Workday analytics and accountability for agencies

Work more efficiently so you can take on more projects and clients

With Time Doctor you know exactly what your teams are working on and how productive they're being - so you can get more efficient and increase your billings

Win and retain more clients

With increased workday visibility everyone is more accountable for what they do, enabling you to demonstrate your value to clients

Manage accounts more profitably

Allocate costs more accurately, schedule more efficiently, and understand which accounts are most profitable

Manage performance and talent

Analyze top performers, create benchmarks, improve the workday experience, and spread your talent net globally to build better teams

Advertising, design, marketing, recruitment, and digital agencies are using Time Doctor to get better...

Gain a comprehensive real-time view of all staff activity, providing actionable insights and performance metrics to increase productivity and retain clients

Employee-friendly time tracking

See what everyone is working on at any given moment to monitor adherence to project plans, do accurate billing, and ensure staff get recognized for great work.

Daily and real-time email notifications

Create custom email notifications based on performance triggers to see who needs help and attention.

Advertising, design, marketing, recruitment, and digital agencies are getting these results with Time Doctor...

Changed how we work

Time Doctor gives us oversight of our employees for the satisfaction of our clients.

Reduced unbilled time

We discovered that creating reports took us 2.5x longer than we were billing for - so we changed our pricing model.

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Make everyone accountable for their productivity

Worked time in TD Desktop App

Ensure that teams stay focussed and on task:

  • Real-time tracking shows attendance and schedule adherence, timeline breakdowns show daily productivity levels.

  • Friendly distraction and reminder alert pop-ups to refocus team members when in an inactive or unproductive state.

  • Website and app monitoring so you know what sites are visited and see the total time spent in each tool.


Top 3 Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

Based on the experiences of some of our most successful customers, here are the top 3 productivity strategies. We also explain how to use Time Doctor data to get these valuable workday insights at your agency.

Fix your productivity challenges to increase client billings

Productivity Tab Image

Accurate time tracking enables your managers and leaders to identify and solve productivity problems on the fly:

  • Teams can share and view data in one centralized place to promote openness and collaboration and promote transparency.

  • Track all workday activities to get actionable data managers can use to set clear goals and expectations.

  • Leaders need to see how teams spend their day and employees want to prove they can be trusted.

Measure what’s possible to improve output for everyone

Productivity metrics in TD web app

Analyze and share data on how your staff work to empower everyone to get better:

  • Analyze your top performers’ workflows to create benchmarks that allow you to clone their performance.

  • Review daily timelines to identify areas where team members get stuck - and provide personalized support and development.

  • Recognize and reward top performers to keep them engaged and focused.

Success Story

“Time Doctor helps us tackle two major problems with growing and expanding a digital agency. First, we can keep track of the quality of work happening all around the world and second, we get great feedback on how long tasks are taking, at scale.”

Luke Sartain

Chief Executive OfficerupUGo

Help your people get better together and show your clients how it's done

Measuring and analyzing how employees spend their time uncovers better ways of doing things, saves time and money, makes everyone accountable, empowers people to improve their performance, wherever they work, and enables you to transparently demonstrate your value to your clients.