Wrap Time or After Call Work

What is Wrap Time?

Wrap time, also referred to as wrap-up time or after call work, is the time taken by a call center agent for post-call administrative tasks.

These tasks may include activities like:

  • Sending feedback forms.
  • Updating the system with call details like customer notes.
  • Sending emails for further actions to be taken.
  • Scheduling follow-up calls.

You can calculate the total wrap time for a call using this formula:

Wrap Time = Total Handling Time – (Total Hold Time + Total Talk Time)


  • Total handling time: Total time from when a caller is connected to an agent till they’re disconnected.
  • Total hold time: Total time when the agent has actively placed the caller on hold.
  • Total talk time: Total time spent on a conversation with the caller.

Compared to time spent actively talking to the customer, wrap time may seem less important. But it’s important not to overlook wrap time completely as it’s essential for the business.

It’s not feasible to ask agents to complete wrap activities while making their next call. This could lead to situations where neither task is up to the mark.

Here’s how you can reduce wrap time or after call work without compromising on call quality:

  • Use advanced CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) to update call logs automatically.
  • Train agents to complete some of their post-call work while waiting for the customer’s reply or other free moments during a call.
  • Encourage agents to use appropriate abbreviations or acronyms while typing out notes into their system.
  • Integrate automation technology into your CRMs for repetitive tasks like filling in required fields in call records.