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Uninstalling Time Doctor from a Citrix Environment

These instructions apply to Windows Server 2012.

At times you may need to completely uninstall Time Doctor from a server - for example when upgrading to the latest version. We'll show you how it's done in this article.

1.) First, make sure the server no longer has any users logged on. (You may need to wait for the users to drain off over time to avoid interrupting their work sessions. Maintenance mode can be used for this. Or you can dump them all unceremoniously, at your option.) Do note, even a disconnected user still is considered an active session. One way to clear all user sessions is to reboot the server. Another way is through Citrix Director. Press the Windows Key, and type in the word "Citrx" to find and select the Citrix Director program. It's a web browser based local tool that lets you manage your Citrix Machines and User Sessions:

2.) After you log in, you'll see the Citrix Director Home page. Look for the Filters icon at the top [1], and click it to expand a drop down menu. Hover over Sessions [2], then click on All Sessions [3] to see a list of all current sessions you'll need to end in order to uninstall Time Doctor:

3.) On the next screen, ensure the Sessions radio button is chosen [1]. Then put a check mark next to all the user sessions [2]. (You may wish to send them a warning message first if you see their session state is Active.) Click on the Session Control drop down menu [3], and choose Log Off [4]:

4.) The All Sessions Filter should show you 0 (zero) Sessions when complete. You can close Citrix Director now. The next step is to check the system tray of the server itself to ensure it isn't running locally there either:

5.) Now that we know there are no users logged in, we can proceed to remove the application from the Citrix delivery system. Press the Windows Key, and type "Citrix" to find and run the Citrix Studio program:

6.) Next you will need to unpublish the Time Doctor application(s) from Citrix. Inside Citrix Studio, look to the left for the Applications section [1] and click on it. Highlight the application you want to remove [2], then click on Delete [3]:

7.) Click Yes on the confirmation box to continue:

8.) After both Time Doctor Lite and Time Doctor Pro have been removed in this manner from Citrix, you'll then want to remove them from the local Server machine. Right click on the Windows start button [1], open the Control Panel [2], and select Uninstall a Program [3]:

9.) Find Time Doctor Lite and Time Doctor Pro in the list of programs installed, and Uninstall them. You should be all set!

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