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General Information About Time Doctor Pro

Time Doctor Pro is a more comprehensive application when compared with Time Doctor Lite. To see a video of the differences, click here. Time Doctor Pro allows you to organize your tasks and put them into folders, or edit projects and move around the task priorities.

Time Doctor Pro

There are four main (default) folders for your tasks:

  • Permanent Tasks
  • Current Tasks
  • Next Tasks
  • Future Tasks

These folders can help you organize your tasks for the day. You can drag and drop your tasks in order of importance, or drag and drop them into another folder. Alternatively, you can also create your own folder by clicking on the (+) sign.

Main Features

1. Drag and Drop Feature
You have the ability to arrange your tasks or to put them in folders. Click on the number to the left of the task name to drag it.

2. Creating/Adding Folders
Add folders to organize your tasks.

3. Easy Edit
If there is a typo in a task or you want to make it more descriptive, you can do so with Easy Edit in Time Doctor Pro. In Time Doctor Lite, you are unable to edit task names, so the new task would have to be re-entered entirely. With Time Doctor Pro, you can just click on Easy Edit and then the task that you want to edit. This will edit the selected task and will not create a separate/new task.

4. Create Your Task List
You can have a set of tasks for the day and may find it easier to compose that list first, then click away throughout the workday. That is possible with Time Doctor Pro. Just type in your new task and click on the + sign to add it to the list but to not track time, yet. Avoid pressing the Enter button (if you have that habit) because it will automatically start tracking time.

5. A Dedicated Folders Pane
On the left side of the app, you can see your folders. Below the folders are the Active Projects (if you have any) and any integration projects will be at the bottom. This is for easy navigation between projects and folders. Once you click on a specific folder, the tasks listed under that folder will be displayed on the right side of the application.

6. Tips Area
In Time Doctor Lite, tips are shown as popup notifications from the system tray. In Time Doctor Pro, you have the option to either show or hide them, depending on your preference. If you would like to see the tips, check the Show tips area under the Options tab.

Other features available with Time Doctor Lite and Time Doctor Pro:

1. Hide/Display Activity Bar
Similar to regular Time Doctor, you can also show or hide this feature.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts
You can set these to your preference or use the default preset values.

3. Proxy Settings
This setting can be used to override the restrictions of your current connection.

Generally, if you have fewer than 10 tasks per day which change regularly, you will be better off using Time Doctor Lite. But, if you have more tasks than you know what to do with and find organizing them to be difficult, then Time Doctor Pro is for you. You can download both versions here: by clicking on Other Versions.

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