candidates for employment in various outsourcing industries. 

3. Proficiency in multiple languages

Egypt boasts an impressive supply of multilingual talent as a result of the country’s natural diversity. Many professionals and job seekers are proficient in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Arabic, Russian and Turkish, among others. 

This makes them a suitable candidate for multilingual call centers or global businesses focusing on translation and localization.

4. Favorable time difference

While you can always choose to hire employees from a country far away to operate your business round the clock, hiring employees from a similar time zone gives you the advantage of hiring daytime employees at a cheaper rate.

And fortunately, Egypt operates on East European Time (EET), i.e., UTC + 2. This allows smooth daytime operations for clients from Western Europe as well as West Asia.

Outsourcing companies can enjoy the benefit of efficiently handling real-time work like customer calls or social media moderation.

Additionally, Egypt shares its time zone with countries like South Africa, Bulgaria, Finland, and Romania – making it the ideal outsourcing destination for these countries. 

Now, let’s take a look at the top industries that are outsourcing to Egypt.

Top 2 services to outsource to Egypt

Here are the two most popular services outsourced to Egypt:

1. IT services

Egypt is the global hub for IT/ITES and innovation and is home to the world’s leading companies delivering ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) and BPO services globally. 

Additionally, local providers are increasingly providing services in various domains, like:

  • IT Consulting: System integration, customization, etc.
  • IT Application Development & Maintenance.
  • Digital Services: Mobile, social, cloud, RPA, IoT, etc.
  • IT Infrastructure: Helpdesk, data centers, network, etc. 

2. Call center services

The strong government focus on prioritizing technology, innovation, and workforce training has transformed Egypt into a global hub for call center services.

For example, with the help of ITIDA (Information Technology Industry Development Agency), the Egyptian government provides mentors, tools, and even sponsors hackathons. This not only helps job seekers but also working professionals hone their skills.

You can hire an outsourced call center team for services like:

  • Customer service.
  • Technical support.
  • Help desk.
  • Telesales.
  • Live chat.
  • Collections, and more.

For more information, check out this guide on call center outsourcing services.

Wrapping up

Egypt is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations in the Middle East. 

And for all good reasons.

You can hire from a diverse talent pool with proficiency in multiple languages. You can also move a part of your business to Egypt because of low operating costs and favorable time zone.

Go through this article to get an in-depth understanding of how you should form your salary structure and start outsourcing right away!

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