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How to view and delete screenshots in Time Doctor

This article will tell you how to delete and view screenshots. Here are a few relevant points relating to this topic:

  • Screenshot Interval: Screenshots are taken at a time interval (every 3 minutes, for example) which a Time Doctor Administrator can set on the Company Settings page. Each screenshot is not taken at exactly that interval, but the average interval across all screenshots will be 3 minutes, or whatever interval the Administrator has set.
  • When screenshots are turned off: If you don't see the "Screenshots" link in the menu, it's because screenshots are not turned on for your account (and no screenshots are being taking of your computer). Contact your company's Admin as they have control over this setting.
  • Deleting a screenshot causes the associated work time to be removed. For example, if there were 3 minutes of work tracked since the previous screenshot, then deleting the current screenshot will cause 3 minutes of work time to be removed).
  • Multiple Monitors: At every screenshot interval, a screenshot is taken of all monitors attached to the computer. Deleting the screenshot from one monitor will automatically delete the screenshots that were taken at the same time on any other monitors attached to the computer.
  • For security purposes:Our support staff are unable to access any screenshots taken through the Time Doctor software.

How to View Screenshots

To see which screenshots exist, first log into your account on the Time Doctor Dashboard and click "Screenshots" in the menu:

1. On the screenshots page, select which user screenshots you want to view by clicking on the dropdown field. (You may only view one user's screenshots at a time.)
2. Choose which projects you'd like to view screenshots from.
3. Pick the duration and/or the date range.
4. Here you can download all screenshots for the currently selected user, project, date range, and activity level. Note: Individually selecting certain screenshots will not let you download just those screenshots.
5. (Optional) Filter out screenshots with high keyboard and mouse activity.
6. (Optional) Select a layout option for viewing the screenshots here. You may view them broken down in hour segments, or in an unsegmented list format:

Clicking on a screenshot itself will bring up an expanded preview of the picture selected. From this preview you can:

1. Expand the image to a full browser window view by clicking in the upper right hand corner.
2. Navigate to the next, or previous screenshots
3. Delete the screenshot you are viewing.
4. View the keystrokes and mouse movements associated with each screenshot:

How to Delete Screenshots

From the main screenshots page, you have the ability to select individual (or all) screenshots for viewing or deletion. Please be aware that when a screenshot is deleted, the associated work time is permanently removed from that user's timeline. If you'd like to add time to fill the gap created by a deleted screenshot, the user may do so on their Edit Time page.

Note: Your company Owner or Administrator has the option to disallow the deletion of screenshots. Please contact them if you don't see the "Delete" button appear when selecting screenshots, and you'd like to remove one or more screenshots.

From the screenshot below:

Click on "Select All" or select each certain screenshots on the current page (NOT all the screenshots in the current date range). After you've selected one or more screenshots, a "Delete" button will appear at the top of the page. (If you don't see this "Delete" button, your company owner or administrator may have the option disabled. Please contact them in such a case.) If you click it, a pop up will appear confirming that you wish to permanently delete the screenshot with no option for recovery:

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