13 best remote companies to work for (detailed reviews)

by Time Doctor
Best Remote Companies to Work for in 2021

With remote work rising in popularity, there came an expectation for flexible work from employees. 

As a result, companies responded by either going completely remote or implementing a hybrid work model that offers the flexibility of both in-office and remote options. 

But, how do you know which remote company to work for? 

Don’t worry.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 13 best remote companies to work for with their typical job titles and benefits packages. We’ve also listed our top three tips for selecting the perfect remote job opportunity for you.

This article includes: 

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Let’s begin. 

The 13 best remote companies to work for 

All remote work statistics have something common to say: 

  • Remote work is here to stay.
  • Most employees prefer it over an in-office position.
  • Employers get to save on office overheads when employees work remotely. 

And usually, employee productivity also rises when remote and flexible work options are available. 

So, to help job seekers find the perfect fit, we’ve listed the 13 best remote companies you can work for.

1. Time Doctor 

time doctor homepage 2021

Our co-founders, Liam Martin and Rob Rawson, created the Time Doctor tool in 2012 to manage employee productivity. 

Since our inception, we’ve been remote and intend to stay that way as we enter our 10th operational year!  

As a fully remote company, we firmly believe in empowering employees through remote work setups. This includes helping our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance through our widget that lets us know if any of our employees is at risk of overworking. 

We’re proud to say we are a highly trusted employee time-tracking and productivity management tool today.

Since we understand the productivity gains of distributed teams over those in physical offices, we’ve been able to hire talent from all over the world while also cutting costs. 

We’ve also been consistent in providing wellness programs, employee training, and flexible work schedules. 

Currently, our 100-strong remote team is spread across 31 countries like Canada, Australia, and the US. 

A) Typical job openings 

Offering both full-time and part-time jobs, you can find some of their open positions as well as typical job opportunities below: 

  • Software Engineer. 
  • Sales Development Representative.
  • Customer Success Manager. 
  • Paid Acquisition Marketer. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • 100% remote workforce with flexible schedules. 
  • Training days. 
  • Game day. 
  • Birthday leave.
  • Sick days off. 
  • Monthly company meetings. 
  • Ample paid time off (PTO), and more.  

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.4/5 (40+ reviews)

2. Atlassian 

atlassian homepage

An Australian software company designing software for project managers, software developers, and other software development teams, Atlassian is behind the agile project management tool Jira. 

Well-known for its robust employee benefits package, Atlassian retains its top talent through a combination of this transparency, competitive pay structure, and development opportunities. 

With software that empowers startups and large companies alike and unique company culture, Atlassian provides a constructive working environment for everyone involved. 

A) Typical job openings 

If you’re looking for a remote position, Atlassian offers the following and more:

  • Backend Software Developer, Security. 
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC) Analyst. 
  • Business Systems Analyst. 
  • Product Designer, DevOps. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Flexible work schedule. 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 
  • 20-26 weeks parental leave. 
  • Over 7000 free online development courses. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.6/5 (1200+reviews)

3. CVS Health 

cvs health

While CVS was already a leading healthcare company, they teamed up with Aetna in 2018 to create a more customized consumer healthcare experience. 

Employing almost 25,000 pharmacists across the globe, CVS Health offers full-time, part-time, freelance, in-office, hybrid work, and fully remote roles across different sectors. 

Your job search may typically yield positions in healthcare and medicine, but you may also find some in sales, marketing, customer service, insurance, and account management. 

With an attractive benefits package that includes a comprehensive health insurance plan, paid time off, and more, it’s no wonder CVS Health is #28 in the Forbes Top 100 Remote Companies to Work For.  

A) Typical job openings 

You can find the following remote job opportunities and more at CVS Health: 

  • Product Consultant. 
  • Senior Security Network Engineer. 
  • Vendor Management Advisor. 
  • Quality Assurance Engineer. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Health insurance, covering dental, vision, disability, and more. 
  • Employee stock purchase and 401(k). 
  • Paid parental leave. 
  • Employee wellness program. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 3/5 (25,700+ reviews)

4. Dell Technologies 

dell technologies

Based in Round Rock, Texas, Dell Technologies is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. 

Through its Connected Workplace Program, Dell Technologies offers job seekers multiple opportunities to work remotely in the fields of: 

  • Software development. 
  • Project management. 
  • Marketing, and more. 

Dell understands how technology is changing the world, so it offers its team members the freedom to work in the way that best suits their personal and professional needs. 

A) Typical job openings 

Some of the positions available at Dell are: 

  • Senior Product Manager, Data Protection Services. 
  • Senior Advisor, Business Operations. 
  • Product Designer. 
  • Unstructured Data Solutions Systems Engineer. 

