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Time Doctor pricing plans explained

Time Doctor Pricing Plans

All plans start with a full-featured 14 day free trial!

Time Doctor has a flexible set of prices to meet your requirements. There is something for every requirement ranging from individual users and freelancers, all the way to diverse multinational and multi-teamed corporations. All paid plans have a white label option as well, at no additional charge. For accepted payment methods, see this support article.

The following pricing plans were created to ensure that there is an available tier that will closely fit your current requirement while having the ability to scale up your Time Doctor subscription plan as your organization grows.

Standard plan - $9.99 per user, per month (one free manager included)

The Standard plan is for small businesses that want to use Time Doctor to manage their employees. It supports 1 user and the company owner for $9.99 per month. Additional users can be added at a fixed rate of $9.99 per user, per month. Client view-only users are available with this plan at no extra charge.

The Solo plan costs just $5.00 per month, is ideal for individual users (freelancers, consultants, sole proprietors, etc.), who do not manage other users, and who are not managed by anyone else. Solo plan users can still add clients at no additional charge, to allow those clients to see project progress and time reports.

Free plan

After the 14-day full featured trial, all users who have not paid are switched to this Free Plan. The Free Plan will give access to the desktop software only. Free users will not be able to access the web interface, statistics, monitoring, web-based reports, or have reports sent to them via email. Free users may still continue using Time Doctor and track their tasks and work hours on the desktop client only, albeit, without reporting and monitoring normally available on the web dashboard. This free plan has the same feature set as when a paid account goes into a "suspended" status.

Two months free:

You'll get two months free if you pay in advance for 10 month of service.
No refunds will be given on yearly prepaid accounts. Additional users can be added later to yearly prepaid accounts - when paid in advance, their fees are also eligible for two months free and will be prorated so their billing date matches that of the account they are added to.

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