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Overview of the payroll features in Time Doctor

In this article, we will walk you through the handy Payroll Features available in Time Doctor. (This tutorial assumes your company's Administrator or Owner has enabled payroll. If you get a message stating payroll is not active for the company, please contact your company's Administrator or Owner.)

If payroll has been enabled in your company, you will still need to be granted access to the payroll features in order to view these options. Only the Owner can grant access to other users (Admins, Managers, and Regular Users) for the payroll features.

To access these features, browse to the Time Doctor Dashboard and login. From the Dashboard menu under Payments you will see the Payroll: Current Payroll, Payroll History, Generate Custom Payroll, Edit Time Manually, Absent and Late Status, and Review Manual Time:

1. Clicking on "Current Payroll" will take you to a page that will almost always show a warning that it is incomplete. It displays all users that you manage, and their specific payroll details. If the payroll hasn't been marked as paid, you can add an adjustment bonus or deduction on this screen:

2. "Payroll History" option is the similar, breaking down the past payrolls into periods. The periods dates are clickable for a detailed breakdown showing each user's payroll information. Look to the right and you will see a "Delete" button under the "Options" column:

3. "Generate Custom Payroll" will let you create either a one time custom payment, or a payment assigned to a certain date range:

4. "Edit Time Manually" is for the user to edit their own time line, if they are tracking it.

5. "Absent and Late Status" again applies to the user's own attendance tracking.

6."Review Manual Time" button is important for managers to attend to periodically. It shows the Manager where the users they manage added time, and why. Make sure to select the users you wish to review on the upper left, and the date range on the upper right. The manual time can either be approved, or disapproved from here:

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