35 hilarious work from home memes that’ll brighten your day

by Time Doctor
Work From Home meme

When the pandemic lockdowns went into effect, our lives changed. 

Suddenly we were working from home and juggling our personal and professional lives while also trying to stay sane. 

It was a lot to take in. 

So, of course, people responded by making one hilarious meme after another. 

While there are many memes out there, we’ve curated 35 of the best work from home memes that will help you find joy in this new normal. Enjoy! 

35 hilarious and too-real work from home memes

To say the Coronavirus pandemic changed everything would be an understatement. 

Social distancing became the new norm, and a Zoom call was seemingly the only way to talk to coworkers. And lockdowns all over the globe meant people worked from home — with their kids, pets, and roommates around. 

While some were incredibly happy about this shift from the office to home, others struggled.

Here are some common challenges faced by remote employees

  • Unstable internet connections. 
  • Constant distractions.
  • No work-life divide. 
  • Reduced human interaction. 
  • Juggling household chores, childcare, and work. 

But whenever there’s a universal struggle, the memes will follow. And follow, they sure did. 

Your social media was probably filled with various memes depicting the strange reality of working from home. 

So, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best ones. 

We hope you enjoy them, and let us know if you saw a new work from home meme.  

1. All of us when work from home was first announced

wfh fun

(GIF Source: Shape Magazine)

You probably thought this was the best thing since sliced bread! 

You can take a quick nap whenever, spend all day in your pajamas, and not deal with office politics. If you only knew what lay ahead…  

2. Remote work helped you appreciate the little things 

WFH Preparedness

(Pic Source: Twitter)

Honestly, you were probably a little surprised how quickly you went from “yay!” to “when can I have visitors again?” We certainly were! 

3. But there was always this voice in your head 

WFH - Office Fear

(Source: Time Doctor Instagram)

You couldn’t help but think it was all too good to be true. 

And how are you even supposed to navigate the strict office dress code after weeks in just sweatpants?! 

4. Soon you lost track of time and not in a good way 

WFH Work Hours

(Source: Time Doctor Instagram)

You could swear you had a solid internal clock! In the office, you knew exactly when it had been an hour since you last checked your phone. 

But even now, you know when it’s time for a lunch break. 

5. At least everyone was in the same boat 

WFH Problems

(Source: Time Doctor Instagram)

If no one knows what day it is, does this mean you can call it a weekend and nap? 

6. And you all got maybe a little too comfortable with each other…  

Zoom Meetings

(Source: Pinterest)

Remember the days when you used to fret about what to wear to work and how to be professional? Yeah, neither do we. 

7. A Zoom meeting can remind you about unsettling things 

Virtual Meetings Are Scary

(Source: Pinterest)

How many times have you pretended that your mic or camera doesn’t work simply because you’d had enough video meetings for a day? 

Hey, at least you saved your colleagues from the horror of catching you on a bad hair day.

8. Maybe you’re also getting a little bit of cabin fever 

Zoom Waiting Rooms

(Source: ThriveMyWay)

What if you’re in the wrong room? What if the link is wrong?
What if you’re missing out on some office gossip?

Are you late? Or too early? 

Did you miss an update?

If only you were let in so you can know. 

9. Home = Good WiFi, right? 

Wifi Problem

(Source: Time Doctor Instagram)

You have to practice social distancing, so all you can do at home is work and binge Netflix. 

So, why won’t your WiFi cooperate? 

After all, you’re trying to be a responsible citizen. 

10. Handling difficult customers can become lots of fun 

WFH Customer Service

(Source: Pinterest)

There’s no better supervisor than your mom — you should know. 

Mac ‘n’ cheese for overtime, anyone?

11. You also have no one to blame but yourself 

WFH Problems

(Source: Pinterest

Oh, you want coffee, do you? 

Tough luck, because someone (you) conveniently forgot to make another pot, and now everyone (you) has to suffer. 

12. But your dog is always there for you 

WFH Cute Pet

(Source: Pinterest) 

Who let the dogs out? Hint: it’s the person reading this! 

Not only are your dogs eternally happy to have you around, but they also remind you of important things like when to eat! 

Dogs truly are sent from heaven. 

13. And they’ll always keep you company 


(Source: Hilarious Animals Instagram)

Hooman needs moral support? I give moral support! 

I sits on chair and help hooman like a good boy! — your dog, probably. 

14. Cats, on the other hand, need their space 

Cats WFH

(Source: ScoopWhoop)

You can’t help but feel a little apologetic for encroaching on your cat’s personal space. 

After all, it’s their home first. 

15. Or do they? 

Pets Interrupting WFH

(Source: Pinterest)

Then again, it’s not your fault your productivity dives every time your cat decides the warm laptop is preferable to the floor! 

You can’t disturb a cat; everybody knows that. Just look at those eyes!

16. But you’d take a cat over this any day!

Remote Collaboration Meme

(Source: Twitter)

There might be a few things in life that you find more terrifying than a global pandemic. 

Your supervisors watching you as you edit a Google Doc in real-time might be one of them. 

Talk about instant stress

17. Deadlines become a matter of life and death, literally 


(Source: Pinterest)

For those days and weeks when you’ve procrastinated too much, you may want to hole up in your home office and refuse to leave. 

Unless there’s pizza, of course. 

