The Best Time Tracking Software with Screenshots to Keep Your Team Productive

Get X-Ray Vision Into How Your Team Spends Their Day

Help Ensure that Projects are Completed on Time and on Budget

Optimize Employee Workflow to Maximize Productivity

Grab Powerful Reports Automatically

Perhaps the single most important feature in Time Doctor, our robust reports give you deep insights into how you and your team are spending their day.

This is perfect for:

  • Agencies who want to ensure they are profitably billing their clients
  • Small BPO’s who want their agents are working at max productivity
  • Entrepreneurs who want to track the progress of their projects
  • And Freelancers who want to prove to their clients that they are working efficiently

Track Your Employee’s Work Day

With Time Doctor, you will be able to see how your team is spending their time. You will have the power to monitor how much time each employee spend on individual apps and websites throughout the day.

Are they wasting time on Facebook? Or are they working on the project.

If an employee does not seem to be as productive as you anticipate, you can monitor his screenshots and track mouse movement and keyboard strokes. This will give you a high resolution picture of your employee’s work flow so that it can be optimized for maximum efficiency.

Track Start and Stop Time

Time Doctor will tell you when a team member has started work and stopped working for the day. Think of this as a remote way of knowing when they entered and left the office for the day.

Give Gentle Nudges

During the course of a full work day, your employees are going to “wander” the Internet. It’s absolutely inevitable. If they lose track of time on a black listed site, Time Doctor will give them a friendly reminder to return to work.

Automatically pause time when no activity is detected

If a team member wanders away from their work station for too long, Time Doctor will automatically pause after a pre-determined amount of time.

Track Time with Your Favorite Tools

Since most companies use project management tools as the foundation of their organization and workflow, Time Doctor integrates with over 30 third part tools.

Integrations include Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, and many others ensuring that all work completed is accounted for.