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PayPal and Time Doctor Payroll Integration

Upload your Time Doctor payroll to PayPal.

Payroll doesn’t have to be difficult.

Time Doctor software successfully tracks time so that your employees can reduce administrative tasks and improve the accuracy of timesheets. With project management and other customizable features all in one spot, our program tracks time to generate verified timesheets ready for payroll processing in PayPal.

You can also verify timesheets manually, can customize payroll settings for hourly rates, and can select different currencies and pay periods. With PayPal integration, the generated CSV file can be easily uploaded to PayPal for bulk payments. The result is faster and more accurate payroll.

Time Doctor makes payroll more efficient with PayPal integration.

Our ultimate productivity tool replaces manual timesheet entries, long spreadsheets, and decreases the risk of human error. With the click of a button, employees can start and stop the timer to track their workday.

There are also countless CRM and project management integrations to improve the systems your team already uses - such as Wrike, Basecamp, Asana, and more. Less administrative work equals more time to spend on meaningful projects that can take your company to a whole new level!

How does PayPal and Time Doctor integration work?

Watch this video to see how easy it is to simplify payroll with Time Doctor and PayPal integration. You can also integrate with another payment processing system, such as TransferWise or Gusto.

To set bulk payments through PayPal, follow these steps or check out our guide with images here.

Experience better and faster payroll by integrating Time Doctor with PayPal. For companies with 20 or more employees, Time Doctor’s onboarding team offers complimentary setup support.

Time Doctor is the fastest way to improve productivity in the workplace.

Time Doctor and PayPal streamline payroll, but did you know our software can help all of your employees, including remote teams, be more efficient at work?

Our easy-to-use tool helps manage projects, track time, and even helps employees stay on task with pop-up alerts when users go off track or stop working. Additional employee monitoring capabilities include web, app, and chat history reports, and optional screenshots.

Employers have the peace of mind that their employees are using time efficiently while at work, and employees can view their data reports to find room for improvement. Instant accountability creates an instant productivity boost!

Time Doctor can save your business time and money. Try for 14 days, and experience the difference.

But wait, there's more!

Web & App Usage Two

See how much time your employees spend on each website and application they use.

Client Login

Let your clients log in to see the time tracked on their projects.

Poor Time Use Report

See how long each employee has spent on websites that are not work-related.

Work Schedules

Set up schedules for employees and track their attendance.


Easily pay your employees based on either hours tracked or on fixed salaries.


Our popups help users put their focus back on their work.


Our API allows your own software application to interact directly with Time Doctor.

And much more...

Read more about the full range of optional features that Time Doctor provides.