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Integrations in Time Doctor Desktop Software - Syncing in the App

After you have completed the steps outlined in the specific support article for your particular integration, you'll be able to synchronize tasks into the Time Doctor desktop application. Here we'll discuss some additional details surrounding that syncing process.

Restart the Client

Before a new integration will even appear on the desktop client, you may need to log out and log back into the Time Doctor desktop software. This is true for all application versions

For New Time Doctor application

For Time Doctor Lite

Once you are logged back in, click on either of these two arrows on the Time Doctor Lite desktop client interface to find your integration:

For Time Doctor Pro

Just look to the upper left corner of the user interface when using Time Doctor Pro. You may need to click on the word "INTEGRATIONS" to expand the options if you have many integrations:

Double Check the Integration

If you are still having problems seeing the integration, ensure that you are logging into the Time Doctor desktop software with the same exact email address that you used to set up the integration on the web dashboard. Also make certain you have the proper company selected and that the integration is indeed listed as active on your own Time Doctor integrations web page.

If you see the integration but do not see any tasks after clicking on the "Sync" button at the bottom left, please ensure the task is properly assigned to you from within the integrated software's web interface and refer back to the specific integration article for additional details.

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