Top 40 BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies [2024]

by Greg Digneo
top business process outsourcing companies

Looking to outsource your operations to a BPO company?

BPO companies offer specialized services that cater to various non-core business activities. These can be activities like data entry, call center operations, finance, market research, IT or even HR activities.

In fact, the definition of “BPO” or Business Process Outsourcing has been evolving. Nowadays, BPO services might also include domains that require sophisticated expertise such as software development, social media analytics, equity research, SEO, etc. These areas are also referred to as KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing).

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When you outsource to a BPO company, you’ll cut costs, save time and streamline your work processes. Moreover, you get access to specialized competencies that would be difficult or too expensive to maintain in-house.

However, when there are hundreds of BPO companies out there, how do you find the right one?

To help you with that, we’ve featured 19 of the best-known BPO companies in this article. Additionally, we have mentioned 20 other BPO companies.

The article contains:

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  • The Top 19 BPO Companies

(includes employee and client size, locations, key BPO services)

The top 19 business process outsourcing companies

Here’s a list of the top 19 BPO service providers to help you get started. Several of these companies offer services other than BPO and the number of employees indicated is their total employee strength (including non-BPO operations.)

1. Accenture


Accenture is a leading IT solutions company as well as a BPO provider that offers cutting-edge outsourcing services in consulting, digital technology and business operations. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, the company has a global presence across 120+ countries.

Number of employees: 450,000+
Major clients: Companies in the Fortune Global 100.

Key BPO services:

  • Accounting and financial services.
  • Sourcing and procurement.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Healthcare and insurance.
  • Human resource management.

2. Triniter


Triniter is one of the best BPO service providers in the US thanks to their highest clients’ retention and repetition rate in the industry. They provide services such as customer support, backoffice support and automation and AI. They have a unique place in the BPO industry thanks to their highest customer satisfaction rate.

Number of employees: 1000+

Major clients: Companies in the fortune 500

Key BPO services:

  • Customer support
  • Backoffice support
  • Insurance claims management.
  • Medical billing and coding.
  • Technical support
  • Human resource management.
  • Digital marketing
  • Research and data entry

3. IBM


IBM is an American multinational IT company with headquarters in New York. It offers high-quality business process services in industries like automation, finance, HR and customer satisfaction. IBM has a global presence with operations spanning over 160 countries in the world.

Number of employees: 350,000+

Major Clients: Amazon, PayPal, HP and Citibank.

Key BPO services:

  • Supplier sourcing and product procurement.
  • Third-party risk management.
  • Talent acquisition and development.
  • Real estate management.
  • Predictive asset optimization.
  • Consulting and financial services.

4. Cognizant


Cognizant is a US multinational company that offers smart digital solutions in consulting, information technology and business operations. The company is based out of New Jersey, US and has numerous outsourcing centers across Asia, Europe and South America.

Number of employees: 290,000+

Major clients: JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and AXA.

Key BPO services:

  • Wealth and asset risk assessment.
  • Insurance claims processing.
  • Human resource management.
  • Medical billing and coding.
  • Contact center support.
  • Revenue cycle management.

5. Concentrix


Concentrix is a business services provider that supports companies in industries like automotive, finance, healthcare, e-commerce and more. With its head office in California, Concentrix offers solutions to clients in 140+ countries. It even acquired Convergys, another third-party service provider, to expand its customer engagement services.

Number of employees: 220,000+

Key BPO services:

  • Insurance policy management.
  • Customer and technical support.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Claims processing.

6. Wipro


Wipro is a leading Indian provider of IT, consulting and other BPO services. Based out of Bangalore, India, the company helps businesses in banking, retail, travel, education and other industries.

Number of employees: 150,000+

Major clients: Walmart, Philips, Best Buy and HP.

Key BPO services:

  • Cloud infrastructure.
  • Customer experience management.
  • Healthcare analytics.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Sourcing and procuring.

7. Genpact


Genpact is a global services company that offers AI-based digital solutions for enterprises. With its main office in New York, the company operates across 30+ countries in the world. Genpact supports business process management in industries like banking, hospitality, energy and manufacturing.

Number of employees: 85,000+

Key BPO services:

  • Insurance claims processing.
  • Customer experience solutions (UI/UX).
  • Supply chain management.
  • Real estate claims management.
  • Invoice to cash transformation.
  • Credit risk management.

8. ADP


Headquartered in New Jersey, Automatic Data Processing provides payroll and HR outsourcing solutions for companies in hospitality, financial, healthcare and other industries. ADP has a presence in 130+ countries, including India and the Philippines.

Number of employees: 60,000+

Major clients: American Campus Communities, ADT and Comerica.

Key BPO services:

  • Payroll management.
  • Tax services.
  • Human capital management.

