Comparison of Desktime and Time Doctor

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Comparison of Desktime and Time Doctor

Desktime is quite different to Time Doctor in the feature sets, but there are some in common and the two pieces of software have similar goals.

Let’s take a look at how they compare:

Desktime – Silent tracking of applications and websites

Desktime software is installed on the person’s computer and then it will track websites used and applications whenever the computer is used.

(Click image to see the larger version)
Desktime tracking

This has the advantage that it requires minimal effort from the user. It has the disadvantage that it cannot be used effectively for a person who is working from home (as tracking websites used during non work hours would not be effectively tracking time and would also be a privacy invasion). It also does not give an accurate enough picture to pay staff based on the hours in the software.

Time Doctor – Active task and time tracking with a list of tasks
(also with silent tracking of applications and websites)

Time Doctor Tasks panel
Time Doctor software is very different in that it starts with a task list, and the person is prompted to start tracking time on each of these tasks. When tracking time, there are various methods to confirm that time tracked is accurate.

Applications and websites visited during tracked time are displayed and sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are also categorized as potentially unproductive, similar to Desktime (see Desktime screenshot above).

Also, if a person is away from their computer they are automatically allocated as on a break and time is not counted towards their working time. However they have the option to indicate whether they are working when they come back, that they were actually on a meeting for example. Through its screen monitoring software, there is also an option that enables periodic screenshots of the person’s computer screen.

Feature comparison of Desktime and Time Doctor

Here is a comparison of some of the main features of the two pieces of software.

Feature Desktime Time Doctor
  Tracking applications and websites Yes Yes
  Comparison of team performance in one single metric of productivity Yes No
  Change applications to “Productive” or “Unproductive” status Yes No
  Track if employees are late Yes Yes
  Timesheet reports that can be used to track hours worked
and pay staff members
No Yes
  Available for Windows Yes Yes
  Available for Mac Yes Yes
  Available for Linux No Yes
  Track time on projects No Yes
  Suitable for employees working from home No Yes
  Screenshot tracking No Yes
  Tracking keyboard and mouse activity No Yes
  Daily activity reports of tasks worked on No Yes
  Third party integrations with project management applications No Yes

Overall you need to check both applications and see which one works for you. Let us know any feedback you have in comparing the two applications.

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