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Timesheet report overview

This solution will describe what the Time Doctor Timesheet Report is, how to generate it, and how to manipulate and export the information it contains.

Time sheets are a simple way to display the total amount of payable time worked for selected users, across a range of dates (or on a single day). For clarity's sake, the timesheet report doesn't display specific task or project information, nor does it differentiate between mobile time, manual time, or tracked time. All users may view their own Timesheet, as well as the Timesheet of anyone they're configured to manage.

To access the Timesheet report page, first login to the Time Doctor Dashboard then click on Reports > Timesheet:

The Timesheet page defaults to display the current day only.

1.) First change the user(s) selected using the button in the upper left hand corner of the page.

2.) Then set the report duration on the far right.

3.) You can specificy the beginning and ending of the date range as well. Review the content of the report to ensure it shows the data you want on your report.

4.) (In case needed) You can make changes to the tracked time by going to the Edit Tme page

5.) (In case needed) Choose your export format, or print directly without saving

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