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Recommended JIRA settings for Time Doctor integration

Once you've integrated your company's JIRA account with your Time Doctor account, there are two changes that we strongly suggest you make to your JIRA account to ensure things work smoothly.

1.) Turn off email notifications from JIRA about time tracked with Time Doctor

Why to do this:

By default, whenever someone starts or stops timing a JIRA task in Time Doctor, JIRA will send out an email notification to anyone who's watching that JIRA issue. Although it's not a requirement to turn off those notifications, it's something we suggest doing, because if you don't you'll probably be overwhelmed with the number of email notifications that you receive.

How to do this:

2.) Allow work time to be added to closed JIRA issues

Why to do this:

When you track time in Time Doctor, there a delay of up to an hour before that time is synced with JIRA. By default in JIRA, tracked time can't be added to closed JIRA issues. So you may track time on a JIRA issue with Time Doctor, and then if you close the JIRA issue before Time Doctor syncs, the tracked time will not be added to JIRA.

How to do this:

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