Wordpress Time Tracking

Wordpress Time Tracking

Track time spent on Wordpress management with Time Doctor.

The Time Doctor Chrome extension makes your team accountable for every second they spend in Wordpress. The Time Doctor Chrome extension adds the Time Doctor time tracking button to your Wordpress account, enabling you to track time spent by your employees on different Wordpress tasks and management.

Features of Time Doctor’s Wordpress integration include:

  • A simple setup with one-click integration, with no changes made to your Wordpress setup.
  • The ability to learn where your time goes and adjust your workflows to be more efficient.
  • Powerful time-tracking reports that can be emailed or downloaded.

How does it work?

Inorder to integrate Time Doctor with your Wordpress account, first, create a free Time Doctor account and install Time Doctor’s Chrome extension from the Chrome store. This integration inserts a timer into your Wordpress and allows quick, real time productivity tracking with all the data is stored on your Time Doctor account.

This data is available across Time Doctor’s web apps and native apps on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Not just Wordpress

Time Doctor Chrome extension tracks much more than just Wordpress activity. It automatically keeps track of the time you spend in every web and desktop app you use for work and has integrations available for several project management and content management systems as well.

View beautiful reports of tracked time in Time Doctor and understand where time is going. Project budgeting and billable reporting provide key insights into profitability.

Supported on both Time Doctor 2 and Time Doctor Classic

Time Doctor’s chrome extension supporting Wordpress integration is available on both Time Doctor Classic and Time Doctor 2.

To know the differences between Time Doctor Classic and Time Doctor 2, click here.

But wait, there's more!
Web & App Usage
Poor Time Use Report
Work Schedules
And much more…

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