Note: Dell uses pipeline listing for its hiring process, i.e., a single job listing can include multiple openings – even hundreds.  

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Healthcare and life insurance. 
  • Adoption assistance. 
  • Volunteer time off.  
  • Wellness digital platform. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.3/5 (24,600+ reviews)

5. Doist  

doist homepage

Doist is a productivity software company with team members in over 20 countries. 

Founded in 2007 and becoming fully remote in 2011, Doist operates with a core value of “do more and stress less.” 

As a result, the company culture focuses heavily on open and transparent communication between employees and managers. 

Similarly, its benefits package allows employees to work from anywhere with no core working hours, giving employees a flexible schedule wherever they are. 

A) Typical job openings 

A remote worker can typically apply for the following jobs: 

  • Senior Product Marketer. 
  • Senior Backend Engineer, Python. 
  • Motion Graphics and Video Designer. 
  • Marketing and UX Copywriter. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Remote and flexible work options. 
  • Company-wide annual retreats. 
  • Expenses covered for work equipment and co-working space.
  • Eight weeks of PTO every year. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.9/5 (15+ reviews)

6. GitHub 

github homepage

A globally distributed remote company headquartered in San Francisco, GitHub is the world’s largest open-source development platform. 

GitHub prides itself on its ability to help employees focus on the work rather than “energy-sapping daily commutes.” 

It offers employees a flexible PTO plan, a monthly wellness stipend they can use for gym memberships, massages, spas, etc., and matches charitable donations of up to $15,000 per year. 

A) Typical job openings 

GitHub’s job board features many flexible and remote work options, such as: 

  • Associate Social Media Manager. 
  • Copilot Server Engineer. 
  • Senior Product Manager, GitHub Actions. 
  • Senior Researcher, Machine Learning. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Home office stipend
  • A yearly budget for individual learning. 
  • Five months of flexible paid family leave. 
  • Equity grants and 401(k) planning. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4/5 (130+ reviews)

7. Microsoft 

microsoft homepage

Microsoft, the makers of personal computers, computer software, and consumer electronics, employs over 120,000 people globally, with half of its overall workforce in the US. 

It offers employees the option to work in-office, hybrid, or remote in the fields of: 

  • Engineering. 
  • Research. 
  • Marketing, and more. 

Applicants can state their preferences in their job applications. 

Microsoft is dedicated to providing a diverse and inclusive work environment geared towards growth. It does this by offering plenty of career development opportunities and an extensive benefits package. 

A) Typical job openings 

Some of the available positions at Microsoft are:

  • Business Development Manager. 
  • Senior Researcher, Machine Learning. 
  • Senior Engineer, Mixed Reality. 
  • Customer Success Account Manager. 

Note: Microsoft decided in September 2021 to let its US employees work from home until further notice. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Wellness-related $1200 annual reimbursement. 
  • Financial planning and education programs. 
  • Flexible schedule for employee work-life balance. 
  • Tuition reimbursement for coursework related to Microsoft at a regionally accredited institution. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.4/5 (36,500+ reviews)

8. Salesforce 

salesforce homepage

Salesforce is the world’s top CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, helping companies of all sizes effectively communicate with their customers. 

With over 34,000 team members, Salesforce is a flexible employer fostering the digital culture of work-from-anywhere. 

And so, it offers remote, hybrid, flexible, and freelance opportunities in the fields of: 

  • Software development. 
  • Account management. 
  • Research, and more. 

Its comprehensive benefits package covers the employee and one family member. 

A) Typical job openings 

We’ve listed a select few opportunities from Salesforce’s remote jobs list:  

  • Research Scientist, Salesforce Research. 
  • Technical Architect, Marketing Cloud. 
  • Lead Product Designer. 
  • Director, Corporate Messaging. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Coverage for the remote employee and one family member. 
  • Annual wellness checkups and other preventive care coverage. 
  • Reimbursement for commuting expenses. 
  • Tuition reimbursement up to $5250 per calendar year for job-related courses at accredited schools. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.5/5 (10,900+ reviews)

9. Shopify 

shopify homepage

A leading e-commerce platform, Shopify is a remote-first company allowing employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. 

Cultivating a people-first culture of work-life balance, trust, and diversity, Shopify offers flexible, hybrid, and freelance opportunities in the following fields: 

  • Software development. 
  • E-commerce. 
  • Project management, and more. 

A) Typical job openings 

A few of Shopify’s remote job listings are: 

  • Senior Data Scientist. 
  • Bilingual Customer Service Specialist. 
  • Senior Growth Lead, B2B. 
  • Learning Designer, RnD Programs. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Remote working facilities. 
  • Maternity and paternity leave. 
  • Health insurance, including dental. 
  • 90-day per year work abroad opportunity. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.3/5 (1300+ reviews)

10. Slack 

slack homepage 2021

As a business communication platform, Slack enables team members to communicate effectively with each other. 

