The 10 best cities digital nomads can work and live

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Digital nomads top 10 cities

Researchers have recently found the top 10 cities where digital nomads can live and work. Hoi An, Vietnam, won. As working from home becomes more popular, overseas workers are traveling the world more and keeping their jobs. This article discusses the best places for digital nomads to live based on visa requirements, internet speed, and the cost of living.

The rise of remote work

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. According to WFH Research, 12.7% of full-time working Americans in 2023 worked from home. According to Upwork, there will be 22% more freelancers by 2025. Businesses that let their employees work from home can take more trips and even move.

Criteria for ranking the best cities

Digital nomad publication Freaking Nomads created an index of the best cities for digital nomads. The index was based on criteria like broadband and mobile speed, cost of living, rent, proximity to co-working spaces, and accessibility to remote working visas. Each city was scored on these factors, with appropriate weighting applied to create a total index score out of 100.

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Top 10 cities for digital nomads

RankCityCountryIndex Score
1Hoi AnVietnam73.94
3Kuala LumpurMalaysia72.02
4Da NangVietnam71.32
6Buenos AiresArgentina69.40
8Santa Cruz de TenerifeSpain68.14
10Las PalmasSpain67.89

1. Hoi An, Vietnam

With a score of 73.94 out of 100, Hoi An came in first place. Hoi An has a unique mix of history and charm. It is known for its well-kept old buildings and bright lights. The cost of living was ranked third with 85.48, and getting a visa was 34th at 77.78. The city’s cozy feel makes it perfect for digital nomads who want to live a different life.

2. Delhi, India

It scored 73.77, which placed it in first place for cost of living (89.03) and tied for 34th place for visa ease (77.78). The lively capital of India has a lot to offer in terms of culture, from historic sites like the Red Fort to busy markets and a wide range of foods.

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With a score of 72.02, Kuala Lumpur is tied for 19th place for visa ease (83.33), and it’s 21st for cost of living (76.06). The Petronas Twin Towers, which make up the city’s famous skyline, create a lively atmosphere with a mix of modern and traditional elements.

4. Da Nang, Vietnam

With a score of 71.32, Da Nang came in fourth. It was ranked 10th for cost of living (80.72), and it was ranked 34th for visa access (77.84). People know the city for its beautiful beaches and natural features, like the Marble Mountains.

5. Mumbai, India

With a score of 69.81, Mumbai is ranked 18th for cost of living (77.21), and 24th for coworking places (61.15). Mumbai is India’s financial center, but it also has beautiful beaches, lively street markets, and tasty food.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires scored 69.40 out of 100. The city’s lively neighborhoods and delicious food offer a haven of passion and excitement.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok scored 68.15. Known for its ornate temples, delectable cuisine, and energetic street life, the city uniquely blends modernity and tradition.

8. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Santa Cruz de Tenerife scored 68.14. The city’s warm climate and relaxed island vibe are perfect for digital nomads wanting sub-tropical surroundings.

9. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest scored 67.99. The artistic hub features elaborate architecture, a vibrant arts scene, and tranquil parks.

10. Las Palmas, Spain

Las Palmas scored 67.89. Located on Gran Canaria, the city offers vibrant beaches, beautiful weather, and stunning cultural attractions.

Insights from experts

“Living a digital nomad lifestyle gives people the freedom to forge their own paths and enrich their lives with new cultures. Despite concerns about expenses and accessibility, many cities offer a welcoming environment and community for remote workers.”

Irene Wang, co-founder of Freaking Nomads


Based on a number of variables that affect digital nomads’ quality of life, the study identifies the best cities for them. These destinations offer great options for digital nomads to live and work peacefully, from the dynamic atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur to the lively culture of Delhi and the historic charm of Hoi An. More people will probably travel to these locations as remote work becomes more popular in order to improve both their personal and professional lives.

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