75% of employees look forward to corporate holiday gifting

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One of the many indications that Christmas is almost here is the excitement of receiving gifts, along with the air filled with the dazzling lights and pine scent. 

A recent survey conducted by leading giving platform Snappy revealed that 75% of employees are expecting a gift from their employer this Christmas season. What’s even more amazing is that 57% of employees think that by receiving these gifts, their managers are expressing gratitude and appreciation for them. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of corporate gifting in fostering fruitful business relationships by exploring the findings of Snappy’s Annual Holiday Gifting Survey.

The importance of corporate gifting

The survey’s findings clearly show that corporate giving is essential for raising employee satisfaction and enthusiasm at work.

A remarkable 78% of participants stated that they were happier at work as a result of getting a thoughtful present from their company. The gesture itself is valued by the employees more than the gift’s actual worth. 

Employers show their concern for their team members outside of the office when they take the effort to select meaningful gifts.

Gifting pitfalls and challenges

Even though the holidays are a time for happiness and celebration, they can also highlight some typical gifting mistakes. Almost 70% of those polled acknowledged receiving presents they never used and didn’t desire. 

Moreover, twenty-four percent said they had ever felt uncomfortable when a boss gave them an unwelcome present. It’s clear that choosing the ideal present might be difficult, even though the motivation behind it is crucial.

The spirit of giving

The kind spirit remains in spite of the difficulties. When they use a gift, more than half of the respondents (55%) said it makes them think back on the giver with affection. 

This underscores the significance of meaningful gifting – it’s not just about the gift itself but the emotions and memories it evokes.

Key findings on business and corporate gifting

The survey also shed light on some interesting insights related to business and corporate gifting:

  • Choosing the right gifts: 55% of respondents expressed a desire for help in selecting the right gifts. Additionally, 70% wished for more efficient ways to complete their holiday shopping, from choosing to sending.
  • Long-term impact: 35% of employees reported that the increased job satisfaction they felt after receiving a meaningful gift lasted for 3-6 months, showcasing the long-term benefits of corporate gifting.
  • Gift cards vs. thoughtfulness: While gift cards are convenient, 61% of respondents find them impersonal, highlighting the demand for more meaningful and personalized gifting options.
  • Poorly chosen gifts: 63% of respondents would prefer to receive no gift at all than a poorly chosen one, and 31% indicated that not receiving a holiday gift would make them more likely to explore new job opportunities.
  • Gifting beyond employees: Corporate gifting extends beyond employees, with 66% of respondents stating that they send gifts to clients, and 68% to vendors, emphasizing its role in creating and maintaining business relationships.

Personal gifting insights

The survey also explored personal gifting preferences:

  • Easy to shop for: While 85% of respondents believe they are “easy to shop for,” 69% have received holiday gifts they didn’t want, highlighting the challenge gift-givers face.
  • Conscious gifting: A majority of consumers (62%) prefer gifts that support small businesses, while 39% favor eco-friendly gifts and 34% favor gifts from minority-owned businesses.
  • Shipping costs: Shipping costs factor into online shoppers’ decisions, with 34% of respondents considering it a major factor when shopping online.
  • Sentimentality over cost: The sentimentality of a gift holds more importance for both gift-givers (71%) and recipients (80%) than its cost.


Corporate gifting is not just a tradition but an opportunity for employers to show their appreciation and foster positive relationships with their employees. 

Giving thoughtful gifts can result in a happier holiday season for everyone, improved professional ties, and a boost in job satisfaction. 

It’s important to think about how a thoughtful present might affect your team and business connections as the holiday season draws near.

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