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What to do if you have problems with recorded time

If you notice some discrepancies between the hours you tracked and the hours recorded on the Time Doctor website, we'll need some additional information to narrow down the possible causes of this happened.

Whenever you have time discrepancies, first thing to do is to check your Timeline report. Basically, this type of report gives you a detailed breakdown of your activity for the day, billable or not. Click here to learn more.

One common cause of un-uploaded time is a poor internet connection. If you have a slow or intermittent connection, chances are Time Doctor might have some trouble uploading your hours and you may encounter other server offline issues. This is usually resolved on its own because as soon as you have a stable internet connection, Time Doctor is then able to upload your time properly. Please see this article for more information about how to solve server offline problems.

Another potential culprit is when you have unaccounted for “breaks” or when you didn't notice when Time Doctor already put you on a break. This usually happens to people who have tasks that need to be done away from their computer. When you go away from the computer and Time Doctor detects that you are not working because there are no more keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements, it will display a pop up notification with a 15 second countdown timer asking if you are working or not. If you don’t catch the timer in time, Time Doctor will put you on break. Depending on the manual time settings set by your Administrator, you may or may not have the option to add those idle times as manually added time spent working off the computer. Learn more about popups, here.

If after checking these things and still you are convinced that you are having problems with your recorded time, please provide the following information when submitting a ticket for support:

  • Time Doctor software version you are using - This can be found at the top part of the app beside the company time (click here to see where you can find that information)
  • Operating System you are running
  • A screenshot of your Timeline report and if possible, please highlight the time where you see there is a discrepancy
  • Local cache file.Specific Instructions depend on your operating system type

Finding your local cache files - All versions of Mac OS and OSX

Finding your local cache files - All versions of Windows

Finding your local cache files - Ubuntu (All versions)

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