9. EXL Service

EXL Services

EXL is a leading digital intelligence service provider, headquartered in New York. It offers insurance, banking, healthcare, and logistics solutions in countries like the United Kingdom, India and the United States.

Number of employees: 30,000+

Key BPO services:

  • Finance and accounting.
  • Operations management.
  • Market research.
  • Customer analytics.
  • Data governance.

10. Invensis


Invensis offers effective software, call center and back-office services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company has been operating since 2000 and has multiple delivery centers around the world.

Number of employees: 1000+

Major clients: KonnecTV, CBS Interactive, Sprint and Wyndham.

Key BPO services:

  • E-commerce support.
  • Software development.
  • Finance and accounting.
  • Data entry and management.
  • Call center services.
  • Digital marketing.

11. SunTec India

suntec india

SunTec India is an IT outsourcing service provider that offers digital solutions in business data management, e-commerce and marketing. With its main office in New Delhi, India, the company has a growing global presence across 30+ countries.

Number of employees: 1000+

Major clients: PepsiCo, Panasonic, Honda and Bose.

Key BPO services:

  • Data entry and support.
  • Content and SEO services.
  • Multi-channel e-commerce solutions.
  • E-book development.
  • Image processing.
  • Cloud computing and app development.

12. Intetics


Based out of Florida, Intetics is a leading software development outsourcing firm. It offers in-house software and mobile solutions for businesses in various industries like IT, healthcare and education.

Number of employees: 700+

Major clients: S&C Electric Company, Spreadshirt and Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Key BPO services:

  • Custom software development.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services.
  • Customer support.

13. Unity Communications

Unity Communications

Headquartered in Arizona, Unity Communications is an American BPO provider with centers in the Philippines and Costa Rica. It offers business models, call center and back-office staffing solutions to SMBs and enterprises.

Number of employees: 500+

Major clients: AT&T, RingCentral and Wireless Watchdogs.

Key BPO services:

  • Inbound and outbound customer support.
  • Data entry.
  • Virtual assistant solutions.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Lead generation and qualification.
  • Telemarketing.

14. Helpware


Helpware offers customer experience and back-office support for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Based out of California, Helpware has offices in the Philippines and Mexico.

Number of employees: 500+

Major clients: Google, CISCO, Zendesk and Universal Music Group.

Key BPO services:

  • Billing and technical support.
  • Workflow automation and optimization.
  • Customer order processing.
  • Omnichannel customer support.
  • Data entry.
  • Content moderation.

15. Plaxonic Technologies


Plaxonic Technologies is an Indian BPO service provider that offers customer support and IT services. Headquartered in Noida, India, Plaxonic also has offices in the United States, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Number of employees: 200+

Major clients: HerbalCart, WonkCoin and Victory Tractor Implements.

Key BPO services:

  • Omnichannel customer service.
  • E-commerce.
  • Data analytics.
  • Virtual assistant services.
  • Website and software development.

16. Octopus Tech

Octopus Tech

Octopus Tech is a leading provider of web design and call center services to SMBs and enterprises. The company is headquartered in Haryana, India and also offers virtual assistant and e-surveillance support.

Number of employees: 100+

Major clients: Amazon, Avant, Goodyear and The Trade Desk.

Key BPO services:

  • Web design and SEO.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Data entry.
  • Legal processing.
  • Customer acquisition and onboarding.
  • Medical transcription services.

17. Vserve

Vserve Solution Logo

Vserve is a leading provider of eCommerce solutions and product catalog management services. It offers product data enhancement, customer support and back-office support services to SMBs and enterprise eCommerce clients. The company has over a decade of experience and proven track record of handling clients across US, UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Based at Newyork, Vserve also has office locations in India.

Number of employees: 400+

Major clients:, Graybar, Global Industrial, etc

Key BPO services:

  • Ecommerce product data and catalog management
  • Ecommerce product data enhancement
  • Product data entry services
  • Ecommerce store development
  • Ecommerce customer support
  • Ecommerce data intelligence
  • Product image and digital asset management
  • Ecommerce marketing

18. Maxicus


Maxicus is one of the industry-leading and top-notch Business Process Outsourcing service provider company in India. We offer our clients unmatched efficiency and undisputed performance with best-in-class service offerings in customer support, next-gen back-office support, tech support, phygital and v-commerce, knowledge management, chat bots, and annotation services, among others. 

Number of employees: 4000+

Major clients: Samsung, Tata Steel, Airtel, Swiggy, Vodafone

Key BPO services:

  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Back-office support
  • Revenue growth
  • AIOps
  • Phygital
  • Tech support
  • Content & cataloging
  • Image annotation

19. 1840 & Company

1840 & Company is a global BPO headquartered in Kansas with service delivery facilities in the Philippines, India, Ukraine, South Africa, and Argentina. Strategically distributed across 4 continents, they are a perfect choice for outsourcing business/sales development, call center operations, IT and back-office services.

