Malaysia trains 10k psychological first-aiders for workplace wellness

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Malaysia workplace wellness training

The Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources inaugurated the Occupational Mental First Aid program, a first for the country and a major step towards emphasizing mental health in the workplace. With the support of a large investment of RM12 million (US$2.5 million), this effort aims to train an amazing 10,000 psychological first-aiders according to the HRM Asia report. Here’s a closer look at the goals of this program and the reasons it important in changing workplace relations.

An innovative step towards workplace wellbeing

This initiative’s fundamental tenet is the understanding of the vital role mental health plays in creating supportive, effective work environments.

The goal of the Occupational Mental First Aid program is to enable staff members to proactively assist coworkers who are experiencing mental health issues. It’s a step that attempts to fortify businesses’ overall resilience as well as improve welfare on an individual basis.

Bridging the mental health awareness gap

Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources, Steven Sim, emphasized the need of the program in light of the stigma that still exists in the nation about mental health problems. Psychosocial reasons of workplace dynamics have been significantly underreported, mostly because of a lack of awareness, despite the essential effect that mental health has in these dynamics.

This topic is clarified by the 2022 National Occupational Accident and Disease Statistics Report, which highlights a troubling knowledge and intervention gap regarding mental health at work.

A visionary investment in mental health

With RM12 million (US$2.5 million) set aside for psychological first-aider training, Malaysia is clearly committed to improving mental health assistance and literacy in the workplace.

With this investment, almost 10,000 workers in the public sector will have the skills needed to recognize the early indicators of psychological stress and offer prompt, efficient help. It’s a calculated step that should open the door to a more friendly and health-conscious workplace for employees in a variety of industries.

Redefining workplace culture

Creating a culture in the workplace where mental health is openly acknowledged and emphasized is one of the main goals of the Occupational Mental First Aid training.

The campaign aims to remove stigma and hurdles that impede mental health assistance and awareness in Malaysia by normalizing the topic about mental health and encouraging workers to seek treatment when necessary.

Boosting productivity and performance

This project has several advantages that go well beyond improving people’s personal health. Steven Sim emphasized the possibility of notable enhancements in output, worker efficiency, and decreased absenteeism.

Organizations may benefit from increased productivity and a more engaged staff by creating a supportive work environment where mental health issues are addressed early on.

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A comprehensive approach to mental wellbeing

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a new initiative from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which complements the Occupational Mental First Aid program.

By recognizing and treating mental health concerns early on, this program enhances the mental first aid effort and highlights Malaysia’s comprehensive approach to promoting employee welfare.


Malaysia is leading the way in incorporating mental health assistance into workplace culture, and the Occupational Mental First Aid program is a shining example of this success. It not only demonstrates the country’s commitment to improving mental health, but it also establishes a standard that other nations may adhere to.

Initiatives such as these are essential to creating resilient, supportive, and productive work environments in the future, as mental health disorders are expected to become a major problem in workplace dynamics.

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