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Uncover insights in people, tech & operations to solve workforce & performance gaps

How Time Doctor Works

Make your business effective not just productive by uncovering unseen workforce gaps, visualizing data from top executives to frontline employees

Uncover Workforce Insights

Gain hidden workforce insights from all levels of your business, visualized in real-time dashboards and reports. Identify productivity bottlenecks, capacity gaps, work-life imbalances, and preferred tools. Gain actionable insights to optimize workforce performance and employee well-being.

Enhance Team Performance & Retention

Boost revenue by balancing workforce well-being and increasing productivity. Implement processes and behavior shifts for engaged teams, efficient tool usage, and effective work output.

Get Peace of Mind

Getting a deep understanding of how your workforce operates allows you and your business to eliminate distractions, be more effective and reduce anxiety

Fully Remote

Increased visibility and actionable work insights for remote workforces.

Hybrid and In-Office

Real-time workforce analytics to improve performance no matter where you work.


Workforce analytics to drive profitability for BPOs or companies with offshore teams.


Time tracking and productivity software that scales with you

  • Enterprise-level security and deployment 

  • GDPR & HIPAA compliance 

  • Custom user roles and permission settings 

  • 60+ integrations with enterprise tools 

  • 24-hour multilingual customer service 

  • 99% uptime SLA

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