1 in 3 employers expect higher employee turnover by 2024

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Higher employee turnover

An important worry has begun to loom large over companies nationwide as 2024 approaches. One in three recruiting managers predicts a rise in employee turnover in their companies, according to a startling report by Express Employment Professionals and The Harris Poll. This number is a prediction of the financial hardship and increased workload that businesses may experience in the near future for the remaining employees.

Unveiling the root causes of turnover

The reasons behind this expected rise in turnover are multifaceted, painting a complex picture of the current job market. A notable 38% of managers cite better pay or benefits offered by competitors as a primary motivator for employees jumping ship. This is closely followed by increased workplace demands (35%), employees choosing to resign (33%), feelings of being overworked (31%), and the allure of a competitive job market (26%).

The problem is clarified by Express Employment International CEO Bill Stoller, who says, “High turnover in the booming jobs market of the past few years has led to a strained workforce that is stressed and burned out.” This realization emphasizes the necessity of smart retention methods to keep a skilled, steady staff.

The effect of turnover on finances

The financial consequences of employee turnover are severe; according to employers, recruiting costs and lost productivity result in an average yearly loss of $36,295. In more than 20% of cases, this amount soars to $100,000 or more.

Beyond financial losses, turnover also burdens the morale and productivity of remaining employees, with 73% of hiring managers acknowledging its toll on their teams.

Employee turnover rate

Strategies to combat turnover

In response to these challenges, a whopping 88% of hiring managers are gearing up to hire new employees in 2024, aiming not only to replenish their ranks but also to enhance their team’s dynamics. This marks an increase from the 81% who planned to hire in the previous year.

Whether to expand their teams (45%) or maintain current numbers (36%), employers are clearly on a mission to fortify their workforce against the turnover tide.

The bigger picture: A shifting work landscape

Supporting research from management consulting firm Eagle Hill and The Conference Board confirms these sentiments, pointing towards a volatile first half of 2024 driven by dips in worker confidence and satisfaction.

Meanwhile, HR leaders are recalibrating their priorities towards enhancing the employee experience, culture, and leadership development, signaling a broader shift towards valuing human capital over mere revenue growth.

Redefining retention strategies

According to Gallagher research, employee retention has surpassed revenue growth as the top objective for both operations and HR departments in a world where departure is a constant concern.

Businesses are putting more emphasis on offering competitive pay, all-inclusive benefits, and enhancing employee experiences while keeping a close eye on initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The difficulties in controlling employee churn call for creative approaches and a renewed emphasis on the factors that really inspire and keep workers as we go into 2024. The way forward is to combine improved benefits, deliberate recruiting, and an environment that values and encourages its employees.

Businesses that recognize the worth of their workforce and the crucial role they play in the success of the company will prosper in this fast-paced world.

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