Number of employees: 600+

Major clients: Groupon, Instacart, HomeLight and LearnZillion

Key BPO services:

  • Business/sales development
  • Back-office staffing
  • Software development & IT
  • Call center
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Recruitment process outsourcing

21 other BPO companies to choose from

Here’s a comprehensive list of 20 other BPO firms you might want to consider outsourcing to:

1. BinaryFolks

Global software development outsourcing company.

2. IQ BackOffice

A leading accounting and human resources outsourcing firm.

3. Flatworld Solutions

Popular BPO provider offering call center, accounting, transcription and data entry services.

4. Max BPO

A US-based BPO provider offering call center, healthcare and accounting services.

5. Fusion BPO Services

A leading multi-channel call center outsourcing services provider.

6. Data Entry Outsourced

An Indian BPO provider known for its data entry and management solutions.

7. Magellan Solutions

A Philippines-based customer services company.

8. Premier BPO

Global customer support and back-office service provider.

9. Outsource Services India

An Indian BPO provider offering data entry and digital marketing solutions.

10. Acelerar Technologies

A leading virtual assistant and back-office service provider.

11. KMC Solutions

Philippines-based staffing and payroll management provider.

12. WNS Global Services

A global provider of legal services and business analytic solutions.

13. GroupOne Health Source

A leading customer support and medical transcription service provider in the healthcare industry.

14. QuisLex

BPO provider specializing in legal support services like document reviews and case assessments.

15. The Contact Company

A UK-based customer services outsourcing provider.

16. LexReception

A reliable BPO provider for virtual receptionist services.

17. AnswerFirst

A BPO provider for back-office services and customer support.

18. MyTasker

Popular BPO provider for virtual assistant services.

19. BillingParadise

Handles revenue cycle management for healthcare practitioners.

20. HelpSquad

Offers professionally trained live agents that will answer your customers’ live chat, phone, and social media inquiries 24/7/365.


The Australian company STAFFLINK provides the structure and organization necessary for 150+ Real Estate agencies to operate efficiently.

How to choose a BPO company

Here’s a quick overview of how to choose the right BPO company:

1. Choose your selection criteria

The first step to finding the right BPO company is to decide on the selection criteria to evaluate them.

When evaluating BPO companies, you can use different criteria, such as:

  • Area of Expertise – the industry domain of the BPO firm.
  • Their Services – what services they offer.
  • Employee Strength – the number of employees in the firm.
  • List of Clients – who their major clients are.
  • Pricing – what their rates are.

2. Shortlist three-five companies

Now start shortlisting the BPO companies that meet your evaluation criteria. Ideally, your shortlist should contain around three to five service providers that you can narrow down further.

3. Assign pilot projects

Once you have shortlisted your BPO providers, you can assign a pilot project to each of them. This helps you assess the service provider’s ability to execute the kind of tasks you’ll be giving them if hired.

4. Evaluate the BPO companies

Now you can rank the BPO companies based on their performance over criteria like:

  • Quality of output.
  • Turnaround time of the project.
  • Adaptability to sudden project updates.

How to manage your BPO provider

A major issue with outsourcing your work is that there’s no way for an outsourcer to monitor your BPO provider’s staff.

In most cases, your outsourced staff would be thousands of miles away.
You can’t possibly shuttle back and forth every day to monitor your work progress, right?

This can result in you not being able to verify things such as:

  • If your BPO provider is only working on your tasks while billing you instead of billing you for time spent on their other clients’ projects.
  • If their quotes are accurate and your projects actually took that long to complete.
  • If your BPO provider’s staff is watching cat videos in the time that you are being billed for.

Luckily, performance monitoring tools like TimeDoctor can help you easily verify all this.

What’s Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a powerful employee monitoring tool. Here’s how it can help you:

Time Doctor accurately monitors the time your BPO provider spent on all your projects — making it impossible for them to inflate their billables.

Time Doctor projects & tasks report

Time Doctor’s built-in distraction management features ensure that your outsourced staff isn’t distracted by unproductive sites and apps while working.

time doctor_distraction management

time doctor_idle time

Time Doctor has an inactivity tracker that only records time when employees are actively working on projects. This guards against your BPO provider marking idle time as hours worked.

Time Doctor integration

Time Doctor can integrate with tons of other workplace software like project management tools and communication apps. This makes it easy for you to track the time your BPO provider spends across platforms and apps.

Click here for a more detailed look at the different ways Time Doctor can help you manage your BPO provider.


Finding the right BPO company isn’t hard.

While there are hundreds of companies in the BPO industry, you can start with the 40 we’ve listed here to narrow down your options. Carefully go over the four steps we listed when choosing a BPO provider and you’ll be fine!

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