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Poor time use report overview

Note: Need to add sites to the Poor Time Use List? Contact our Support Team with the sites you'd like to add so we may review them.

The Poor Time Use report shows when users visit website which may not be work related. The reason why it is "potential" poor time use is that some of these websites such as Facebook or YouTube sometimes are used for work. You need to decide if it is truly work related. Only websites that are used for 10 minutes or more are included in this report.

Log into the Time Doctor Dashboard and click on Reports > Poor Time Use:

Select the users to display in the upper left corner. Then choose your duration and date range on the far right. The report shows the website, the dates and times accessed, and how long the access lasted. A sum of all the time for that website is then displayed in bar form on the far right under "Total Time". You may export the report(s) in either .CSV or .XLS formats:

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