18. Because expectations are very different from reality 

Remote Work Expectations vs Reality

(Source: Time Doctor)

You thought you were going to be super productive and get tons of work done. We did too. 

To be fair, making a dent in your Netflix queue is hard work, and we’re proud of you. 

19. Procrastination takes many forms 

WFH Procrastination

(Source: Pinterest)

Avoiding the temptation to procrastinate is difficult on the best of days. Working from home makes it even harder, maybe even four times as hard. 

And four against one is not a fair fight. 

20. At least project updates bring out your creative side

WFH Real Work

(Source: Pinterest

Did you know the metal that attaches the eraser to the pencil is called a ferrule? 

A little bit of trivia for your next conference call. 

21. Unless you’re too exhausted parenting   

WFH Parenting

(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re a parent, you are a caretaker, a teacher, and a support system for your little one. 

At the same time, you’re an employee and an individual if you have any time left.  

Teach us your ways, senpai. 

22. And your kids just don’t understand what “Work” means

WFH kids

(Source: Giphy)

Your kids make every video call fun and are the best Zoom background — maybe not for you but definitely for the rest of us! 

23. With all these responsibilities, no wonder clothes lost all meaning! 

WFH Clothing

(Source: WorkFromHomeMemes Instagram)

Since time doesn’t exist and clothes don’t matter while working from home, why not wear the same sweatpants for days in a row? 

As long as one knows how to adjust the camera angle, all is well.

24. Seriously, how did you ever work without sweatpants? 

WFH Clothes

(Source: Pinterest

You’re the boss of your home, and every day is casual Friday! 

In all seriousness, maybe put on some actual pants before your next virtual meeting? 

You don’t want to spend the entire call unable to move. 

25. Not just your clothes, even Zoom calls have become the same 

Conference Call Bingo

(Source: Time Doctor Instagram)

One of our favorite Zoom meeting memes, this one will have you roaring with laughter no matter which industry you work in. 

The best part?
You can actually print this out and turn it into a proper office bingo game! 

We bet no one will leave themselves accidentally on mute for the entire meeting anymore. 

26. But you always look on the bright side

WFH Meme

(Source: Pinterest) 

You’re the only person at your remote job, so obviously, you’re the cutest one there. 

So shower yourself with gifts and attention.

27. Let everyone know who’s the prettiest of them all! 

Video Meetings

(Source: Pinterest)

The best thing about Zoom memes is their accuracy. 

With this adorable comparison of how we actually live and how we present ourselves to others, this WFH meme reminds us to change our clothes occasionally. 

And making yourself look just a little presentable can go a long way towards boosting your self-esteem. So why not give it a shot? 

28. If only there were a way for your boss to know you’re on a break…

WFH Breaks

(Source: Pinterest)

This meme showcases the best and worst of remote work. 

Sure, you get the flexibility to work whenever you want, but that usually means you’re expected to always be available. 

We loathe turning this into a teaching moment, but regular work timings and effective boundaries will help a lot here.

And for those never-ending days, stock up on those pumpkin-spiced candles!

29. When did naps become so stressful?

WFH Nap Time

(Source: WorkRetireDie Instagram) 

Easily one of the funniest work memes we’ve seen in a while, this shows us exactly how we look after a nap while working from home. 

So, probably keep an alarm 10 minutes before your next conference call so you can freshen up and then deal with work. 

30. Thankfully, the screen doesn’t show everything

WFH Desk Setup

(Source: WorkFromHomeMemes Instagram)

Work memes that ring true while also reminding us to clean up our workspace once in a while are a double-whammy. 

Thankfully, no one ever has to know what your house truly looks like. 

No one but you, that is.

31. Note: Add to resume “Pro at Multitasking”

WFH - Multitasking

(Source: ThriveMyWay)

The pandemic got everyone cooking up a storm! One day it was sourdough, and another, it was gourmet coffee. If only you could share all the food with eager colleagues.

At least it has given you real-life transferable skills that you can actually put on your resume. 

32. Work-life divide?

Work Life balance

(Source: Time Doctor Instagram) 

The best part about the end of the workday is going home and relaxing. 

But when work is home and home is work, when do you relax? 

Our guide explains why remote workers must be encouraged to achieve work-life balance

33. But hey, you’re one of the lucky ones!

Dream WFH

(Source: Pinterest)

Work from home, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. 

34. Until you catch a look at yourself in the mirror 

WFH loneliness

(Source: Tenor)

Maybe a shared office wasn’t such a bad idea after all. After all, you would never look like this in front of your coworkers. 

Guess what? It’s almost 2022. Time to dust off the mirrors and make a fresh start at grooming! 

We recommend starting with a hot shower – for no particular reason. 

35. And don’t worry, you can turn it all around because

WFH meme

(Source: Giphy) 

No matter what life throws at you, you’ve made it this far with (most of) your sanity intact! 

And if you can get through a once-in-a-century pandemic, there’s no telling what you’re really capable of! 

Make the best of remote work with Time Doctor 

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Remote Work Distractions meme

(Source: Time Doctor)

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This too shall pass 

Anything that brings a smile to your face and helps you get through another day is worth it during these difficult times. 

And we hope these funny work from home memes do just that! 

Remember, it’s not all doom and gloom, and we’ll all come out of this pandemic stronger and better than ever! Until then, you have your favorite work from home meme to keep you going.

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