Time Doctor Payroll page: Paying Via PayPal

by Rob Rawson

The PayPal integration is set up for Payouts, PayPal’s mass pay option. This is the lowest cost way for a business to pay people on PayPal.

The cost is 2% of the transfer amount PLUS PayPal will effectively charge for currency conversion at a rate of approximately 2.5% although this varies depending on the currency. The maximum fee is $20 for international payments and only $1 for US and Canadian domestic payments.

If you do not have access to PayPal Payouts but you still want to use PayPal then you can pay manually through your PayPal account. In this case select the payment method as Manual. The costs will be significantly higher in this case.

The steps to setting this up are:

Step 1: Apply for Payouts in your PayPal account.

You can do this by calling PayPal.

The criteria for acceptance are:

  • Be in good standing for 90 days or more
  • A verified business account
  • Ensure all PayPal limits are removed (This can be checked by logging into your PayPal account and going to this page)
  • The account owner has to contact PayPal. Read more about it here.

It’s not clear which countries they will accept but they will not accept all countries into the program.

Step 2: Turn the PayPal payment method ON

Payroll Settings

 Step 3: Select the currency for your PayPal account

As soon as you set PayPal to “ON” in Time Doctor, we’ll prompt you to indicate the currency of your PayPal account.  Unfortunately with PayPal Payouts you can only calculate salaries and pay people in the same currency as your PayPal bank account.

PayPal currency settings

Step 4: Select the individual people that you wish to use PayPal

Change their payment method to “PayPal” and check if their PayPal email address is valid (by default it will be the same as their Time doctor email address but you can change it).

Step 5: Export the payroll file and send to PayPal

Using either the Generate Custom Payroll option or the Payroll History page, download the payroll .CVS file.  Then send that file to PayPal.

More information on sending PayPal a payment file can be found in this page

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