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If you’re looking hire directly a virtual assistant or a developer in the Philippines here are the most popular job sites.

Free to post jobs

This site focuses on providing employers with a talent pool of vetted remote workers from the Philippines looking to build long-term sustainable relationships (not short-term freelance projects). Outsourcely’s platform also makes it effortless to interview and hire talent with their real-time communication tools built right in.
Free to post jobs

This is a completely free site where you can post jobs and search for available staff. is one of the top job websites in the Philippines and even though it is free it is still a useful resource for posting jobs.
Free to post jobs

This is the largest free classified website in the Philippines. It is quite difficult to post on this site if you are not from the Philippines as they have some questions to detect if you can speak the local language (Tagalog). If you do not speak Tagalog or have a local friend who can, you may not be able to complete the posting!
$50 month fee to get access

This site is focused on online work-from-home jobs. Generally this is for virtual assistant type jobs for companies in the US, UK and Australia hiring staff in the Philippines. Although it’s not as large as some of the other job sites it’s a great option for online jobs because it’s focused on people who are interested in this type of work.

Craigslist – ManilaCraigslist
Free to post jobs

Craigslist is extremely popular in the US and is starting to get a following in the Philippines, so it is worthwhile posting on this site.

Jobstreet.phJobstreet and JobsDB and
Conventional paid job websites

These are the most popular job sites in the Philippines. However these sites are not free to post a job and you need to have a local registered business even to get access to these sites.

Time Doctor to manage remote staff

If you’re hiring someone working from home and you have never met in real life, it can be difficult to trust that they are truly working and not moonlighting for several clients at the same time. Time Doctor is designed for teams to improve the productivity of a remote working team. It’s also created to help individual staff members to track and improve their productivity.

I actually use it personally for my own productivity, so it’s not just about “monitoring” but really about how to improve productivity of individuals or teams.

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