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What do multiple, identical screenshots mean?

Sometimes employers and managers notice in Time Doctor that their employees are seemingly "working" or "logged on and tracking time", and yet their screenshots are all the same. So you might see only one screenshot over the course of, say, 30 minutes to a few hours, and every screenshot's time stamp is progressive, meaning the time is running but the images don't change. They appear to be frozen.

This is often a case of the employee misusing Time Doctor. For lack of better term, they may be "cheating" by keeping Time Doctor from going idle by clicking on the mouse and keyboard. We've seen many reports about this, and the employers discovered in almost every case that employees are intentionally doing this to appear as if they're working, when in fact they are not working.

The recommended solution is to speak to your employees and ask them to only track their time when they're really working.

Here is a sample image of frozen screenshots:

If this happens, you just need to check on a couple of things:

1) Screenshots frozen but timestamps are progressive or changing = Employee is very likely trying to cheat the system and is not actually working.
2) Screenshots frozen and timestamps are all the same, not changing = Time Doctor is experiencing technical difficulties. If this happens, please contact us to let us know.

We at Time Doctor take pride in facilitating employer to employee transparency and honest working relationships. We encourage you to talk with your staff if you're seeing repeating screenshots.

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