Citigroup asks its 600 US workers return to office full-time

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Citigroup return to office

Citigroup has made a big change by requesting that 600 of its US workers return to the office to work full-time. This decision comes as new legal requirements for Wall Street banks make it difficult for certain roles, particularly in trading, to work remotely. This shift indicates a larger pattern seen in financial organizations as they adjust to post-pandemic rules and workplace customs.

Regulatory changes and remote work

Regulators had loosened several regulations during the pandemic, enabling traders to operate remotely. This adaptability was essential to keeping things running safely while maintaining operations. Pre-pandemic regulations, however, are expected to be reinstated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which serves as the primary watchdog over US exchange markets and brokerage houses. These adjustments will make it more difficult for banks to approve off-site labor for positions such as trading.

Citigroup’s new policy

Citigroup, the third-largest US lender, stated that although the majority of its staff will continue to work on a hybrid schedule, those who qualify for remote work must come into the office full-time. A hybrid schedule usually entails spending up to two days a week working remotely and at least three days in the office. This strategy seeks to strike a balance between employee flexibility and regulatory compliance.

Navigating the New Normal (RTO)

Industry-wide shifts

Citigroup’s decision is part of a broader trend among major financial institutions:

  • Barclays: London-based Barclays has mandated that its global investment banking staff work in the office or meet clients five days a week starting June 1.
  • HSBC: HSBC is discussing the impact of shifting regulations with nearly half of its New York workforce, about 530 employees. The bank aims to allow as many employees as possible to retain the option of working from home when feasible.

Impact on employees

Employees accustomed to working remotely will be greatly impacted by the return-to-office mandates that follow and the resumption of pre-pandemic regulations. While certain positions—especially those in trading—have more stringent criteria, other employees might still have some leeway.


For 600 Citigroup workers, the return to full-time office employment signifies a significant change in Wall Street’s perspective on post-pandemic work situations. Financial organizations have to strike a compromise between employee desires and compliance as regulatory agencies such as FINRA reintroduce past regulations. While some flexibility is still available for non-trading professions, the adjustments at Citigroup, Barclays, and HSBC point to a wider trend toward a more regimented office presence.

These changes demonstrate the changing nature of the financial industry and the difficulty of satisfying employee demands while adhering to regulatory standards.

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