The 10 best countries for remote work in 2023

by Carlo Borja
best countries for remote work

The COVID-19 epidemic has expedited the colossal shift that has taken place in the world of work, which has resulted in the mainstreaming of distant and hybrid forms of employment. A fascinating analysis from Nordlayer provides an informative guide for digital nomads and remote workers who are looking for their next location. This report comes as the dust begins to settle on this new normal.

According to the Global Remote Work Index, Europe will emerge as the undisputed champion for remote workers in 2023. The Index evaluated 108 countries’ critical factors, including cyber safety, digital infrastructure, and socio-economic benefits.

1. Denmark: A beacon of happiness and connectivity

Denmark stands tall at the pinnacle of the remote work paradise, despite its high living costs. Renowned for its happiness index, Denmark excels in internet quality, social inclusion, and offers an enviable healthcare system. It’s a testament to the Danish balance of life, offering a blend of digital excellence and societal well-being.

2. Netherlands: The inclusive society

The Netherlands secures the second spot, shining brightly with its low crime rates, respect for personal rights, and an inclusive society. Combined with its robust digital infrastructure and cybersecurity, it’s a haven for those seeking safety and community in their remote work journey.

3. Germany: The economic powerhouse

Germany distinguishes itself with the most affordable internet access and a formidable legal system. As Europe’s largest economy, it offers significant economic security for remote workers, although it faces challenges in digital and physical infrastructure.

4. Spain: Sun, sea, and security

Spain emerges as a favored destination for remote workers, balancing lifestyle and work with its vibrant culture and strong economic security. It’s a compelling choice for those looking to blend work with the joy of Mediterranean life.

5. Portugal: The value champion

Ranking impressively in overall experience but significantly lower in living costs, Portugal offers the best value for money among the top European destinations for remote workers. It’s the perfect blend of affordability and quality of life.

Exploring the world’s best countries for work-life balance

6. Sweden: The nordic innovation hub

Sweden, known for its innovation and quality of life, offers an exceptional environment for remote workers, with strong scores in social safety and economic security. It’s a model of Nordic efficiency and inclusion.

7. Estonia: The digital frontier

Estonia is a digital nomad’s dream, with its e-residency program and advanced digital infrastructure. It’s an emerging powerhouse for those who thrive in a tech-savvy environment.

8. Lithuania: The baltic gem

Lithuania offers a unique mix of cultural richness and digital connectivity, making it a hidden gem for remote workers seeking a blend of tradition and innovation.

9. Ireland: The celtic Tiger roars again

With a booming tech industry and a warm community, Ireland offers a strong proposition for remote workers, balancing economic opportunities with quality of life.

10. Slovakia: The heart of Europe

Slovakia rounds out the top 10 with its strategic location in Europe, offering a mix of cultural experiences and a solid foundation for remote work.

While Europe takes the lead, the report highlights notable performances in digital infrastructure by Asian countries, with Singapore, South Korea, and the UAE excelling in this area. Despite their prowess, the higher affordability and socio-economic benefits of European countries solidify their status as the most desirable destinations for remote work in 2023.


As the landscape of preferences and priorities for remote work continues to alter, it is more important than ever to select a location that is congruent with one’s values and way of life. As we traverse this ever-changing landscape, the insights provided by the Global Remote Work Index 2023 provide a crucial roadmap for achieving the ideal equilibrium between one’s professional and personal life in this age of digital technology.

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