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Payment options available for Time Doctor

Here are the available payment options for subscribing to Time Doctor.

To set up automatic payments, navigate to the Settings > Billing page from the Time Doctor Web Dashboard. For one time annual payments, please email us at
You are also encouraged to contact us if none of these payment options work, or if you need an invoice in a local denomination.

*NOTE: All plans come with a 14 days free trial, and you'll be reminded via email if your trial is about to end, usually few days before the trial expires.

2 months of free service: 2 months of free service will be offered if you pay in advance for one full year (12 months) of Time Doctor. No refunds will be given on yearly prepaid accounts.
Additional users can be added later to yearly prepaid accounts - when paid in advance.

1. Credit Card

This is the standard mode of payment for monthly subscriptions.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

2. Debit card / Prepaid Credit card

Works the same way as a credit card. Must have a Visa/MasterCard logo to work.
Please ensure that the funds are readily available on your card before your billing date to avoid any inconveniences. Your account may be suspended if the charge is declined. If this happens, please contact our support team ( for further assistance.

3. PayPal/Skrill

You can pay monthly through PayPal automatically (monthly payments aren't an option with Skrill).

Manual payments can also be made via PayPal or Skrill for Semi-Annual (6 months) or Annual (12 months) payments. Please contact our support team if you wish to pay manually.

4. Wire transfer / US Dollar Check

For annual payments only, we also accept payments via wire transfer or a mailed in check denominated in US dollars. Please contact our support team for more information on how to pay via wire transfer check by mail.

For questions, comments or feedback regarding this topic, please send an email to

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