69% of employees fear return-to-office challenges

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Office return challenge

Employees are feeling both nervous and resilient about the shift from remote to in-person operations as businesses around the world progressively restore traditional work conditions. Genius Consultants has released a survey that highlights the changing nature of the workplace and indicates that most employees are preparing for the difficulties that come with this change. Here’s a closer look at the data and opinions that characterize the return-to-office movement as it exists now.

The hurdle of adaptation

Reverting back to office-centric habits is unsettling in an era where working remotely has been the norm. According to ET report a staggering 69% of employees expressed worry about the challenges of adjusting to the work-from-office module.

This figure highlights a major concern among workers, emphasizing the psychological and practical obstacles that come with going back to work.

The benefits of resilience

Even with the general atmosphere of fear, a sizeable portion of the labor force is viewing this change in a constructive light. According to the research, 25% of workers exhibit commendable levels of resilience and confidence.

They have confidence in their ability to easily navigate and adjust to the updated office environment. This segment of the labor force may be crucial in establishing a standard for flexibility and might act as an inspiration to their colleagues.

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The survey landscape

The Genius Consultants study offers insights derived from an online poll that involved 1,213 employees from different sectors and ran from October 26 to November 30. Banking and finance, education, FMCG, hotels, HR solutions, IT, ITES, and manufacturing are among the industries that were polled.

The results are all the more significant and pertinent because this extensive study provides a thorough look at the attitudes prevailing in several businesses.

The attrition alarm

The report’s most significant result is the predicted increase in attrition associated with the work-from-office policy. A startling 82% of workers have expressed worries about the rise in work-from-home options, saying they seem like more desirable options.

This feeling indicates a possible shift in organizational structures and employee retention tactics in addition to reflecting the workforce’s shifting preferences.

Understanding the evolving job market

The Genius Consultants research emphasizes how important it is for businesses to pay attention to the needs and preferences of their employees, acting as a key mirror to the changing character of the labor market.

At this particular moment, businesses have a rare chance to review their operating models and create a work environment that aligns with the new normal.


Returning to the workplace is a complex problem that calls for a sophisticated comprehension of market factors and employee attitude. Employers face possibilities as well as obstacles when it comes to understanding the attitude of the workforce, as demonstrated by the figures from the Genius Consultants study.

The secret to success as businesses and workers manage this shift is to promote resilience, understanding, and adaptation. By doing this, returning to the office can serve as a springboard for reviving workplace cultures and reimagining productivity in the wake of the epidemic.

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