In 2021, it announced that most of its workforce would have the option to work from home permanently. 

Since it’s part of the Salesforce family, Slack offers its employees an extensive benefits package covering everything from PTO to childcare provisions and wellness subscriptions. 

A) Typical job openings 

The Slack remote job board has the following open positions and more: 

  • Developer Advocate. 
  • Solution Engineer. 
  • Account Executive, Large Enterprise. 
  • Technical Architect, Slack Cloud. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Up to 26 weeks of primary parental leave. 
  • Time off for Coronavirus vaccinations. 
  • Up to $500 reimbursement for a healthy home workspace.  
  • Up to 12 free therapy sessions annually for you and a family member.  

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.7/5 (690+ reviews)

11. Upwork 

upwork homepage 2021

As the largest marketplace for freelancer talent, it makes sense that Upwork has a remote work culture. 

It now has a permanent remote-first environment for corporate members and two physical offices in the US and Canada to encourage collaboration. 

With a comprehensive benefits package that includes mental health offerings and even adoption and fertility subsidies, Upwork is focused on cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging. 

A) Typical job openings 

Some of Upwork’s remote opportunities include: 

  • Senior Data Analyst. 
  • Senior Product Designer – Project Catalog. 
  • Sales Financial Analyst. 
  • Marketing Recruiter. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Unlimited PTO policy. 
  • Up to 12 weeks paid parental leave. 
  • On-demand childcare provisions. 
  • Voluntary pet insurance. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.2/5 (600+ reviews)

12. Zapier 


Zapier is a well-known application automation service headquartered in San Francisco. 

It’s now completely remote with employees in 28 countries and across 17 time zones. You can find full-time, part-time, and freelance contracts at Zapier.  

A) Typical job openings 

Some work from home job options at Zapier include: 

  • Product Manager, Growth. 
  • Senior Technical Sourcer. 
  • Content Specialist. 
  • Engineering Manager. 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Telecommuting – work from anywhere policy. 
  • Unlimited vacation time. 
  • Computer and software setup. 
  • Two annual company retreats

Note: Healthcare and retirement benefits are currently only available for employees in the US, UK, and Canada. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.7/5 (100+ reviews)

13. Zoom 


Founded in 2011, Zoom Video Communications helps organizations communicate in real-time through an online conference room solution. 

Zoom features include audio and video conferences, chat, webinars, and more, offering companies a way to collaborate without leaving their homes. 

They offer many perks to encourage mental and emotional health, community outreach, and an inclusive workplace. 

A) Typical job openings 

Listed below are a few remote jobs available at Zoom: 

  • Research Scientist. 
  • IAM Integration Engineer. 
  • Senior Business Systems Product Manager. 
  • Machine Learning Engineer – ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). 

B) Perks and benefits 

  • Flexible spending account. 
  • Wellness and fitness allowance. 
  • Paid parental leave of 16 weeks. 
  • Healthcare benefits, including dental and vision. 

C) Employee reviews 

  • Glassdoor: 4.5/5 (790+ reviews) 

Now that you know where you want to work and what to expect from the company regarding titles and benefits, let’s look at how you can select the perfect job. 

3 useful tips to help you find the best remote job 

While there are many remote job openings out there, ensure you pick the one best suited for your needs using our three tips. 

1. Research companies thoroughly 

Check out the companies you wish to work for, their vacancies, and their remote work policies. 

Chances are, many open positions might not be available or advertised on popular job boards but instead on the company website itself. 

Additionally, ensure you double-check job listings to make sure they’re legitimate, even if it’s for a well-known company. 

2. Feature remote work skills in your resume 

If you’ve worked remotely before in any capacity (internship, freelance, part-time, etc.), list down the work experience and the skills you learned because of it. 

We also recommend featuring the tools and technologies you have experience with, such as Google Drive or Asana for project management, Slack and Zoom for communication, etc.

3. Talk to a professional career coach

If you’re not sure whether a remote job is right for you, we recommend speaking to a professional career counselor who can guide you through what to expect. 

They may also help revamp your resume to better fit a remote job opportunity. 

Wrapping up 

The COVID pandemic changed how we work, with many top companies opting for a fully remote or hybrid work model. 

Similarly, many employees prioritize remote work to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Both employers and employees additionally benefit by gaining access to opportunities that may be previously inaccessible. 

As a result, companies are not only offering remote opportunities but also changing their benefits packages to reflect this new normal. 

Use our list of companies hiring remote employees to pick the right one for you. 

Happy job hunting!

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