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Using Comodo Internet Security with Time Doctor

Comodo Internet Security is a free, multi-layered security application that aims to keep hackers out and personal information secure. By default, Comodo Internet Security is quite tight and will need additional tweaks to make sure that unfamiliar or suspicious applications do not run uncontrolled in your computer.

If you have installed Comodo Internet Security, and installed Time Doctor afterwards, Comodo Internet Security might block Time Doctor during installation and while using Time Doctor. This is because Comodo includes a sandbox, a firewall and a heuristic defense feature that not only monitors how applications connect to the internet, but their behaviors as well.

With Comodo Internet Security enabled, executing Time Doctor, after downloading it, will yield a Defense+Alert warning. Make sure to allow the Time Doctor installer to execute by click Allow in the Defense+Alert dialog:



During the Time Doctor installation, Comodo will show another Defense+ Alert regarding registry modification. Allow Time Doctor to make registry modifications by clicking Allow:


Allow Time Doctor to execute the installer for Visual C Redistribute installer (vcredist) in order to install code dependencies and libraries needed by Time Doctor and complete the installation:


Check Comodo’s Defense+ events by clicking on Defense+ tab > View Defense+ Events. Check to if the Time Doctor executables timedoctorpro.exe (or timedoctorlite.exe or timedoctor.exe), tdlauncher.exe, and feedbacksender.exe are marked as "Partially Limited" and "Sandboxed As". If so, we will need to whitelist and mark them as trusted in Comodo:



To whitelist the Time Doctor binaries, click on the Defense+ tab, and click on Trusted Files. In the Trusted Files dialog, click Add, Browse Files. In the selection dialog’s Existing Items box, browse for the Time Doctor executables and add each executable into the Selected Items and click Apply:




Verify that the executables are added to the Trusted Files list and click Close:


Add Time Doctor into the Comodo Firewall’s Trusted Application list by clicking the Firewall tab and Define a New Trusted Application:


In the dialog to Define a New Trusted Application, click on the Select button for Program path/Group name, and click Running Processes:


In the process list dialog, choose the timedoctorpro.exe (ortimedoctorlite.exe) process and click Select, then click Apply:



Optionally, we can add Time Doctor into Comodo’s Defense+ Exclusion list. To do so, click on the Defense+ tab and click Defense+ Settings. In the Defense+ Settings dialog, click on the Execution Control Settings tab and cick the Exclusions button:


In the Exclusions dialog, click on Add and select Running Processes:


Choose timedoctorpro (or timedoctorlite.exe from the running processes and click Select then click Apply:



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