Analyzing 12 million support tickets: Insights from Time Doctor’s webinar

by Andy Nguyen
Analyzing 12 million support tickets

Liam Martin, co-founder and chief innovation officer of Time Doctor, gave a webinar on ‘Benchmarking helpdesk software‘ analyzing 12 million support tickets from all over the support tool business. This huge job was part of Time Doctor’s ongoing work to inform outsiders about how well different support software tools work. Time Doctor gives you unmatched information about how well customer service teams are doing by using one of the world’s most extensive second-by-second work databases. Take a look at the main points of this study.

A massive dataset: Unveiling the power of numbers

The sheer volume of data analyzed—12,000,000 support tickets—sets this study apart. This extensive dataset allows for a highly detailed and accurate analysis of the performance metrics across various support tools. Liam Martin emphasized that this analysis isn’t just about numbers; it’s about understanding the intricate details of how different support tools perform under various conditions.

Benchmarking helpdesk software

Key players: The software applications analyzed

The study focused on top support ticket software applications, including Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, HubSpot, Gladly, and Help Scout. These tools were selected based on their widespread use and reputation in the industry. Each tool was evaluated on several critical performance metrics, providing a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Zendesk: Known for its robust features and high ticket volumes, Zendesk emerged as a leader in the number of tickets opened per user daily.
  • Freshdesk and Intercom: Both tools showed strong performance in ticket resolution times, placing them in the middle range for tickets opened per user per day.
  • HubSpot: Despite being more sales-oriented, HubSpot demonstrated commendable efficiency in support ticket resolution.
  • Gladly: As a relatively new player, Gladly impressed with the high number of tickets opened per user daily and the rapid resolution times.
  • Help Scout: Known for its user-friendly interface, Help Scout provided a balanced performance across various metrics.

Methodology: How the analysis was conducted

The analysis was based on data collected within Time Doctor’s extensive network. This network includes over 15,000 daily active support agents, making it one of the most comprehensive datasets available for such a study. The key metrics analyzed included the number of tickets opened per user daily, ticket resolution times, and user interaction with the support tools.

Key insights from analyzing 12 million support tickets

  • Variation in performance across support tools
    • Significant differences were observed in performance metrics.
    • Zendesk and Gladly both recorded 29 tickets opened per user per day.
    • Gladly’s new ticket management approach and Zendesk’s established platform contributed to their high activity levels.
  • Impact of UI/UX on agent productivity
    • Tools with a more intuitive user interface and user experience, like Help Scout, showed higher productivity among support agents.
    • Investing in user-friendly support software is crucial for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

The future of support software

Making decisions based on data is very important, especially as the business changes. Time Doctor’s analysis of 12,000,000 support tickets gives companies useful information that can help them pick the best support software for their needs. By knowing the pros and cons of each tool, companies can improve customer happiness, boost business success, and make their support teams more effective.


Time Doctor’s webinar on analyzing 12,000,000 support tickets offers a wealth of insights into the performance of various support tools. This analysis not only highlights the power of data but also provides practical guidance for organizations looking to enhance their support operations. As Liam Martin and the Time Doctor team continue to push the boundaries of workforce analytics, the future of support software looks brighter than ever.

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