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What reports does Time Doctor generate?

Following is the list of reports Time Doctor can generate, with short descriptions:

Note: Many of these reports or pages are exportable or printable, but not all.
More report details can be found here.

Under Payroll in your dashboard:

1.) Current Payroll - This shows the ongoing pay period details for the selected users.

2.) Payroll History - All past payroll periods can be seen on this screen.

3.) Generate Custom Payroll - Allows the user to select the start and stop dates for a custom view of a payroll period. Exportable.

4.) Review Manual Time - On this screen a Manager can get a quick overview of manually added time for his workers. Exportable.

Under the Reports link in your dashboard:

5.) Dashboard - Shows a quick breakdown of who is workong on what, and for how long. Can display by day or by week.

6.) Timesheet - You can specify the date range so you can get the total time worked for one user or a selection of users. Printable. Exportable.

7.) Time Use - Shows the total time worked for one or more users, and also indicates how many hours each task took. Printable. Exportable.

8.) Timeline - These daily reports are a complete detailed breakdown of a single day's activity for a chosen user(s). Printable. Exportable.

9.) Poor Time Use - This shows when a user visits a website which may not be work related. Exportable.

10.) Web and App Usage - Time Doctor silently records application and Internet usage for all users during work time. Exportable.

11.) Projects Report - Lets a company review how much time is being spent on a given project, and by whom. Printable. Exportable.

12.) Absent & Late Time - Enables a manager see who was absent or late each day and the reason(s) for each event. Exportable.

Under Settings > User Settings you can also receive the following summary reports by email:

13.) Daily Work Summary

14.) Potential Poor Time Use

15.) Websites & Applications Used

16.) Absent & Late Report

17.) Worked under required hours

18.) Weekly Time Worked

19.) Receive payroll email for yourself

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